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Stratos goes to Berlin
10 January 2014
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In a conference room at the 7th floor of a building in the center of a noisy, winter Athens, Yannis Economides and his main actors and producers gathered to talk about Stratos, their latest film, Economides fourth and one of this year’s 64th Berlin International Film Festival first selections for the official program.

A Greek director that through his previous works showed us a hard and painful side of modern Greece’s small-class people with their dark and, sometimes, tragicomical lives, Economides looks eager to tell and to answer.

“Comedies” is the word he himself uses to describe his films, “comedies in the way Balzac puts it, the co-existing tragic and comical of the human condition”. 
“Gloomy” is the world of his films Maria Kallimani said, while talking about her second appearance in a Economides film after starring at his previous one, the Knifer. “Gloomy and totally Dionysian” she added.

None of these two opposite aspects of life prevented the well-known Match Factory Productions from Germany co-producing the film along with Faliro House Productions of Christos Konstantakopoulos, Panos Papahatzis’s Argonauts S.A. and Feelgood Entertainment which is also distributing it in Greece and Cyprus.

Stratos, a Greek-German-Cypriot co-production, is also the name of the film’s protagonist, the great Vangelis Mourikis, another old collaborator and dear friend of Economides.
A small fish (the film’s original title) trying to make its way in the threating microcosmos of his neighborhood as a paid assassin who did big time in prison in his youth after killing two guys for the sake of a woman.

From the film Stratos

Threating but colorful “with less harsh language, a clearer plot, we have music and, of course, the cinemascope” as the director states.

From the film Stratos

This six fingers man (one of the film’s initial titles) lives by himself with his neighbors, a brother and sister couple, as his only companion. Economides risked by giving the brother part -the film’s second most important- at an old friend of him with no clue about acting, Petros Zervos. He does the same choosing soprano Sonia Theodoridou for another role.

On the other hand, Economides doesn’t surprise us by picking Yannis Anastasakis, another old collaborator and part of the team of “constant values” as he likes to refer to his actors. Completing the cast, Yannis TsortekisViki Papadopoulou and Yannis Voulgarakis describe to us how Economides, again in this film as did in the past, pushed them into reaching their personal limits. No complains, nobody ever thought quitting. These constant values can form the best ground for a creative atmosphere to be developed and “helped the film reach the high standards it did” Economides said thanking his producers and crew.

Even the film’s end came as a result of this creative spirit they were under. Michael Webber from Match Factory Productions made a suggestion, they thought and talked about it and decided to go with it.

In the end, after everybody finished talking, as microphones went off and the spirit of red wine and rolled tobacco were spread into the conference room, a mysterious feeling of hope filled the hearts as people wished to each other and the film a good trip to Berlin.

Vaggelis Mourikis with Yannis Economides

Sonia Theodoridou

Petros Zervos

Maria Kallimani

  Yannis Anastasakis
  Viki Papadopoulou
  Christos Konstantakopoulos
  Maria Kallimani
  Yannis Economides
  Panagiotis Papahatzis
  Vangelis Mourikis
  Yannis Tsortekis
  Yannis Voulgarakis
  Argonauts Productions S.A.
  Feelgood Entertainment
  Faliro House Productions
  The Match Factory
  Balkan Films at the 64th Berlinale
  Stratos at the Berlin Film Festival
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