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58 Projects funded by the Greek Film Center
9 January 2014
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The Greek Film Center (GFC) announced on January 7th its decision about supporting 58 projects out of 105 in total which have been submitted in six different programs following the consolidation of two periods of submitting proposals for financing. The financing of films΄ production as well as development projects became possible after concerted efforts of finding resources and eliminating functional expenses of GFC, setting the foundations for the restitution of the financial flow.

GFC finances again Greek productions and “its list includes a great deal of professionals of the film industry, older and younger ones, who all together strengthen the distinction of Greek cinematography within and beyond borders in order for it to become even greater in the future”, as it is reported in its press release

More specifically, regarding the Basic Film Production Program, 6 plans are approved of financing. The total amount of commitment comes up to 840.000 Eur.

Xronia Polla by Christos Georgiou
Kalashnikov by Constantinos Giannaris

Virus by Angelos Frantzis

In the frame of the Low Budget Films Production Program, 5 plans are approved. The amount of commitment comes up to 195.000 Eur.

Night of Falling Skies by Vassilis Christofilakis
Mitriarchia by Nikos Cornilios
Anemistiras by Dimitris Bitos

In the frame of the Short Films Production Program, 7 plans are approved. The amount of commitment comes up to 102.000 Eur.

I Helga Einai sto Lount by Theologia Petraki
Oneireutika ta leuka Christougenna by Dimitris Giamloglou
To teleftaio Vagoni by Vaggelis Zouglos
Treis Augoulieres Paraligo Tessereis by Konstantinos Samaras
Isaak by Siamak Etemanti
Ikaros by Giorgos Fourtounis
Volta by Stella Kyriakopoulou

The Program of Incentives to Attract Foreign Productions to Greece with a Greek producer as a minority partner includes the approval of 2 plans with a total amount of commitment up to 70.000 Eur.

I Istoria tis Prasinis Grammis by Panikos Chrysanthou
Sky Above Us by Marinus Groothof

Concerning scripts, the stage of Writing Treatment – first stage- of the Program Scriptwriting – Development includes 18 plans which will be funded with 3.000 Eur. each. The total amount of commitment comes up to 54.000 Eur.

Deksiosis: Script by Philippos Tsitos
Rhesus: Script by Thanassis Totsikas
Planodios Raftis: Script by Sonja Lisa Kederman
Omerta: Script by Nikos Kallaras and Nansy Spetsioti
Kivotos: Script by Christina Korovessi and Aristotelis Marangos
Park: Script by Sofia Exarchou
Ouzeri Tsitsanis: Script by Vassilis Spiliopoulos and Anda Gourbali
Fos: Script by Vassilis Douvlis
I Gi tou Kanenos: Script by Christina Koutsospyrou and Aran Hughes
I Diplani Mou: Script by Katerina Kaklamani
Immortal Law: Script by Aris Bafaloukas
O Telefteos Ton Theon: Script by Alexandros Norton
I Lesxi: Script by Kleanthis Danopoulos
To Spiti sto Stavrodromi: Script by A. Andrianou
Aoratos: Script by Dimitri Athanitis
Odyssia: Script by Sotiris Goritsas
Gia na Dei ti Thalassa: Script by Angeliki Antoniou
Magia-Revmata: Script by Phoebe Fildisi

Director Dimitri Athanitis

The GFC aiming at improving some proposals, which – according to it- are not completely ready for the production stage, gives the filmmakers and producers the opportunity to improve their script and at the same time to explore the possibilities of finding sponsors (development). The approval for each plan comes up to 12.500 Eur. The total amount of commitment is 87.500 Eur.

Polikseni by Dora Masklavanou
Chrisi Mera by Vardis Marinakis
Life Line by Vassilis Mazomenos
The Silent No by Giorgos Gikapeppas
Magikos Peltes by Fotini Kotrotsi
Resalto by Vassilis Vafeas

At the stage of Script Writing based on Treatment – second stage- of the Program Scriptwriting- Development, 6 plans are approved for a financing of 7.500 Eur for each of them. The total amount of commitment comes up to 45.000 Eur.

Script and Director: Alexandros Kardaras / Production: Pan Entertainment
Script: Xenia Votsi and Nikos Kritikos/ Director: Nikos Kritikos/ Production: Foteini Oikonomopoulou
Sti Chora Pou Kaneis Den Iksere Na Klaei
Scipt and Director: Giorgos Panoussopoulos/ Production: Eleni Kossyfidou
Script and Director: Stergios Paschos/ Production: Phaedra Vokali
Script and Director: Costas Zapas/ Production: Minus Pictures
Ivo Kai Sofia
Script and Director: Elina Psykou/ Production: Giorgos Karnavas

Finally in the frame of the Program for Support of Already Completed Film Works 7 films are approved and the will get 90.400 Eur.

Boxer by Giorgos Panteleakis (Documentary)
Kismet by Nina Paschalidou (Documentary)
O Christos Stamatise stou Gyzi by Amerissa Basta (Short Film)

Runaway Day by Dimitris Bavellas

These decisions do not include until now the categories Production Program for Films for Children and Adolescents, Program for New Directors (1st or 2nd film) and Documentaries Production Program. For the two last categories which constitute co-financing programmes with the Public Television, the GFC will alone examine and financing the plans submitted until the signing of the new program with the new body of PT.

 source: Greek Film Center Press Release
  Still River
  Frankenstein: A Death Odyssey
  Runaway Day
  Miss Violence
  Pigs on the Wind
  A Marathon of an Unfinished Spring: Grigoris Lambrakis
  The Sun and the Wind
  The Lobster
  Dimitris Giamloglou
  Constantinos Giannaris
  Vassilis Douvlis
  Elias Demetriou
  Nikos Kornilios
  Stelios Charalampopoulos
  Dimitris Bitos
  Dimitris Bavellas
  Sotiris Goritsas
  Angelos Frantzis
  Aris Bafaloukas
  Dimitris Athanitis
  Nansy Spetsioti
  Alexandros Kardaras
  Giorgos Panoussopoulos
  Vardis Marinakis
  Vassilis Vafeas
  Angeliki Antoniou
  Eleni Kossyfidou
  Kleanthis Danopoulos
  Fotini Kotrotsi
  Athina-Rachel Tsangari
  Vassilis Mazomenos
  Christos Georgiou
  Yorgos Lanthimos
  Anda Gourbali
  Costas Zapas
  Philippos Tsitos
  Nina Maria Paschalidou
  Elissavet Chronopoulou
  Panayotis Portokalakis
  Dora Masklavanou
  Yorgos Gkikapeppas
  George Karnavas
  Elina Psykou
  Yorgos Zois
  Aran Hughes
  Christina Koutsospyrou
  Stergios Paschos
  Giorgos Panteleakis
  Alexandros Avranas
  Amerissa Basta
  Thanasis Neofotistos
  Greek Film Center
  Pan Entertainment S.A (ex-Bad Movies)
  Minus Pictures
  The Greek Film Center won΄t shut down
  Greek Film Center Official Website
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