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The awards of the 11th Zagreb International Film Festival
29 October 2013
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Feature Film Program:

The director of the best feature film will be awarded the Golden Pram and 4,000 €.
The Lunchbox / Dabba Ritesh Batra /India, Germany, France, US / 2013 / 104΄
΄The award for the best feature goes to a film that satisfies on every level: The Lunchbox directed by Ritesh Batra. It was emotionally engaging, visually stunning and an arthouse film that communicates with audience all around the world.΄
Special mention:
Vis-a-Vis by Nevio Marasović /  Croatia / 2013 / 80΄
΄We decided to give a special mention to a very simple but honest film Vis-a-Vis directed by Nevio Marasović, that we believe to be the new voice of Croatian cinema.΄

Short Films Program:
The director of the best short feature film will be awarded the Golden Pram and 1,000 €.
The award for best short film went to In the Fishbowl  directed by Tudor Cristian Jurgiu which was honest depiction of a relationship that convinced us how much of fight real love is.΄ 

Special mention:
Whale Valley / Hvalfjord by Guðmundur Arnar Guðmundsson / Denmark, Iceland / 2013 / 15΄
΄We also wanted to give a special mention to Whale Valley directed by Gudmundur Arnar Gudmundsson, which spears about the bonds between brothers in a hostile enviroment.΄

Documentary Program:
The director of the best documentary film will be awarded the Golden Pram and 1,000 €
The Captain and His Pirate / Der Kapitän und Sein Pirat by Andy Wolff / Germany, Belgium  /  2012  / 87΄
΄ The award goes to The Captain and his Pirate directed by Andy Wolff. Simply but perfectly done by contrasting two world through two characters. The characters of captain and his pirate avoid stereotypical characterisation of being good or bad but shows us complexness of understanding each other as imperfect humans, even through the perspective of being enemies. ΄

Special mention:
The Second Meeting / Drugi susret by  Željko Mirković /  Serbia / 2013  / 86΄
΄We also wanted to give a special mention to The Second Meeting directed by Željko Mirković. The film tells the most impressive story in the world and will be remembered and discussed, athough there are no obstacles.΄

In addition to the award, the director of the best film will receive the amount of HRK 10,000.
 It’s Like This Isn’t You / Ko da to nisi ti by Ivan Sikavica / Croatia / 2013  / 29΄
΄This film doesn΄t let the viewer look away from the embarassing, but all too familiar scenes from private life in a stylistically brave way without a bit of pathos. The award for the best  film in program CHECKERS goes to  It’s Like This Isn’t You directed by Ivan Sikavica

Special mention:
Shame on You / Srami se by Daria Blažević / Austria, Croatia / 2013  / 7΄
΄We would like to give a special mention to a film which is short. In the very best meaning of the word. The film showed us the uncompromising love of a mother in a way that is both humorous and unexpected.  A special mention to Shame on You  directed by Daria Blažević

  The Second Meeting
  In the Fishbowl
  Nevio Marasovic
  Tudor Christian Jurgiu
  Zeljko Mirkovic
  9th Zagreb Film Festival
  11th Zagreb Film Festival, 20-27 October 2013
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