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61st Pula Film Festival, 2014
6 July 2014
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Pula Film Festival, one of the oldest among European film festivals, opens on July 12 for it’s 61st edition. Lasting 12 full days, this year Pula FF added two more sections to its program, the Youth Programme (Dizalica) and Pula Cinemateque, besides the Croatian Programme, the International Programme, the Children’s Programme (Pulica) and the Retrospective

Film under the stars

The two new sections, along with all the films screened and their categories were presented at a press conference in Zagreb by Hrvoje Puksec, President of Pula’s Artistic Board, Festival Director Gordana Restovic and Vladimir Stojsavljevic, Minister of Culture, referring to this year’s organization along with all the sidebar programmes, and, to the importance of the Festival for Croatian film in general. 

Pula Film Festival’s Artistic Board comprising Hrvoje Puksec, the president, and board members Mike Downey and Tanja Milicic, selected twelve feature-length films that will make up the Croatian Programme of the festival.

Velvet Terrorists by Peter Kerekes, Pavol Pekarcík and Ivan Ostrochovsky, 2013, Croatia/Czech Republic/Slovakia

Number 55 by Kristijan Milic, 2014, Croatia

Happy Endings by Darko Suvak, 2014, Croatia (in post-production)

The Reaper by Zvonimir Juric, 2014, Croatia/Slovenia

The Bridge at the End of the World by Branko Istvancic, 2013, Croatia/Serbia/Bosnia-Herzegovina

Monument to Michael Jackson by Darko Lungulov, 2013, Serbia/Germany/F.Y.R.O.M

Vlog by Bruno Pavic, 2014

Croatian Programme’s Jury will be comprised of Amra Baksic Camo, producer from Bosnia-Herzegovina, Croatian actress Natasa Dorcic, Ivana Fumic, editor from Croatia, British film critic Nick Holdsworth from The Hollywood Reporter and Antonio Nuic, director from Croatia.

This year’s International Programme is divided into the competition and out of competition sections. 4 are the Balkan film taking place:

Alienation by Milko Lazarov, 2013, Bulgaria

Bridges of Sarajevo by Aida Begic, Leonardo di Costanzo, Jean-Luc Godard, Kamen Kalev, Isild Le Besco, Sergey Loznitsa, Vincenzo Marra, Ursula Meier, Vladimir Perisic, Cristi Puiu, Marc Recha, Angela Schanelec, Teresa Villaverde, France/Bosnia-Herzegovina/Switzerland/Italy/Portugal/Bulgaria

Class Enemy by Rok Bicek, 2013, Slovenia

The Golden Arenas

International Programm’s Jury will be comprised of Leo Barraclough, film critic, Variety, Fridrik Thor Fridriksson, director, producer and actor (this year’s Retrospective) and director Stanislav Tomic.

Following the already traditional Children’s Programme (Pulica), a film programme with a growing number of spectators, new Youth Programme (Dizalica) aimes at young cinephiles aged 16 to 21 with films selected upon the quality and the subject-matter relevant for that age group.

Going to this year’s festival Retrospective section, we find the works of Fridrik Thor Fridriksson, a filmmaker and complete author from Iceland who has tried his hand at a number of film aspects (director, screenwriter, actor, producer, editor). Also, 61st Pula FF second programme novelty, the Pula Cinematheque, a return to the famous past of the Festival according to a selection made by acclaimed filmmaker Rajko Grlic, who picks the year 1965 and the 20 excellent films screened as part of ‘65 Main Competition, among others, the films to be screened this year:

Three by Aleksandar Petrovic (Grand Golden Arena)

To Come and Stay by Branko Bauer (Silver Arena)

Man Is Not a Bird by Dusan Makavejev (Diploma for Best Director and Best Debutant)

The Girl by Purisa Djordjevic (Special Award for Best Director)

For more info:
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  Man Is Not a Bird
  Velvet Terrorists
  Monument to Michael Jackson
  Class Enemy
  The Japanese Dog
  The Brave Adventures of a Little Shoemaker
  Zagreb Cappuccino
  Number 55
  The Reaper
  The Enchanting Porkers
  Prometheus Of The Island
  The Girl
  The Wind Blows
  Walk The Dog
  To Come And Stay
  Bridges of Sarajevo
  Happy Endings
  Vladimir Perisic
  Darko Lungulov
  Cristi Puiu
  Ivana Fumic
  Kamen Kalev
  Rajko Grlic
  Natasa Dorcic
  Dusan Makavejev
  Aleksandar Petrovic
  Aida Begic
  Amra Baksic Camo
  Rok Bicek
  Milko Lazarov
  Darko Suvak
  Zvonimir Juric
  Stanislav Tomic
  Peter Kerekes
  Ivan Ostrochovský
  Pavol Pekarcík
  Tudor Christian Jurgiu
  Mladomir Purisa Djordjevic
  Antonio Nuic
  Silvije Petranovic
  Vanja Svilicic
  Kristijan Milic
  Ivan Livakovic
  Bruno Pavic
  Vatroslav Mimica
  Branko Bauer
  Zdravko Mustac
  Filip Peruzovic
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