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All about Script: A Greek web-based project
8 January 2015
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Everything about script

For the first time ever in Greece, renowned directors/scriptwriters Sotiris Goritsas and Alexis Kardaras, and writer/scriptwriter Nikos Panayotopoulos, all experts in script supervising, have launched a web-based script supervising tool helping turning an idea into a script and giving tips for making it better.

The programme aims to provide assistance to professional scriptwriters, to those writing for the first time or to those with the need for a "second opinion" for their script or a story. Goritsas, Darvaras and Panayotopoulos will read the submitted scripts and send their comments and suggestions to the submitter shortly after. As they admit, the idea is not to make the scriptwriting, instead, they will highlight what΄s good and point out the weak parts, assisting each submitter writing his/her own script.

There will also be given filmmaking tips and possible ways to produce the script, as well as a syntax and grammar check along with translation of the script in the major European languages. They don’t address only to filmmakers but also include those with an idea for a short/feature film or TV-series.

Everything about script introduces six modules of help:

1. From concept to first draft 
For authors who, having already a concept for a film or TV-series, lack the knowledge to complete a first draft.

In Stage 1, the submitter will be assisted turning his/her idea into a Story up to 2 pages, in no more than 2 sessions. The cost will be €150. 
Stage 2 will be completed with the writing of a maximum 15 pages draft, in no more than 3 sessions, costing €250. 
In Stage 3, the draft will be turned into the final script in 4 sessions with a cost of €500.

2. Tips on the synopsis and the treatment 
It’s about short film and TV-series synopsis up to 2 pages and short films and TV-series treatment up to 15 pages. 

In Stage 1, a reading of the story/draft will be followed by comments on the structure and the characters via e-mail. The cost will be €100. 
Stage 2 will include more detailed and how to improve comments, plus ways to develop the script. The comments will be sent by e-mail, costing €150. 
The section is completed with Stage 3, where stories or drafts are discussed even deeper through e-mail and 2 one-hour Skype sessions with the cost of €250.

3. Final Script
It has to do with drafts already completed, providing a valuation and improvement tips.

Stage 1: Reading of the Final Script followed by dramaturgical comments sent through e-mail (€120). 
Stage 2 includes even more specific suggestions sent through e-mail, plus a 1-hour Skype session (€250). Stage 3 looks out for almost completed scripts in the need of comments and rewriting, through e-mails, plus 2 one-hour Skype sessions (€500). This stage can be conducted by itself, separately from the rest of the module.
Stage 4 completes the module, providing total script supervising and a bigger rewriting assistance through e-mails and 3 one-hour Skype sessions (€1,000).

4. Completed TV-series
About TV-series scripts of 12-25 episodes needing evaluation and improvement tips.

The submitted material must include the following:
a. a description of the story, no more than 1 page
b. a very short introduction of the basic characters
c. 1 completed episode (45 pages)
d. a 1/2 pages synopsis of each episode 

Stage 1 includes brief comments on the basic idea, structure, characters and dialogues sent through e-mail (€250).
Stage 2 will provide more detailed comments and improvement tips on the dramaturgy and production possibilities of the series, through e-mails plus 2 one-hour Skype sessions (€500).

5. Tips for video game developers
About everyone searching for dramaturgical solutions or directorial tips on how to develop an original video game (€150).

6. Copy-editing and translation 
For treatments or scripts, along with tips for a correct layout. The drafts/final script will be translated in the major European languages.

a. Copy-editing for a draft up to 15 pages (€70).
b. Copy-editing for a completed script (€125).
c. Translation in English, French and German for already completed scripts or drafts previously included at one of the other modules (charge per word).

source: everything about script official site
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