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6th Eastern Neighbours Film Festival
7 November 2014
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With a program including 38 feature films, documentaries, short films and animations -most of them Dutch premieres- the 6th edition of Eastern Neighbours Film Festival (ENFF) is already taking place at The Hague, closing on November 15.

The ENFF΄s aim is to get the Dutch and international audience in the Netherlands acquainted with the cinema and culture of East and South East Europe, mainly from countries not yet a EU member.

Monument to Michael Jackson by Darko Lungulov

Jasmila Zbanic΄s latest For Those Who Can Tell No Tales (2013 – Dutch premiere) and the multi-awarded Monument to Michael Jackson by Darko Lungulov (2014) are two recent Balkan productions presented through a program splitted this year in 5 sections. Current Cinema screens 8 Balkan titles and co-productions:

Monument to Michael Jackson by Darko Lungulov, Serbia, Germany, FYROM, Croatia, 2014

Scandal by Eriona Çami & Elton Baxhaku, Albania, 2014

Barbarians by Ivan Ikić, Serbia/Montenegro/Slovenia/Bosnia-Hertzegovina, 2014

For Those Who Can Tell No Tales by Jasmila Zbanic, Bosnia-Herzegovina, 2013

Once Upon A Time by Kazım Öz, Turkey, 2014

Seaburners by Melisa Önel, Turkey, 2014

On the Focus: 25 Years after the Berlin Wall section, ENFF is screening 6 films and documentaries in order "to assess the balance of continuity and change in various parts of Europe" according to the festival΄s presentation of the category. Two documentaries, Iva Radivojevic΄s Evaporating Borders (Cyprus/USA, 2014) and Vlad Petri΄s Where Are You Bucharest? (Romania, 2014) are included the program which is closing with a discussion between filmmakers, journalists and philosophers, entitled Is Power Deaf to Us?

Evaporating Borders by Iva Radivojevic

New Talents and upcoming filmmakers can also exhibit their works. The section focuses on those already accepted as promising ones, but haven΄t yet made a feature film. 11 short fiction, docs and animation were selected this year, 8 of them were produced in our region:

Tales From A Forgotten City by Amir Grabus, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Netherlands, 2013, 27΄

Rabbitland by Ana Nedeljković & Nikola Majdak Jr, Serbia/Montenegro, 2013, 7΄

Ghetto 59 by Ines Tanović, Bosnia-Herzegovina, 2014, 25΄

Balcony by Lendita Zeqiraj, Kosovo*, 2013, 20΄

Into The Blue by Nejra Latić Hulusić, 2014, 1΄

Sweet Shop by Nita Zeqiri, Kosovo*, 2014, 11΄

Good Time To Die by Senad Abduli, FYROM, 2013, 15΄

A Wound That Is Hidden by Una Kreso, Netherlands/Bosnia-Herzegovina, 2014, 14΄

Alerik by Vuk Mitevski, FYROM, 2013, 15΄

After Thessaloniki IFF 2014 tribute on him, Serbian filmmaker Zelimir Zilnik is having a nother of his classic films screened. Early Works, his 1969 Golden Bear winner and monument of Yugoslav cinema will be screend at the ENFF΄s Forbidden Film section, where the festival presents a film forbidden or put on the shelf.

Once Upon A Time by Kazım Öz

Turkish films Once Upon a Time by Kazim Öz and Seaburners by Melisa Önel are part of the festival΄s small celebration of the centenial of Turkish Cinema while, the Welcome Croatia special category pays tribute to a cinema strongly present on the world cinema map:

Gangster Of Love by Nebojša Slijepčević, Croatia/Germany/Romania, 2013

Happily Ever After by Tatjana Božić, Croatia/Netherlands, 2014

Cowboys by Tomislav Mršić, Croatia, 2014

Autofocus by Boris Poljak, Croatia, 2013, 28΄

Family Meals by Dana Budisavljević, Croatia, 2012

Shame On You by Daria Blažević, Austria/Croatia, 2013, 7΄

Real Man΄s Film by Nebojša Slijepčević, Croatia, 2012, 12΄

  Early Works
  Gangster of Love
  Monument to Michael Jackson
  Crazy About You
  The Piano Room
  Happily Ever After
  Evaporating Borders
  For Those Who Can Tell No Tales
  Once Upon a Time
  Where Are You Bucharest?
  Darko Lungulov
  Zelimir Zilnik
  Jasmila Zbanic
  Vuk Mitevski
  Dana Budisavljevic
  Ivan Ikic
  Boris Poljak
  Tomislav Mrsic
  Nebojsa Slijepcevic
  Danilo Marunovic
  Igor Ivanov Izi
  Lendita Zeqiraj
  Tatjana Bozic
  Melisa Onel
  Iva Radivojevic
  Kazim Oz
  Vlad Petri
  Ines Tanovic
  Elton Baxhaku
  Eriona Cami
  Thessaloniki International Film Festival
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