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17th Thessaloniki Documentary Festival 2015, Greek programme
27 February 2015
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63 Greek - feature and short - films will be screened during the 17th TDF. 17 of these are included in the various International Program sections and 46 in the Greek Panorama section.
Renowned Greek filmmaker Filippos Koutsaftis returns after a 15-year absence since his seminal Mourning Rock doc, with Hail Arcadia, a poetic journey to the past and present of the Arcadian region. Stelios Kouloglou’s re-visits the Greek military dictatorship with Escape from Amorgos, which focuses on the 1969 international conspiracy to remove former minister Georgios Milonas from his exile in Amorgos. Stamatis Tsarouhas highlights with Kostis Palamas The Supreme Flower in Greek Literature the unknown aspects of the great Greek poet’s life and work, and Angelos Kovotsos captures the obsessions and talent of sculptor David Kennedy, in David Kennedy, The Sculptor of Life.

Hail Arcadia by Filippos Koutsaftis
With the aftermath of the Rwandan genocide still very much felt, survivors from both sides learn how to co-exist in A Place for Everyone by Angelos Rallis and Hans Ulrich Gossl. The New Plastic Road by Angelos Tsaousis and Myrto Papadopoulou travels to Tajikistan to record the economic and social changes taking place at this former section of the “Silk Road”.
Bringing the spotlight back to Greece, Susanne Bausinger and Stelios Efstathopoulos follow with Emery Tales a group of workers at the Naxos emery mine who are fighting for their survival, while Stratoula Theodoratou’s The Fish on the Mountain traces the decline of the shipbuilding industry in Perama and the subsequent social repercussions. On a lighter note, Leaving is Living by Lora Maragkoudaki provides an in-depth look at the decades-long “tradition” of spring poaching at the Ionian region. The Greek ecosystem provides the backdrop for Alexandros Papailiou’s In the Nest of Time which follows three different people within a 15-year period.
Struggle is to be found across the land: as in Western Macedonia where a sprightly archaeologist gives it her all in order to save an important archaeological site in Kimonas TsakirisThe Archaeologist, or back in Athens, where a pregnant cancer patient fights for her survival in Stavros PsyllakisOlympia.
Menelaos KaramaghiolisMy Planet records an immigrant family’s attempts to re-unite, with the significant help of the Arsis NGO, Valerie Kontakos’ Mana reveals the courageous life of a group of women, who, as part of the Lyrio Children’s Village and without any help from church or state, take under their wings abandoned or abused children. A rare insight into the mental health system is provided by Kalliopi Legaki’s Psy which is structured around intimate confessions of people dealing with mental issues.
A self-exiled Chilean visits his country after 38 years in Un Condor by Yannis Kolozis, while the every-day life of a 25-year-old man from Barcelona is observed in Pure Life by Panayotis Evangelidis.

Kostis Palamas The Supreme Flower in Greek Literature by Stamatis Tsarouhas

The Greek Films participating in all Festival Sections are:

A Family Affair, Angeliki Aristomenopoulou, 2014, 87’, Greece, Australia
A Haircut Story, Danae Stylianou, 2014, 75’, Cyprus
A Place for Everyone, Angelos Rallis, Hans Ulrich Gossl, 2014, 62’, Belgium, Greece, Austria, Rwanda
Agora – From Democracy to the Market, Yorgos Avgeropoulos, 2015, 117’, Greece, Germany, Qatar
Alive in the Concrete, Yorgos Gounezos, 2014, 14’, Greece
Burning from the Inside, Tzivara Marsia, 2014, 64’, Greece, Germany
Burning Women at "Kali Sykia" by German Nazis, Tasos Birsim, 2012, 30’, Greece
Chalkedon, Grigoris Economides, 2014, 73’, Greece
Dan Georgakas - A Diaspora Rebel, Costas Vakkas, 2015, 53’, Greece
Dancing to Connect, Maria Damkalidi, Leonidas Konstantarakos, Stavros Petropoulos, 2014, 15’, Greece
David Kennedy, The Sculptor of Life, Angelos Kovotsos, 2014, 25’, Greece
Dioni, Thanos Psichogios, 2014, 16’, Greece
Drink and Be Merry, Lena Athanasopoulou, 2014, 29’, Greece
Elda, A Birth, Christos Xenitopoulos, 2014, 41’, Greece
Emery Tales, Stelios Efstathopoulos, Susanne Bausinger, 2015, 66’, Greece, Germany
Escape from Amorgos, Stelios Kouloglou, 2015, 70’, Greece
ESY Remember Me, Kostas Kekeliadis, 2014, 58’, Greece
Events in Phocaea 1914, Stelios Tatakis, Agnes Sklavou, 2014, 51’, Greece
Excision, Victoria Vellopoulou, 2014, 54’, Greece
Fascism, Inc., Aris Hatzistefanou, 2014, 83’, Greece
Fragile, Maria Leonida, 2014, 12’, Greece
Gelas, Spyros Amiropoulos, 2014’, 25, Greece
Girls Are Here, Natalia Koutsougera, 2015, 45’, Greece
Hail Arcadia, Filippos Koutsaftis, 2015, 90’, Greece
I Love You. Censored!, Fotis Symeonidis, 2015, 59’, Greece
In The Nest Of Time, Alexandros Papailiou, 2014, 68’, Greece
Kaliarnta, Paola Revenioti, 2014, 58’, Greece
Kostis Palamas The Supreme Flower In Greek Literature, Stamatis Tsarouhas, 2014, 82’, Greece

