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Trieste Film Festival 2015, 16-22 January
14 January 2015
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Italy΄s celebration of Central and Eastern European cinema, Trieste Film Festival, kicks off this Friday with the film Two Women by Vera Glagoleva, a Russian/Latvian/French production, starring Ralph Fienes. Among the highlights of the twenty sixth edition will be Krzysztof Zanussi΄s masterclass on January the 18th. The acclaimed Polish filmmaker will also be presenting his latest film, the psychological drama Foreign Body

Trietse Film Festival 2015 is again holding three international competitions, the Feature Film Competition (feature films from Central and Eastern Europe produced in the last two years competing for the Trieste Award), the Documentary Competition (documentaries produced in Italy and Central Eastern Europe) and the Short Film one (short feature films produced in Central and Eastern Europe). What΄s different from the previous editions is that the awards for these three competition sections will be given by the audience.

Numerous Balkan films and co-productions are programmed for screening, in the various sections and sidebar events of the festival.

Presentation of the 26th edition

International Feature Film Competition includes 6 succesful productions from the Balkans:

The Tree by Sonja Porosenc, Slovenia, 2014

The Reaper by Zvonimir Jurić, Croatia /Slovenia, 2014 

At Home by Athanasios Karanikolas, Greece /Germany, 2014 

The Lesson by Kristina Grozeva & Petar Valchanov, Bulgaria/Greece, 2014 

Barbarians by Ivan Ikić, Serbia/Montenegro/Slovenia, 2014 

Viktoria by Maya Vitkova, Bulgaria/Romania, 2014 

International Documentary Competition is also screening 6 Balkan documentaries:

Naked Island by Tiha Gudac, Croatia, 2014

The Forest by Siniša Dragin, Romania/Serbia, 2014 

Living Stone by Jurij Gruden, Slovenia, 2014 

Velvet Terrorists by Pavol Pekarčík, Ivan Ostrochovský & Peter Kerekes, Slovakia/Czech Republic/Croatia, 2013

8 Balkan shorts feature in the International Short Feature Films Competition:

The Execution by Petra Szőcs, Hungary/Romania, 2014, 14’ 

Chain by Eicke Bettinga, France/Germany/Bulgaria, 2014, 22’ 

A Fine Day for Bananafish by Stefan Malešević, Serbia, 2014, 26’ 

Have Sweet Dreams by Ciprian Suhar, Romania, 2014, 20’ 

The Restitution by Nicola Zambelli & Viron Roboci, Italy/Croatia, 2013, 25’ 

Maria’s Episode by Sanja Živković, Serbia, 2014, 25’ 

The Chicken by Una Gunjak, Germany/Croatia, 2014, 15’ 

It Can Pass Through the Wall by Radu Jude, Romania, 2014, 17’

The other much-anticipated event of the twenty sixth edition will be the three-day WHEN EAST MEETS WEST (WEMW) co-production forum. Out of the 22 selected projects, 5 come from the Balkans (read the related article).

The Forest by Sinisa Dragin

Trieste FF is also screening most of this year΄s Lux Prize films, another addition to the 2015 edition΄s program, featuring Panos H. Koutras΄ Xenia (Greece/France/Belgium, 2014) and, of course, the winner for 2014, Ida by Pawel Pawlikowski. Two other Balkan films will be presented at Genres Surprises, a section for popular films from Central and Eastern Europe: Monument to Michael Jackson by Darko Lungulov (Serbia/Germany/FYROM/Croatia, 2014) and the 2014 Austrian/Slovenian The Woods Are Still Green by Marko Naberšnik.

Special screening of David Lean΄s Doctor Zhivago (celebrating its 50 years) and Věra Chytilová΄s legendary Daisies as a tribute to the Czech director who passed away during 2014. Other special screenings, include the omnibus Bridges of Sarajevo, the documentary What About Mojca? by Urša Menart (Slovenia, 2014) and Danis Tanovic΄s latest Tigers (India/France/UK, 2014).

Živan Makes a Punk Festival by Ognjen Glavonić will be screened -among other non Balkan films- at Trieste FF Arthouse, a showcase dedicated to contaminations between cinema and contemporary art, with a focus also on music documentaries, while Love & Engineering by Tonislav Hristov (Finland/Germany/Bulgaria, 2014) and Sofia’s Last Ambulance by Ilian Metev (Germany/Bulgaria/Croatia, 2012), both documentaries, will be screened among other films at the Sidebar Events section.

Last, the 2014 Italian/Slovenian/British/Dutch co-production The Perfect Circle by Claudia Tosi, a documentary competing for the Corso Salani Prize and a check of €2,000 at the Italian Screenings section, where independent Italian feature fiction and documentary films are seeking international distribution. Two last films to mention, are two shorts: The Dance is Over, Maria by Natko Stipaničev (Croatia, 2013, 10’) and Thousand by Danijel Žeželj, (Croatia, 2014, 6’), included on the Animation Programme.

Source: Trieste FF official site

  Sofia`s Last Ambulance
  Velvet Terrorists
  Monument to Michael Jackson
  At Home
  The Second Game
  Love & Engineering
  The Tree
  The Reaper
  Bridges of Sarajevo
  Naked Island
  Zivan Makes a Punk Festival
  The Lesson
  Uncle Tony, Three Fools and the Secret Service
  The Forest
  Living Stone
  The Woods Are Still Green
  Vesela Kazakova
  Darko Lungulov
  Maya Vitkova
  Corneliu Porumboiu
  Radu Jude
  Panos H. Koutras
  Danis Tanovic
  Athanasios Karanikolas
  Ilian Metev
  Marko Nabersnik
  Ivan Ikic
  Zvonimir Juric
  Peter Kerekes
  Ivan Ostrochovský
  Pavol Pekarcík
  Tonislav Hristov
  Sonja Prosenc
  Tiha K. Gudac
  Ognjen Glavonic
  Kristina Grozeva
  Petar Valchanov
  Mina Mileva
  Sinisa Dragin
  Jurij Gruden
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