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11th Zagreb Film Festival, 20-27 October 2013
23 October 2013
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About the Festival
For more than a decade now, Zagreb Film Festival has been presenting the latest and most interesting debutant auteur films! For the eleventh time, from 20-27 October this year, the festival will offer more than one hundred films from all over the world, divided in ten different programs.

The festival will take place on several locations. This year we introduced state-of-the-art digital screening equipment in Europa, Tuškanac and MSU Cinemas. Screenings will also take place in the Zagreb Dance Center and, for the first time, in a new, charming venue – Zagreb Puppet Theater. For a week, Croatia΄s central puppet theater will turn into an attractive movie theater, offering the best first and second documentary films of authors from all over the world.

As usually, the main program will offer feature-length and short fiction films and documentaries. Checkers program will present the latest Croatian short film production.

As in previous years, ZFF has a few regular side programs: this year, My First Film (selector: Nenad Polimac) is focused on Poland and presents five debutant films of brilliant Polish authors like Krzysztof Kieślowski, Andrzej Wajda and Roman Polanski. Bib for Kids will once again entertain children with miraculous cinematic adventures and the exceptionally popular Great 5 program will treat us to new films from Spain, France, Italy, Germany and Great Britain.
In addition to the above mentioned programs, the 11th Zagreb Film Festival brings along some new programs: Inspired by True Events, East European SF, Queer Re-creation and LUX Film Day! We should not forget to mention here the exceptionally attractive educational program Industry and the usual numerous side events.

The general sponsor of the festival is Hrvatski Telekom. The festival is also financially supported by the Zagreb City Office for Culture, Croatian Audiovisual Center and MEDIA Program.

The festival is organized by the Zagreb Film Festival Artistic Organization.

The Zagreb Film Festival award is called The Golden Pram, created by Nedjeljko Mikac, and the best authors will receive monetary prizes alongside with the award. 

1.Golden Pram for the best feature film
The director of the best feature film will be awarded the Golden Pram and 4,000 €.
2.Golden Pram for the best documentary film
The director of the best documentary film will be awarded the Golden Pram and 1,000 €.
3.Golden Pram for the best short feature film
The director of the best short feature film will be awarded the Golden Pram and 1,000 €.
4.Golden Pram for Best Croatian Film in Checkers Program
In addition to the award, the director of the best film will receive the amount of HRK 10,000, provided by the Croatian Film Directors Guild
5.Screenwriters workshop Palunko
After the workshop, a jury consisting of young filmmakers will select the best script. The film based on the winning script will be produced by Croatian Film Association and in cooperation with Propeler Film. It will premiere in Checkers competition program at the next year΄s ZFF.


Jury for Feature and Short Feature Films
Leo Barraclough, Editor for Variety
Ada Solomon, Producer

Documentary Film Jury
Saša Ban, Director
Sead Kreševljaković, Producer and Director
Timo Novotny, Director

Checkers Jury 
Hana Jušić, Director
Jožko Rutar, Producer
Alexandra Schmidt, short Film Festival Filmfest Dresden Director

Film program | Main program
The main competition program (Cinema Europa, Cinema Tuškanac, Zagreb Puppet Theater) will once again present a selection of high-quality first and second films of authors from all over the world. This year we will see eleven feature-length fiction films, ten short fiction films and twelve documentary films in the international competition and nine films of new Croatian authors in Checkers program. A total of 40 films will be competing for the festival΄s main award, Golden Pram, designed by Nedjeljko Mikac. The best authors in every category will also receive a cash award.

Miss Violence

Feature films
1. Zoran, My Nephew the Idiot / Zoran, il mio nipote scemo, Matteo Oleotto, Italy, Slovenia, 2013
2. The Lunchbox / Dabba, Ritesh Batra, India, Germany, France, US, 2013
3. After Lucia / Después de Lucía, Michel Franco, Mexico, 2012
4. Short Term 12, Destin Daniel Cretton, US, 2013
6. Harmony Lessons / Uroki Garmonii, Emir Baigazin, Kazakhstan, Germany, France, 2013
7. Grand Central, Rebecca Zlotowski, France, Austria, 2013
8. Still Life, Uberto Pasolini, UK, Italy, 2013
10. Salvo Antonio Piazza, Fabio Grassadonia, Italy, France, 2013
11. Shell, Scott Graham, UK, 2013
12. Circles / Krugovi (Out of the Competition), Srdan 
Golubović, Serbia, Germany, France, Croatia, Slovenia, 2013

Short films
1. Circle / Dayra, Kamal El Mallakh, Jordan, Egypt, 2012
2. We΄re Flying / Wir Fliegen, Ulrike Kofler, Austria, 2013
3. Bandits / Les Brigands, Antoine Giorgini, France, 2012
4. White / Bijela (Out of the Competition), Zvonimir Jurić, Croatia, 2013
5. Reflections, Ashley Pegg, UK, 2013
6. The Illusionist / Der Zauberer, Peter Jeschke, Germany, 2013
7. In the Fishbowl / In Acvariu, Tudor Cristian Jurgiu, Romania, 2013
8. Whale Valley / Hvalfjord Guðmundur, Arnar Guðmundsson, Denmark, Iceland, 2013
9. Auschwitz On My Mind, Assaf Machnes, Israel, Poland, UK, 2013
10. Autumn Leaves / Höstminnen, Jean-Pascal Strüwer, Sweden, 2012

The Second Meeting

Documentary films
2. The Unbelievers, Gus Holwerda, US, 2013
3. The Kill Team, Dan Krauss, US, 2013
5. The Manor, Shawney Cohen, Canada, 2013
6. Smash and Grab: The Story of the Pink Panthers, Havana Marking, UK, 2013
8. Goran΄s Way / Goranov Wimbledon, Leon Rizmaul, Croatia, 2013
9. The Captain and His Pirate / Der Kapitän und Sein Pirat, Andy Wolff, Germany, Belgium, 2012
10. My Kith and Kin / Doğma ocaq, Rodion Ismailov, Azerbaijan, Russia, 2013
11. Father / Tėvas, Marat Sargsyan, Lithuania, 2012
12. Mundial: The Highest Stakes / Mundial: Gra o wszystko, Michał Bielawski, Poland, 2013

1. Thresholds / Pragovi, Dijana Mlađenović, Croatia, 2013
2. Story about Mare / Priča o Mari iz Velog Varoša, Igor Šeregi, Croatia, 2013
3. I Hate You / Mrzim te, Lana Kosovac, Croatia, 2013
4. Shame on You / Srami se, Daria Blažević, Austria, Croatia, 2013
5. Boxed / Kutija, Nebojša Slijepčević, Croatia, 2013
6. Through the Window / Kroz prozor, Goran Ribarić, Croatia, 2013
7. It’s Like This Isn’t You / Ko da to nisi ti, Ivan Sikavica, Croatia, 2013
8. The Process / Snijeg u Splitu, Igor Jelinović, Croatia, 2013
9. Taximetar, Tomislav Šoban, Croatia, 2013

All information about the festival program can be found on our official website of Zagreb Film Festival.

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