A Family Affair by Angeliki Aristomenopoulou

Leaving Is Living, Lora Maragkoudaki, 2014, 65’, Greece
Little Island, Angelos Psomopoulos, 2014, 12’, Greece
Lowland, Menios Karayannis, 2014, 80’, Greece
Mana, Valerie Kontakos, 2014, 70’, Greece
Maybe..., Anna Kesisoglou, 2015, 3’, Greece
Me and the Others, Thelgia Petraki, 2015, 84’, Greece
Memories and Songs, Stela Papastefanou, 2014, 40’, Greece
My Planet, Menelaos Karamaghiolis, 2015, 64’, Greece
Nana, Lara Christen, 2015, 39’, Greece
No Candies from Heaven, Vaggelis Kalambakas, 2014, 73’, Greece
Non Omnis Moriar, Theodosia Gramatikou, 2015, 67’, Greece
Olympia, Stavros Psyllakis, 2015, 45’, Greece
On. Off., Animart Documentary Team, 2014, 14’, Greece
Oppression, Nikos Panierakis, Myrto-Maria Symeonidou, 2014, 45’, Greece
Paporias, Stratis Vogiatzis, 2015, 28’, Greece
Paradoxical Homeland, Nikos Aslanidis, 2014, 56’, Greece, Germany
Pavlos. No Ordinary King, Νikos Politis, 2014, 139’, Greece
Pilgrims, Marianna Astraka, Yorgos Fotiadis, 2015, 42’, Greece
Psy, Kalliopi Legaki, 2015, 67’, Greece
Pure Life, Panayotis Evangelidis, 2015, 45’, Greece, Spain
Sam Roma- We Are Gypsies, Marina Danezi, 2014, 39’, Greece
Samios, Maria Giannouli, 2014, 8’, Greece
Sinful Skulls?, Manolis Dimellas, 2014, 41’, Greece
The Archaeologist, Kimonas Tsakiris, 2014, 90’, Greece
The Comet Rimbaud Passing Over Cyprus, Costas Dandinakis, 2014, 53’, Greece, Cyprus
The Fish on The Mountain, Stratoula Theodoratou, 2015, 97’, Greece
The New Plastic Road, Angelos Tsaousis, Myrto Papadopoulou, 2014, 43’, Greece, Germany
The Old Rock, Christos Kallitsis, 2014, 7’, Greece
There is no Asylum Here, Michalis Kafantaris, 2014, 102’, Greece
Un Condor, Yannis Kolozis, 2014, 80’, Greece
We Are Fucked, Sunshine!, Despina Grammatikopulu, 2014, 61’, Germany
What Politica - A Non Political Football Story, Tassos Alevras, 2014, 60’, Greece
When a Song Begins, Yannis Pothos, 2014, 8’, Greece 

Source: Thessaloniki Documentary Festival 2015 official website
  Mourning Rock
  A Family Affair
  Beloved Days
  When a Song Begins
  Agora – From Democracy to the Market
  And I also Passed by There and had Paper Shoes to Wear
  Fascism Inc.
  Hail Arcadia
  The Archaeologist
  Panos Evangelidis
  Kostas Dandinakis
  Yannis Kolozis
  Alexandros Papailiou
  Stratoula Theodoratou
  Kalliopi Legaki
  Stelios Kouloglou
  Vicky Vellopoulou
  Angelos Kovotsos
  Kimon Tsakiris
  Filippos Koutsaftis
  Stavros Psyllakis
  Maria Leonida
  Vangelis Kalambakas
  Vassilis Loules
  Stamatis Tsarouchas
  Menelaos Karamaghiolis
  Nikos Politis II
  Angeliki Aristomenopoulou
  Marina Danezi
  Thanos Psichogios
  Constantinos Patsalides
  Grigoris Oiconomides
  Yiannis Pothos
  Yorgos Avgeropoulos
  Aris Chatzistefanou
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