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Romanian National Film Center 2014 Grants
10 April 2014
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The Romanian National Film Center announced on Wednesday, April 9th the Grants for 2014. Among the winners of the funding contest of 2013, we meet Cristian Mungiu, Cristi Puiu, Corneliu Porumboiu and Radu Jude. RMN, Cristian Mungiu΄s  fourth feature film received the enormous amount of  €1 million, while Catalin Mitulescu΄s The Mountain Girl comes second with €450.000.
The Romanian National Film Center has split about €6.7 milliion in total across the production and development of new film projects, out of which 16 are international co-productions.

Fiction feature film

Cristian Mungiu, RMN, Mobra Films, €1 million
Tudor Giurgiu, The Closeness, Libra Film, €450,000
Cătălin Mitulescu, The Mountain Girl, Strada Films, €468,000
Cristi Puiu, Sierra Nevada, Mandragora, €367,000
Radu Jude, Scarred Hearts, Hi Film Productions, €340,000
Corneliu Porumboiu, The Treasure, 42 Km Film, €352,000
Florin Piersic Jr, The Summer Is Over, Icon Production, €188,000
Anca Damian, Perfectly Healthy, Aparte Film, €170,000
Iulia Rugină, Love Building 2,, €52,000
Iura Luncaşu, Only If It΄s a Girl, MediaPro Entertainment, €128,000
Iulia Rugină, Breaking News, Hai-Hui Entertainment, €117,000
Peter Greenaway, Walking to Paris, Abis Studio, €65,000
Corneliu Gheorghiţă, Report from the Gate of the Orient, Gheorghiţă SRL, €64,000
Ruxandra Zenide, The Miracle from Tekir, Elefant Film, €16,000
Jesus del Cerro, Herăstrău, MediaPro Entertainment, €30,000

First feature film

Daniel Sandu, A Step Behind the Seraphims, Parada Film, €314,000
Anca Miruna Lăzărescu, On the Road with My Father, Strada Film, €380,000
Radu Dragomir, The Teacher, Strada Film, €132,000
Andrei Creţulescu, Charlton Heston, Icon Production, €127,000
Adriano Valerio, Banat, Parada Film, €40,000
Bogdan Mirică, Dogs, 42 Km Film, €88,000
Emanuel Pârvu, Laz Mahale, Icon Production, €5,000

Twelve selected short-film projects received a total of €315,000, while seven short and feature-length animation projects shared a total of €634,000. An amount of €653,000 was split among ten feature and short documentary projects. Seven other projects received development grants.

Source: Cineuropa

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  Tudor Giurgiu
  Cristian Mungiu
  Cristi Puiu
  Corneliu Porumboiu
  Radu Jude
  Catalin Mitulescu
  Andrei Cretulescu
  Anca Damian
  Florin Piersic Jr
  Horatiu Malaele
  Iura Luncasu
  Iulia Rugina
  Ruxandra Zenide
  Strada Film
  42Km Film
  Centrul National al Cinematografiei - CNC Romania
  Mobra Films
  MediaPro Pictures
  Mandragora Movies
  Libra Film
  HiFilm Productions
  Abis Studio
  Parada Film
  Aparte Film
  Elefant Films
  Hai-Hui Entertainment
  Icon Production
  Romanian National Film Center Supports 17 new Feature Films
  Romanian National Film Center CNC
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