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Sofia Meetings 11th Edition, 13-16 of March
10 March 2014
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In the framework of the 18th Sofia International Film Festival, 6-16 of March, the 11th Sofia Meetings will take place from 13th till 16th of the same month.  

An event supported by MEDIA Programme of the European Union and the Bulgarian National Film Center, Sofia Meetings is a co-production market and includes Project presentations of upcoming directors, 1st, 2nd or 3rd projects, Balkan Screenings and Industry screenings for professionals. Many additional events are taking place beside the main programme: workshops, case studies, lectures and networking hours.

The event is partnering with EAVE (European Audiovisual Entrepreneurs, a professional training, project development and networking organisation for audiovisual producers), Producers Network, Europa Distribution, Crossroads, Mediterranean Co-production Forum, Mediterranean Film Institute, Moscow Business Square and has two separate modules:

Feature Fiction Films Pitching – presentation of first, second and third feature film projects looking for financial support and co-producers.

Balkan Screenings – showcase of the latest Bulgarian and regional feature and short films for directors and programmers from different international festivals, world sales companies and journalists.

Selected Balkan projects for the 11th Sofia Meetings:

Second Feature Fiction Film Projects

Call Me Shakespeare by Valeri Yordanov, Bulgaria
Produced by Borislav Chouchkov and Maria Metodieva,

I Want To Be Like You by Konstantin Bojanov, Bulgaria
Produced by Mila Voinikova and Konstantin Bojanov

Nanook by Milko Lazarov, Bulgaria
Produced byVeselka Kiryakova
Red Carpet Films

Never Let It Go by Paul Negoescu, Romania
Produced by Paul Negoescu

Plus Minus One Programme

Cosmic Candy by Rinio Dragassaki, Greece

God Is Returning Home by Petar Ristovski,Serbia
Produced by Gorana Grozdanic, Lazar Ristovski and Petar Ristovski 

Scarred Hearts by Radu Jude, Romania
Produced by Ada Solomon

Projects In Bank

A History Of Women by Ülkü Oktay, Turkey
Produced by Gokce Isil Tuna

Brothers by Omur Atay, Turkey 
Produced by Funda Odemis

Joe’s Cake by Zeljko Djukic, Serbia
Produced by Goran Radakovic and Zeljko Djukic 

Radiogram by Rouzie Hassanova, Bulgaria
Produced by Gergana Stankova
Menclips (Selected in partnership with EAVE)

The Dog by Silviya Pesheva, Bulgaria
Produced by Kalin Kalinov
KaBoAl, Silvers Films

The Moon Dress by Yavor Vesselinov, Bulgaria

The Other Man by Stephan Komandarev, Bulgaria
Produced by Stephan Komandarev

Yoan Is Going To Mecca by Polly Guentcheva, Bulgaria
Produced by Polly Guentcheva
Tara Tree Pictures

Where Is Sophia by Anton Groves, Romania
Produced by Cristina Badea
Adenium Film (Selected in partnership with EAVE)
  Lazar Ristovski
  Valeri Yordanov
  Ada Solomon
  Fenia Cossovitsa
  Borislav Chouchkov
  Konstantin Bojanov
  Funda Odemis
  Konstantinos Kontovrakis
  Stephan Komandarev
  Gorana Grozdanic
  Paul Negoescu
  Kiril Kirilov
  Galina Toneva
  Milko Lazarov
  Bulgarian National Film Center
  HiFilm Productions
  Blonde Audiovisual Productions
  KaBoAl Pictures
  Chouchkov Brothers LTD
  Media Programme
  Zillion Film
  Argo Film
  Motiva Film
  Gala film Ltd.
  Papillon Film
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