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Greek Film Center funds 28 projects
30 December 2014
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Few hours before the year΄s end and just in the beggining of a (new) election campaign, the Greek Film Center (GFC) has announced a funding of 28 features, shorts and documentary projects, submitted in 6 different programs. GFC will allocate the amount of €1,454,000.

Main Program

Ismail and Rosa, by Giorgos Kordellas, writen by Lazaridou, produced by Argonauts Productions

Epafi, by Toni Lykouressis, written by D. Emmanouilidis, D. Mitropoulou and Toni Lykouressis, produced by Boo Productions

Polyxeni, by Dora Masklavanou, written by Dora Masklavanou, produced by Fenia Kosovitsa

Chryssi Mera, by Vardis Marinakis, written by Vardis Marinakis, produced by Alexandra Boussiou

Resalto, by Vassilis Vafeas, written by Vassilis Vafeas, produced by Sigma Films.

The Republic, by Dimitris Tzetzas, written by Giannis Georgiou, produced by ABC Productions.  

Zis Monacha Mia Fora, by Dimitris Vorris, written by Ch. Mavrou and Dimitris Vorris, produced by Giorgos Kyriakos

Low Budget Program

The Great Eastern, directed, written and produced by Lakis and Aris Ionas. 
Aoratos, by Dimitris Athanitis, written by Giorgos Makris and Dimitris Athanitis, produced by Dimitris Athanitis. 

Axion Esti, by E. Malandrinos, written by E. Malandrinos, produced by Boo Productions

From Aoratos, by Dimitris Athanitis

Short Films

Stolismenos, by Katerina Bakagianni, written by Antonis Maros and Katerina Bakagianni, produced by Green Studios. 

Xechasmeni Elpida, directed, written and produced by Michael Felanis.

Pianou einai to moro, directed, written and produced, N. Kalpakis.

Alepou, written and directed by Jaqueline Lentzou, produced by Elina Psykou.

Script Development program - First Draft

Koitontas ta paggakia, written by Vassilis Raissis and Gabriil Eystathiou.

El Dorado, by Georgis Grigorakis, written by M. Votti and Georgis Grigorakis. 

Se Saranta Meres, by Penny Panayotopoulou, written by Kallia Papadaki and Penny Panayotopoulou. 

I Omada tou Pele, written and directed by Dinos Giotis.

Etos Fotos, written and directed by Pericles Hoursoglou

Kentrika tis Polis, by D. Stavropoulou, written by Cornelia Loedache and D. Stavropoulou.

New Director΄s Program

Still Life, written and directed by Steve Krikris, produced by Alexandra Boussiou

Documentary Program

Thessaloniki, mia Messianiki Poli, written, directed and produced by Giorgos Keramidiotis. 

A Pound of Flesh, written, directed and produced by Christos Karakepelis.

Utopia, written and directed by Apostolos Karakassis, produced by Marco Gastine

Markos, written, directed and produced by Nikos Skarentzos

The New Plastic Road, written and directed by Aggelos Tsaoussis. 

O Choros ton Anthropon, written and directed by Dimitris Gerardis, produced by Nikos Ginis. 

I Epanenosi ton Glypton tou Parthenona, written, directed and produced by Vassilis Kessissoglou

  Vassilis Kessissoglou
  Georgis Grigorakis
  Alexandra Boussiou
  Nikos Skarentzos
  Vardis Marinakis
  Vassilis Vafeas
  Apostolos Karakassis
  Penny Panayotopoulou
  Tony Lykouressis
  Pericles Hoursoglou
  Vassilis Raissis
  Dora Masklavanou
  Elina Psykou
  Michael Felanis
  Boo productions
  ABC Production S.A.
  Greek Film Center
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