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More news from the 54th Thessaloniki Film Festival!
7 November 2013
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And some more news from the 54th Thessaloniki Film Festival!

How about we inform you with the today’s and tomorrow’s screenings of the Balkan Movies?

You still have time to attend the today’s screenings of the following movies

International Competition:
-The Eternal Return of Antonis Paraskevas / Elina Psykou - Greece - Czech Republic, 88΄
Balkan Survey Main Selection:
-Nobody’s Home / Deniz Akcay - Turkey, 81΄
Balkan Survey Short Films:
-The Lament / Aydın Ketenag - Turkey, 30΄
Balkan Survey 1994-2013:
-Times and Winds / Reha Erdem - Turkey, 110΄
-Mirage Svetozar Ristovski - FYROM-Austria, 103΄
Greek Films 2013:
-The Eternal Return of Antonis Paraskevas / Elina Psykou - Greece - Czech Republic, 88΄
-One Last Joke / Vassilis Raisis - Greece, 83΄
Art Projecttions:
-Mondelo Kostas Sfikas - Greece, 90΄
-Dimitris Alithinos. Hidden Bodies / Dimitris Trikas - Greece, 16΄
-Once Upon a Time in the Western / Dimitris Kozaris - Greece, 35΄
-The Hotel / Katerina Apostolidou - Greece, 10΄:47΄΄

Nobody΄s Home

And of course you could decide which of these movies you would like to watch tomorrow!

International Competition:
-Wild Duck / Yannis Sakaridis - Greece, 88΄
Balkan Survey Main Selection:
-Thou Gild’st the Even / Onur Unlu - Turkey, 107΄
Balkan Survey Short Films:
-Ballkoni / Lendita Zeqiraj - UNMI Kosovo, 20΄
-Shadow of a CloudRadu Jude - Romania, 30΄
-Ica Riding Hood / Eva Pervolovici - Romannia - Germany, 15΄
-Kolak Mirković / Nikola Ivanda -Croatia, 24΄
-Rabittland / Ana Nedeljkovic, Nikola Majdak Jr - Serbia, 8΄
-The Blue Identity / Mümin Barıs - Germany - Turkey, 20΄
Balkan Survey 1994-2013:
-Emilia’s Friends / Lyudmil Todorov - Bulgaria, 87΄
-Mirage / Svetozar Ristovski - Turkey, 103΄
Greek Films 2013:
-Standing Aside, Watching / Yorgos Servetas - Greece, 98΄
Art Projecttions:
-Promitheus Enantiodromon / Kostas Sfikas - Greece, 67΄
-Tracing Tracks / Katerina Apostolidou - Greece, 10΄
-Noguchi: Between East and West / George Dambassis - Greece, 42΄
-Persefóneia / Maro Vandorou - Greece - USA, 4΄
-Empirical Data / George Drivas - Greece, 34΄

Wild Duck

Don΄t forget tonight΄s concert!
Thursday 7/11 (Warehouse C, 22:30)
(Free entrance)

The brass band Fanfara Transilvania (also known as “Galan’s Band”) is made up of fine musicians, descendants of many generations of the Romani ethnic minority. Very active in the Balkan art scene, Fanfare Transilvania has enriched the artistic heritage of Gypsy music, combining new and traditional elements and creating a sonar landscape of Moldovenesca and Transylvania. In their concert in Thessaloniki, in the context of the festival’s sidebar events, they will present a sample of their repertoire, which includes authentic Romanian folklore genres (hora, sarba, joc, doina), as well as jazz, punk, gypsy and other Balkan tunes.

Still, you can consult the programme for each day of the screenings!
  Eleni Boukouri Altamoura, The First Greek Woman Artist
  The Hours - A Square Film
  Thief or Reality-Three Versions
  The Death of Mr. Lazarescu
  Times and Winds
  The Eternal Return of Antonis Paraskevas
  Standing Aside, Watching
  Wild Duck
  Thou Gild`st the Even
  Nobody`s Home
  Emilia's Friends
  Antoinetta Angelidi
  Liudmil Todorov
  Cristi Puiu
  Radu Jude
  Yannis Sakaridis
  Kleoni Flessa
  Costas Sfikas
  Reha Erdem
  Yorgos Servetas
  Elina Psykou
  Svetozar Ristovski
  Onur Unlu
  Deniz Akcay
  Lendita Zeqiraj
  Heart of Sarajevo for Best Feature Film - 2018
  54th Thessaloniki IFF - Balkan Survey 20 years
  AGORA Industry at 54th Thessaloniki International Film Festival
  54th Thessaloniki Film Festival Updates!
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