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When East Meets West co-production forum, January 18-20
22 December 2014
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Once again, When East Meets West co-production forum of Trieste Film Festival (January 16-22) is presenting its annual selected projects from Eastern European countries, Italy and a different each year Western European region. For 2015, it will be the English speaking countries: UK, Ireland, USA and Canada.

Held from 18th to 20th January 2015, WEMW will include two different actions: Pitching for the selected projects and organizing the East West Film Forum – framework programme with round tables, presentations and case studies. 

Organized by the FVG Audiovisual Fund and the Trieste Film Festival, in collaboration with EAVE, EURIMAGES, and the support of the MEDIA Programme, Direzione Centrale per il Cinema – MIBAC and CEI, the projects – feature films and documentaries – in development (through a special committee formed by EAVE experts and FVG Audiovisual Fund representatives) from Eastern Europe, Italy and the English speaking countries. All selected producers will pitch their projects to a large panel of decision makers attending the event and will have the opportunity to set individual meetings with funds representatives, commissioning editors, sales agents and possible co-producers from both sides of Europe.

Producer Veselka Kiryakova (left) with director Milko Lazarov (©Bartek Trzeszkowski)

After a very careful evaluation of a record number of 285 applications received from 29 countries WEMW selected the following 22 projects (5 coming from Balkan filmmakers and producers):

Good Day’s Work (Feature film)
Director: Martin Turk
Producer: Ida Weiss
Bela Film, Slovenia

In Search Of A Lost Country (Documentary)
Director: Marija Ratkovic Vidakovic
Producers: Barbara Jukopila, Marija Ratkovic Vidakovic

Nanook (Feature film)
Director: Milko Lazarov
Red Carpet, Bulgaria

Stitches (Feature film)
Director: Miroslav Terzic
Producers: Uliks Fehmiu, Milena Garfield

The Manakia Brothers (Documentary)
Director: Eliza Zdru
Saga Film, Romania

Afterglow (Documentary)
Director: Noémi Veronika Szakonyi
Producer: Julianna Ugrin
Szilankok Film, Hungary

Butterfrly City (Documentary)
Director: Olga Cernovaite
Producer: Jeremiah Cullinane
Planet Korda Pictures, Ireland

Commissari Europei:
Europe as you’ve Never Seen It (Documentary)
Director: Luca Ragazzi, Gustav Hofer
Producer: Gustav Hofer
HiQ Productions, Italy

Country For Old Men (Documentary)
Director: Pietro Jona
Producer: Enrica Capra
Graffiti Doc, Italy

Gateway 6 (Feature film)
Director: Tanel Toom
Producers: Matt Wilkinson, Ben Pullen
Stigma Films, UK

La Vita Nuova (Feature film)
Director: Carlo Zoratti
Producers: Laura Cattaneo, Marina Rosso
Alpis, Italy

Mariposa (Feature film)
Director: Maria Saakyan
Producer: Jeff Kalousdian
20 Years Later, Armenia

Missing Persona (Documentary)
Director: Anne Henderson
Producer: Katarina Soukup
Catbird Productions, Canada

Nico, 1988 (Feature film)
Director: Susanna Nicchiarelli
Producers: Marta Donzelli, Gregorio Paonessa
Vivo Film, Italy

People From Nowhere (Documentary)
Director: Jaak Kilmi
Producer: Antra Gaile
Mistrus Media, Latvia

Persons Unknown (Documentary)
Director: Havana Marking
Producers: Mike Lerner, Aleksandra Bilic
Roast Beef Productions, UK

Sarajevo Calling (Feature film)
Producers: Cormac Fox, Marcos Kantis
Vico Films, Ireland

The Incident Reprot (Feature film)
Director: Naomi Jaye
Producer: Naomi Jaye
Tremendous Productions, Canada

The Italian Chapel (Feature film)
Director: Emily Young
Producer: Andrew Bendel
Bleu Horizon Productions, UK

The Oldest Man Alive (Feature film)
Director: Antonio Tibaldi
Producers: Katie Mustard, Francesco Bonsembiante
Mustard & CO, USA – Jolefilm, Italy

The Whale (Feature film)
Director: Andrea Pallaoro
Producer: Andrea Stucovitz
Partner Media Investment, Italy

Wrong Planet (Documentary)
Director: Beryl Richards
Producer: Hilary Durman
Rdbird, UK

The international jury, including Nikolaj Nikitin (SOFA), Matthieu Darras (TorinoFilmLab), and Kristina Trapp (EAVE), will award the WEMW Development Award to the best project, as well as a scholarship for participation in the next edition of the EAVE European Producers Workshop. Thanks to the partnership with EGG, one of the leading post and VFX companies in Ireland, selected participants will compete for the new EGG Digital Cinema Award, a prize consisting in a full Digital Cinema Package. 

Moroever, for its 2015 and 5th edition, When East Meets West is launching First Cut Lab (FCL), a programme designed for long feature films in the editing phase from Eastern Europe and Italy. Selected producer/director teams will work together with top festival programmers, sales agents, creative producers and editors, going through an intense process centred on their films embracing a variety of issues such as storytelling and rhythm in editing, festival strategy, marketing plans and audience focus. Held from January 19 to 21, the lab will be led and coordinated by Matthieu Darras (TorinoFilmLab), Alex Traila (Transilvania International Film Festival) and Alessandro Gropplero (WEMW). 

Another addition to this year΄s edition, will be the Last Stop Trieste (LST) work in progress section for documentary projects from Eastern Europe and Italy. LST will present 4 documentaries in advanced editing stage previously developed either at Ex-Oriente Film , BDC Discoveries by Balkan Documentary Center, Docu Rough Cut Boutique in Sarajevo or presented at the previous editions of When East Meets West. Selected documentary fine cuts will be screened to an exclusive panel of international sales agents, festival programmers and TV commissioning editors with the aim of enhancing their potential of being selected in top festivals and their chances of distribution and broadcasting. An international jury will deliver the special HBO EUROPE award to the best project. 

Source: When East Meets West official site
  Alex Teodorescu
  Miroslav Terzic
  Uliks Fehmiu
  Ida Weiss
  Martin Turk
  Barbara Jukopila
  Milko Lazarov
  Raluca Manescu
  Eliza Zdru
  Alex Traila
  Veselka Kiryakova
  Transilvania International Film Festival
  Saga Film Romania
  West End Production
  Croatian Film Association
  Red Carpet
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