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Prishtina International Film Festival 2014
22 April 2014
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Under the slogan "Friendship. Forever. PriFest", the 6th edition of Prishtina International Film Festival opens its doors today with an 8-day international programm, sections and parallel activities. With 5 world premieres, 5 international premieres and over 50 national premieres, PriFest promises another great edition for film lovers, bringing to its audience around 60 films, more then any previous editions, divided in 7 different programs.

The festival announced this year its cooperation with British Council to bring the British Night section with great films from the UK. Stephen Frears΄ Philomena is expected to open this year’s PriFest.

On the jury of Balkan Film Competition Program (Honey and Blood Cinema) we find the names of British playwright Mark Ravenhill, Kirsten Schaffer, executive director of OutFest festival in Los Angeles and Karin Angela Schyle from Germany, ex manager of goEast festival. Dutch producer Kees Kassander, Cedomir Kolar, Croatian-born producer from France and Bosnian actor Velibor Topic are the jury-trio for the European Film Competition Program

Velvet Terrorists

For the first time the films are going to be evaluated also from the Students’ Independent Jury, which will give an award for the best film in European category. PriFest director, Mrs. Vjosa Berisha stated: "We are proud for this composition of juries, and apart from coming from all over the world, they are ‘heavy weight’ in terms of their careers filled with prestigious film awards [...] I am particularly glad that Kosovar students, too, will have the opportunity to participate in the decision-making, by being members of Independent Student jury".

The festival will close with a 240-minute version of Lars Von Trier΄s Nymphomaniac on May Day.

PriFest also hosts PriFORUM, an industry platform of the festival and meeting point of regional filmmakers, taking place on 26-27 April. The Best Pitch Award will be handed by the International Jury to the best presentation of a first feature fiction film project. The projects selected for this year are:

An Unforgettable Spring in the Forgetful Village by Kushtrim Bekteshi, F.Y.R.O.M.
The Schooling of Bento Bonchev by Uliana Shilkina, Montenegro
Rooftop Sonata by Edon Rizvanolli, Kosovo*
The Last Goodbye by Milica Tomovic, Serbia
Man of the House by Andamion Murataj, Albania

Love Me

Balkan films and documentaries at priFest 2014

European Film Competition

Love Me by Maryna Gorbach and Mehmet Bahadir, Ukraine and Turkey, 2013

Tir by Alberto Fasulo, Italy and Croatia, 2013

Slovakia, Czech Republic, Croatia, 2013

Balkan Film Competition "Honey & Blood Cinema"

At Home by Athanasios Karanikolas, Greece, Germany, 2014

For Those Who Can Tell No Tales by Jasmila Zbanic, Bosnia-Herzegovina, 2013

The Piano Room by Igor Ivanov Izi, F.Y.R.O.M., 2013

Roxanne by Valentin Hotea, Romania, Hungary, 2013

The Disobedient by Mina Djukic, Serbia, 2014

Crossroads by Faysal Soysal, Turkey, 2013

Vis-a-Vis by Nevio Marasovic, Croatia, 2013

Middle Length Competition

Suddenly by Tanja Golic, Croatia

Finally Home by Kreshnik Saraqi, Albania

One Of Them by Ilirjan Himaj, Kosovo*

Special Screenings

Plisi by Gjon Marku, Kosovo*

Ada by Spartak Pecani, Albania, 2013 

Tomka And His Friends by Xhanfize Keko, Albania, 1977 (Restored and digitalised)

Documentary Program

Hidden Documentary by Fabian Kati, UK, Albania, 

The Legendary Dog by Alban Muja, Kosovo*

The Women’s Land by Orhan Kerkezi, Kosovo*

Let It Be Program

Dual by Nejc Gazvoda, Slovenia, Croatia, Denmark, 2013

PriFest 2014 full list of films 

  Velvet Terrorists
  The Disobedient
  The Piano Room
  Southern Scum Go Home!
  At Home
  Love Me
  For Those Who Can Tell No Tales
  Tomka And His Friends
  Mina Djukic
  Cedomir Kolar
  Goran Vojnović
  Nejc Gazvoda
  Jasmila Zbanic
  Spartak Pecani
  Edon Rizvanolli
  Athanasios Karanikolas
  Velibor Topic
  Xhanfize Keko
  Peter Kerekes
  Ivan Ostrochovský
  Pavol Pekarcík
  Valentin Hotea
  Nevio Marasovic
  Igor Ivanov Izi
  Maryna Er Gorbach
  Mehmet Bahadir Er
  Andamion Murataj
  Alberto Fasulo
  Jamie Donoughue
  PriFest presents its Balkan program Honey and Blood Sept 24 – Oct 01, 2012
  The Awards of the 5th PriFest 2013
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