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Delphi Bank 21st Greek Film Festival, 14/10 - 2/11
14 October 2014
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The Delphi Bank 21st Greek Film Festival, starts today in Sydney, Australia and untill November the 2nd it will be running in five major Australian cities, Melbourne (15/10-2/11), Brisbane (30/10-2/11), Perth (20/11-23/11) and Canberra, besides Sydney. The festival opens with the winner of Best Film and Best Cinematography at the Hellenic Film Academy Awards, and Greece’s entry for Best Foreign Film at the Oscars, Little England by Pantelis Voulgaris.

Little England lead actor, Andreas Konstantinou and the film΄s producer, Giannis Iakovidis, will be attending. The Greek/American/British drama Promakhos by Coerte Voorhees & John Voorhees will be closing the festival.

Little England by Pantelis Voulgaris

Feature Films:
A Blast by Syllas Tzoumerkas, Greece, 2014

At Home by Athanasios Karanikolas, Greece/Germany, 2014

Block 12 by Kyriacos Tofarides, Greece, 2013

Brides by Pantelis Voulgaris, Greece, 2004

Committed by Stelana Kliris, Greece/Cyprus, 2014

Common Denominator by Sotiris Tsafoulias, Greece, 2014

Luton by Michalis Konstantatos, Greece, 2013

Promakhos by Coerte Voorhees & John Voorhees, Greece/USA/UK, 2014

Stratos by Yannis Economides, Greece/Germany/Cyprus, 2014

Xenia by Panos H. Koutras, Greece/Belgium/France, 2014

September by Penny Panayotopoulou


Followng Shira΄s Jiurney: A Greek-Jewish Odyssey by Carol Gordon & Natalie Cunningham, Australia, 2014, 50΄

Love in the Time of Crisis by Theopi Skarlatos & Kostas Kallergis, Greece/UK, 2014

The Other Human by Stathis Galazoulas, Greece, 2014, 34΄

Short Films:
5 Ways 2 Die by Daina Papadaki, Greece, 2013, 15΄

A Single Body by Sotiris Dounoukos, France/Australia, 2014, 19΄

Afterwardness (Apres-Coup) by Rafika Chawishe, Greece/UK, 2013, 20΄

Allure by Christopher Kezelos, Australia, 2013, 4΄

Anna by Spiros Charalambous, Cyprus, 2013, 22΄

By This River by Melissa Anastasi, Australia, 2013, 14΄

From Dope to Dalai Lama by Jason Raftopoulos, Australia, 2010, 16΄

Let Go by Colin Budds, Australia, 2013, 15΄

Runaway Day by Dimitris Bavellas

Love According to Wags by Koraly Dimitriadis & Nathan Little, Australia, 2013, 5΄

Maiden by Stephen Kanaris, Australia, 2013, 15΄

Man in a Box by Elias Papastamatiou, Greece, 2012, 4΄

Nicoleta by Sonia Liza Kenterman, Greece/UK, 2013, 20΄

Persephone by Louis Mandylor, USA, 2013, 9΄

Ror by Natalie Cunningham, Australia, 2013, 13΄

Shabd by Tony Nikolakopoulos, Australia, 2013, 7΄

The Immortalizer by Marios Piperides, Cyprus, 2013, 19΄

Two Devils by Jonathan Auf Der Heide & Gregory Erdstein, Australia, 2014, 10΄

Who is He? by Costa Athanassiou, Australia, 2011, 6΄

  The Winter
  Standing Aside, Watching
  A Blast
  Runaway Day
  The Enemy Within
  Block 12
  Miss Violence
  At Home
  Little England
  Thursday The 12th
  Dimitris Bavellas
  Yorgos Tsemberopoulos
  Syllas Tzoumerkas
  Kyriacos Tofarides
  Pantelis Voulgaris
  Michalis Konstantatos
  Penny Panayotopoulou
  Yannis Economides
  Panos H. Koutras
  Athanasios Karanikolas
  Konstantinos Koutsoliotas
  Yorgos Servetas
  Alexandros Avranas
  Thanasis Tsaltabasis
  Iva Radivojevic
  Stelana Kliris
  Marios Piperides
  Sonia Liza Kenterman
  Daina Papadaki
  Sotiris Dounoukos
  The 20th DelphiBank Greek Film Festival in Australia, 31 October - 14 December 2013
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