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The 20th DelphiBank Greek Film Festival in Australia, 31 October - 14 December 2013
13 November 2013
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The DelphiBank 20th Greek Film Festival in Australia celebrates its 20th year in 2013, returning once again with an outstanding program of the best contemporary cinema from Greece. To celebrate the Greek Film Festival’s special milestone, the program also includes a selection of highlights and favourites from the festival’s 20 year history.

The Festival is taking place in more than on cities, which are:
Brisbane (31 Oct. - 3 Nov.),  Sydney (6 Nov.- 24 Nov.), Melbourne (7 Nov. - 24 Nov.), Adelaide (14 Nov. - 17 Nov.) and Canberra (29 Nov. - 14 Dec.)

What If...

Feature Films
What IF..., Christoforos Papakaliatis, Greece, 2012, 111΄ (Sidney, Melburne,
- The DaughterThanos Anastopoulos, Greece, 2012, 87΄ (Sidney, Melburne, Adelaide)
Love in the End,Vasilis Kehagias, Greece, 2013, 89΄ (Sidney, Melburne, Adelaide, Canberra)
MarjoramOlga Malea, Greece, 2013, 102΄(Sidney, Melburne, Adelaide, Canberra)
CapitalCosta-Gavras, France, 2012, 114΄ (Sidney, Melburne, Adelaide, Canberra)
- A.C.A.B. All Cats Are Brilliant, Constantina Voulgari, Greece, 2012, 88΄ (Sidney, Melburne, Adelaide, Canberra)
- Wild Duck, Yiannis Sakaridis, Greece, 2013, 88΄ (Sidney, Melburne, Canberra)- The Tree And The Swing, Maria Douza, Greece/Serbia, 2013, 107΄ (Sidney, Melburne, Adelaide)
- The Eternal Return Of Antonis Paraskevas, Elina Psykou, Greece, 2013, 88΄ (Sidney, Melburne, Canberra)
- Big Hit, Karolos Zonaras, Greece, 2012, 95΄ (Sidney, Melburne)
- Akalyptos, Christos Dimas, Greece, 2013, 92΄ (Sidney)
- Joy, Elias Giannakakis, Greece, 2012, 80΄ (Sidney, Melburne)

The Tree and the Swing

Documentary Films:
Greek-American Radicals - The Untold StoryKostas Vakkas, Greece, 2013, 64΄ (Sydney, Melbourne)
- One Step Ahead, Dimitris Athyridis, Greece, 2012, 126΄ (Sydney, Melbourne, Canberra)
Ruins, Zoe Mavroudi, Greece, 2013, 57΄ (Sydney, Melbourne)

Short Films (Sidney and Melbourne):
Best Friend, Koraly Dimitriadis and Nathan Little,Australia, 2013, 11΄
Car Lady Bike Girl,Maria Theodorakis,Canada, 2009, 8΄
Dave΄s Dead, Alethea Jones, Australia, 2012, 15΄
Duke & Wyndsor, Stella Dimadis, Australia, 2013, 11΄
- Father΄s Day,Jason Raftopoulos,Australia, 2011, 11΄
Joey, John Evagora, Australia, 2011, 17΄
- The Capsule, Athina Rachel Tsangari, Greece, 2012, 35΄
The Maker,Christopher Kezelos, Australia, 2011, 6΄
Throw My Luck,Luka Lesson,Australia/Greece, 2013, 4΄
You Know What? I Love You., Natalie Cunningham, Australia, 2012, 10΄

From the Edge of the City

The Best Of program will reflect the festival΄s diverse history with outrageous comedies and gritty dramas, as well as the all-ages classic in Sydney and Melbourne:
A Touch Of SpiceTassos Boulmetis, Greece, 2003, 108΄
BalkanisateurSotiris Goritsas, Greece, 1997, 115΄
Beware of Greeks Bearing Guns,John Tatoulis, Australia/Greece, 2000, 90΄
Bonus, Nikos Zapatinas, Greece, 2001, 90΄
Female Company, Nikos Perakis, Greece, 1999, 104΄
- In Good Company,Nikos Zapatinas, Greece, 2000, 93΄
- Totally Married, Dimitris Indares, Greece, 2003, 80΄

You can request a Festival Program and attend the screenings you desire here.
  From the Edge of the City
  Female Company
  Totally Married
  A Touch of Spice
  Beware of Greeks Bearing Guns
  In Good Company
  One Day in August
  What If...
  The Tree And The Swing
  The Eternal Return of Antonis Paraskevas
  A.C.A.B. All Cats Are Brilliant
  Wild Duck
  The daughter
  The Capsule
  Do Not Forget Me Istanbul
  Big Hit
  One Step Ahead
  Constantinos Giannaris
  Sotiris Goritsas
  Christos Dimas
  Tassos Boulmetis
  Thanos Anastopoulos
  Josefina Markarian
  Nikos Perakis
  Olga Malea
  Nikos Zapatinas
  Athina-Rachel Tsangari
  Elias Giannakakis
  Constantina Voulgari
  Yannis Sakaridis
  John Tatoulis
  Stergios Niziris
  Dimitris Indares
  Stefan Arsenijevic
  Aida Begic
  Christoforos Papakaliatis
  Maria Douza
  Elina Psykou
  Hany Abu-Assad
  Eric Nazarian
  Omar Shargawi
  Karolos Zonaras
  Dimitris Athyridis
  DelphiBank 20th Greek Film Festival
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