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“Theo Angelopoulos - Revisited by the young” at the Greek Film Archive
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The Greek Film Archive presents Theo Angelopoulos’ complete body of work from the 23rd to the 29th January 2014 and invites the audience to view and review the films of the master Greek auteur through the eyes of the young.

The films of Theo Angelopoulos will be introduced by musicians, young directors and poets, as well as students from the Faculty of Communication and Mass Media Studies and Faculty of Theatre Studies of the National and Kapodestrian University of Athens, Hellenic Cinema and Television School Stavrakos, IEK AKMI and New York College.  

Ulysses΄ Gaze by Theo Angelopoulos

What does Alexis Kalofolias and Yorgos Karanikolas from the music band Last Drive, have to say about Landscape in the Mist? What does Reconstruction mean to director Eva Stefani and what does the documentary Athens, Return to the Acropolis mean to director Katerina Patroni? How will director Elina Psykou approach The Suspended Step of the Stork? What was the experience of watching the films of Angelopoulos in London in the 1990s like for director Yannis Sakaridis and what does he have to say about Dust of Time? Why are The Hunters important to director Yorgos Zois? How does director Costis Zouliatis view Ulysses’ Gaze today? What is award-winning poet’s Thomas Tsalapatis comment on Voyage to Cythera

The Greek Film Archive will screen films of Theo Angelopoulos’ complete filmography as well as the Greek premieres of the filmmaker’s three short films, Lumière et Compagnie: Ulysse / Lumière and Company: Ulysses (1995, 52’’), Chacun son Cinèma: Trois Minutes / To Each His Own: Three Minutes (2007, 3’ 12’’), Céu inferior | Sous-ciel (2011, 5’ 50’’). 

Reconstruction by Theo Angelopoulos

Plus, the digital restoration of the films Reconstruction (1970) and The Beekeeper (1986) that were supervised by the director himself,  will also premiere in the event.

The films will be screened with the following subtitles

Voyage to Cythera with English subtitles 
Eternity and a Day with English subtitles
Sous-ciel with English subtitles
Reconstruction with French subtitles
The Broadcast with French subtitles 
The Hunters with French subtitles
The Beekeeper with French subtitles
The Weeping Meadow with German subtitles

The admission fee is € 5 per screening. There is a €10 admission card to all screenings for students, university students, the unemployed and young people from 18 to 26 years of age.

The Weeping Meadow by Theo Angelopoulos

Moreover, on Friday 24th January, Syntagma Square transforms into cinema screening Theo Angelopoulos’ documentary Athens, Return to the Acropolis (1983, 43΄). The documentary will screen at 20.00, 21.00, 22.00, 23.00 with the support of the City of Athens Youth and Sports Organisation and in collaboration with The Greek Film Archive.  

On the last day of the screenings, at 20:30, the Greek Film Archive invites audiences, the speakers and everyone who attended the screenings, to an open discussion in order to talk about the work of Theo Angelopoulos. The discussion will be moderated by director Thanos Anastopoulos.

Source: Greek Film Archive Press Release 
  The Dust of Time
  Eternity and a Day
  The Suspended Step of the Stork
  Ulysses` Gaze
  Voyage to Cythera
  The Bee Keeper
  Landscape in the Mist
  Trilogy: The Weeping Meadow
  The Hunters
  The Broadcast
  Theo Angelopoulos
  Eva Stefani
  Thanos Anastopoulos
  Katerina Patroni
  Elina Psykou
  Yorgos Zois
  Greek Film Archive
  Remembering Theodoros Angelopoulos (1935-2012)
  The Greek and Balkan Spirit of Comedy During the Journeys with the Films of Theo Angelopoulos
  Tribute to Theo Angelopoulos
  The Represantation of the Borders in the Films of Theo Angelopoulos
  The Greek Film Archive Official Website
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