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Albanian Film Center finances 30 new projects for 2015
9 January 2015
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2014 was a quite fruitful year for Albanian film industry. Beside the awards Bota won at significant European film festivals, 2014 marked the change of the Head of the the Albanian Film Center, with former president and founder of Tirana International Film Festival, Ilir Butka, being named the Center΄s new President. 
What was really significant though, was the country΄s entry (along with Montenegro) to the MEDIA programme, giving the chance to these two small film industries to participate at the programme΄s annual production calls.

One of the Albanian Film Center΄s last announcements, were the films approved for financing for 2015.
With the record-number of about 80 film projects submitted, the Center decided a budget growth of 35% for these new projects. After the evaluation process, 30 were approved for financing, in the Board΄s last meeting on December: 10 feature films, 9 short films, 4 documentaries, 3 animation films and 4 projects in developement.

Interesting is the fact that 18 of those 30 final projects are first-time filmmakers΄ projects, while 6, were submitted by female filmmakers. Also, the Center enriched its production companies catalogue with 48 new additions. The catalogue will be presented at the upcoming Berlnale (5-15/2).

Feature films:

Gold by Bujar Alimani, written by Bujar Alimani, produced by 90 Production

Ndërkombetarët by Pluton Vasi & Ervin Kotori, written by Ylljet Alickaj, produced by Art Film P&D (in production)

Të Thyer by Edmond Budina, written by Edmond Budina, produced by AB Film (in production)

Në anën tjetër të Detit by Pierre Maillard, written by Pierre Maillard & Spartak Pecani, produced by Eclipse S.A Film Production 

Një kohë pa dashuri by Kristaq Mitro, written by Kristaq Mitro, produced by Albasky (in developement)

Kutia by Artan Minarolli, written by Artan Minarolli, produced by Bunker Film+ (in developement)

First feature films:

Dita zë fill by Gentian Koçi, written by Gentian Koçi, produced by Art Alb Film (in production)

Bunker by Kastriot Hasa, written by Kastriot Hasa, produced by Kast Hasa (in production)

Pranverë e paharruar në fshatin e harruar by Kushtrim Bekteshi & Agron Domi, written by Kushtrim Bekteshi, produced by Ska-Ndal (in production) 

Legjenda e bastunit by Xhoslin Rama, written by Mihal & Xhoslin Rama (in developement)

Cirku fluturues by Fatos Berisha, written by Fatos Berisha, produced by B2 Agency (in developement)


Pritja by Roland Sejko, written by Roland Sejko (in production)

Short films:

Pa tru është qielli by Odeta Çunaj, witten by Odeta Çunaj (in production)

Kukullat by Elkjana Gjipali, written by Elkjana Gjipali (in production)

Ana by Ajola Daja, written by Ajola Daja (in production)

Keno by Ergys Peqini, written by Vladimir Prifti (in production)

Animation films:

Dega e vogël by Bertrand Shijaku, written by Bertrand Shijaku & Kujtim Gjonaj (in production)

Faraway by Megi Karaj, written by Megi Karaj 

Sarah by Artan Maku, written by Jani Duri

Independent first feature films:

Hija e diellit by Dritan Mesareja & Julian Canameti, written by Dritan Mesareja, produced by Aida Kasemi/AA 

Ikonat e qytetit by Kelmend Karuni, written by Gent Bejko, produced by Gent Bejko/AlbArtist 

Harro by Erion Kame, written by Erion Kame & Genc Përmeti, produced by Genc Përmeti/Ska-Ndal 

Independent short films:

Vrasësit e qenve by Ergys Meta, written by Ergys Meta, produced by Françesk Dushi/Arkapia 

A don qymyr zotni? by Kristina Culaj, written by Kristina Culaj, produced by Françesk Dushi/Arkapia 

Ata by Emilio Leka, written by Emilio & Anis Leka, produced by Piro Milkani/Bunker Film+ 

Mëngë në këmishë by Suela Bako, written by Suela Bako, produced by Agron Domi/Tirana Film Institute

Biseda by Gledis Bica, written by Gledis Bica, produced by Agron Domi/Tirana Film Institute

Independent documentaries:

Mes fshatit dhe qytetit by Francesk Dushi, written by Francesk Dushi, produced by Françesk Dushi/Arkapia 

Hekur dhe Zot by Vivian Rama, written by Mihal & Viavian Rama, produced by Mihal Rama/ErëFilm 

Dy ditë në uzinë by Lendis Shkalla, written by Lendis Shkalla, produced by Niko Treni/Nilor 

source: Albanian Film Center official site
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