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1st annual meeting 2014: Eurimages supports 19 co-productions
20 March 2014
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Strasbourg, 17.03.2014 - At its 134th meeting held from 11 to 13 March 2014 in Budapest, the Board of Management of the Council of Europe΄s Eurimages Fund agreed to support 17 projects of feature films, one animation and one documentary for a total amount of 5.367.000 Euros

The Balkan supported films are: 

Vatreno krstenje Ljiljana Vidica - Ivan-Goran Vitez (Croatia) 
(Croatia, Serbia) 
Zillion Film

Aferim! - Radu Jude (Romania) 
(Romania, France, Bulgaria) 

Nasa Svakodnevna Prica - Ines Tanovic (Bosnia and Herzegovina) 
(Slovenia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia) 

La Novia - Paula Ortiz (Spain) 
(Spain, Turkey) 
Get In The Picture
Productions S.L.

Mama - Vlado Skafar (Slovenia) 
(Slovenia, Italy) 
Gustav Film
Transmedia Spa / Arch Production Srl

Wait for me - Mitko Panov (The former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia) 
(Switzerland, The former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, Ireland, Croatia) 
Tipimages Productions
Samson Films Ltd
MP Filmska Produkcija

Cristian - Tudor Giurgiu (Romania) 
(Romania, Bulgaria, Hungary) 
Libra Film

Other Projects that will be funded are:
Molly Monster - Matthias Bruhn (Germany), Michael Ekblad (Sweden), Ted Sieger (Switzerland) 
Animation film(Switzerland, Germany, Sweden)

Il Futuro - Paolo Sorrentino (Italy)
(Italy, France)

Maraviglioso Boccaccio - Paolo & Vittorio Taviani (Italy)
(Italy, France) 

Il racconto dei racconti - Matteo Garrone (Italy) 
(Italy, France) 

Our Sun - Joost Van Ginkel (Netherlands) 
(Netherlands, Sweden) 

Schneider vs. Bax - Alex van Warmerdam (Netherlands) 
(Netherlands, Belgium) 

Sedmero - Alice Nellis (Czech Republic) 
(Slovakia, Czech Republic) 

Melanijas hronika - Viesturs Kairišs (Latvia) 
(Latvia, Finland) 

Die Nacht der Tausend Stunden - Virgil Widrich (Austria) 
(Austria, Luxembourg) 

Mænd & Høns - Anders Thomas Jensen (Denmark) 
(Denmark, Germany) 

Zud - Marta Minorowicz (Poland) 
(Germany, Poland) Documentary 

Birkebeinerne - Nils Gaup (Norway) 
(Norway, Sweden, Ireland, Hungary) 

Moreover, in the framework of the distribution support programme, scheme I, the Board decided, after examining the non-national European films distributed during the fourth trimester, to grant €331.867 to 16 distributors for 78 films distributed in the following 9 countries: Belgium, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Germany, Hungary, Netherlands, Romania, Serbia and “The former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia”. 

In the framework of the scheme II, support destined for innovative projects aimed at reinforcing the image of European cinema, developing public knowledge and increasing its audiences, the Board decided to support the project presented by Trimark (Serbia) for an amount of 78.250 €. 

The access of Switzerland to the Creative Europe programme from the European Union having been suspended, the professionals from the Swiss audio-visual sector, will be able, with immediate effect, to benefit from distribution support programme as well as from the exhibition and digital equipment for cinema theatres of the Eurimages Fund. 

Finally, the Eurimages Board of Management recommended unanimously the renewal of the mandate of Mr Roberto Olla, Executive Director of Eurimages, for a fourth consecutive two-year term running from 1 July 2014. This is the first time ever since the establishment of the Fund in 1988. 

EURIMAGES is a support fund for cinema co-production, theatrical distribution, exhibition and digital equipment for cinema theatres established by the Council of Europe in 1988. Since it was set up in 1988, EURIMAGES has supported 1579 European co-productions for a total amount of approximately 479 million euros.
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