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Balkan Documentaries at 16th Thessaloniki Documentary Festival
12 March 2014
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The 16th Thessaloniki Documentary Festival – Images of the 21th Century, will take place from 14-23 March 2014, presenting 185 short and feature documentaries from all over the world in 10 different categories. Among them, this year, the Festival will screen 59 Greek Documentaries as well as documentaries from other Balkan countries. 

Keep in mind that for those who won΄t be able to be in Thessaloniki, the Festival will be implementing for the 4th consecutive year an innovative live streaming project in collaboration with the Electro-Acoustic and Television Systems Laboratory at the Polytechnic School of Thessaloniki’s Aristotle University, under the supervision of Professor Yorgos Papanikolaou and with the support of OTE. More specifically, the Greek audience will have the opportunity to watch through live streaming the films that will be screened at Olympion Theatre, from 17-20 March, at 20:30 and, in that way, be part of the Festival.

Becoming an Actor by Dimitris Koutsiabasakos

The full list of Balkan documentaries at the Official Selection 

Human Rights

Bref by Christina Pitouli, Spain-Greece, 2013, 30min

Playing with Fire by Anneta Papathanasiou, Greece, 2013, 80 min

Evaporating Borders by Iva Radivojevic, USA-Cyprus, 2014, 73min

Views of the World

Dollars for a Saint by Avra Georgiou, Greece, 2013, 57min

Rio 2016 by Bianca Rotaru, Romania, 2013, 28min

Kismet by Nina Maria Paschalidou, Cyprus-Greece, 2013, 2013, 58min

Yusef΄s Song by Kostas Pliakos, Greece, 2014, 75min

Portraits: Human Journeys

Relentless by Dimitris Statiris, Greece-Italy-Switzerland, 2013, 53min

Genevieve Clancy, Instants of Life by Iro Siafliaki, Greece-France, 2013, 75min

Arika. A. by Menios Carayannis, Greece, 2013, 79min

Louiss, 7 Times you Fall, 8 Times you Get Back on The Horse by Yorgos Chr. Zervas, Greece, 2014, 62min

Recording of Memory

In the Dark Room by Nadav Schirman, Germany-Israel-Finland-Romania-Italy, 2013, 88min

Affection to the People by Vassilis Douvlis, Greece, 2013, 91min

Palikari (Louis Tikas and the Ludlow Massacre) by Nikolaos Ventouras, Greece, 2014, 92min

Stories to Tell

Soul Food Stories by Tonislav Hristov, Bulgaria-Finland, 2013, 70min

Lost in the Biwilderness by Alexandra Anthony, Greece-USA, 2014, 98min

Life in the Borderlands by Agathi Darlasi, Eleni Lambropoulou, Yannis Nikolaou, Mihail Arman Pogosian, Babis Tsoutsas, Greece, 2014, 50min


At the Pharmacy by Myrna Tsapa, Greece, 2013, 41min

Hope on the Line by Alexandros Papanikolaou, Emily Yannoukou, Greece-France, 2013, 73min

The Godmother by Stelios Kouloglou, Greece, 2014, 105min

The Other Human by Stathis Galazoulas, Greece, 2013, 34min

The Lost Signal of Democracy by Yorgos Avgeropoulos, Greece, 2013, 65min

Dreaming of Democracy by Morteza Jafari, Greece, 2013, 25min 


Salt Flats by Ira Dika, Yorgos Savoglou, Greece, 2014, 35min


The Art of Crisis, Theater Matters by Katerina Patroni, Greece, 2013, 55min

Panayotis Tetsis ΄Playing with Colors΄ by Yannis Vamvakas, Greece, 2014, 100min

Should I Stay or Should I Go by Menelaos Karamaghiolis, Greece-Germany, 2014, 60min

2013 Open Air Cinemas in Athens by Magdalini Remoundou

Music & Dance

Brasslands by Meerkat Media Collective, USA-Serbia, 2013, 88min

Greek Panorama

10000 Nights by Costas Anestis, Greece, 2013, 50min

A Breath in the Aegean by Apostolis Asimakopoulos, Greece, 2013, 65min

A Tale of Two Isles by Michalis Stavropoulos, Greece, 2013, 78min 

About the End of the World by Yannis Missouridis, Greece, 2013, 56min

Boxer by Yorgos Panteleakis, Greece, 2013, 70min

Chroma by Stavros Psillakis, Greece, 2014, 29min 

Cretativity by Manolis Kritsotakis, Greece, 2013, 80min

Dokime by Yorgos Kravvaritis, Greece, 2013, 27min 

Forest of Gold by Stratis Voyatzis, Greece, 2014, 24min

GR. Work in Progress by Elena Zervopoulou, Greece-Italy, 2013, 83min 

Ioannina of Contemplation & Legends by Panos Kyparissis, Fanis Douskos, Greece, 2013, 73min 

Krito the Acrobat by Grigoris Vardarinos, Greece, 2013, 28min 

Mythogenesis by Nicolas Panoutsopoulos, Greece, 2014, 29min 

Our Lovely Nicos by Alexis Kleanthous, Cyprus, 2013, 85min 

Point of No Return by Alkmini Boura, Greece-Germany, 2013, 52min 

Polka in Athens by Katerina-Martha Clark, Greece, 2013, 60min 

Postlude by Nicos Ligouris, Greece-Germany, 2013, 9min 

Shall I Feed the Ants? by Emilia Milou, Greece, 2013, 9min 

Social Conservatory – Notes by Thekla Malamou, Alexandra Saliba, Greece, 2014, 9min 

Stairway to Titika by Pavlos Kosmidis, Greece, 2014, 19min 

Sunflower Seeds by Antonis Tolakis, Greece, 2013, 32min 

The Noose by Vassilis Loules, Greece, 2013, 12min 

The Phantasmagoria of Defeat by Anastasia Christoforidou, Greece, 2013, 30min 

The Red Bank. James Joyce: His Greek Notebooks by Vouvoula Skoura, Greece, 2013, 29min 

The Void: The Musical Case of Katerina Petrakou by Dimitris Papoulias, Greece, 2013, 19min 

Theodoros Papayannis: The Return to Elliniko by Panayotis Kravvaris, Greece, 2014, 48min 

Trip to Delphi by Apostolia Papaioannou, Greece, 2013, 62min 

Unplugged by Tzortzis Grigorakis, Greece-Switzerland, 2013, 10min

VIET COSTAS. Citizenship: Undefined by Yannis Tritsibidas, Greece, 2013, 88min 

Voy – A Blind Football Match by Eleni Chrysomalli, Greece, 2013, 18min

WateRdrops by Nelly Psarrou, Greece, 2014, 97min 

Boxer by Yorgos Panteleakis

For more information about the films participating in the 16th Thessaloniki Documentary Festival please visit the Festival΄s Official Website
  At The Pharmacy
  Playing With Fire
  2013 Open Air Cinemas in Athens
  Time for Heroes
  Becoming an Actor
  128 Keratea: A True Story
  Evaporating Borders
  In The Darkroom
  Rio 2016
  Capulcu, Voices from Gezi
  Soul Food Stories
  Kalavryta – People and Shadows
  Genevieve Clancy, Instants of Life
  Dimitris Koutsiabasakos
  Irο Siafliaki
  Kalliopi Legaki
  Elias Giannakakis
  Angelos Kovotsos
  Stavros Psyllakis
  Nina Maria Paschalidou
  Myrsini (Myrna) Tsapa
  Anneta Papathanasiou
  Giorgos Panteleakis
  Magdalini Remoundou
  Grigoris Oiconomides
  Vaios Sirros
  Iva Radivojevic
  Christina Pitouli
  Nadav Schirman
  Bianca Rotaru
  Benedetta Argentieri
  Claudio Casazza
  Carlo Prevosti
  Duccio Servi
  Stefano Zoja
  Tonislav Hristov
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