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12th Sofia Meetings, March 12 - 15
3 March 2015
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Sofia Meetings 2015, the Industry section of Sofia Film Fest, will host a number of activities this year. The co-production market is presenting 1st, 2nd or 3rd projects by upcoming Balkan and International directors looking for financial support and co-producers, Balkan Screenings (not announced yet) of the newest feature and short regional films for directors and programmers from different international festivals, world sales companies and journalists along with Industry screenings for professionals. 

The program of the 12th edition of Sofia Meetings (March 12 - 15) will be completed with additional workshops, case studies, lectures and networking hours, hot topics in the AV industry and key speakers!

An event supported by the Creative Europe Programme of the EU and the Bulgarian Film Center, Sofia Meetings is also partnering with EAVE, Cannes΄s Producers Network, Europa Distribution, Thessaloniki΄s Crossroads, the Mediterranean Co-production Forum, the Mediterranean Film Institute and Moscow Business Square

Selected projects:

Second Feature Fiction Film

The elderly actress Dora finds herself sharing her municipal housing flat with a couple of young actors and together they face a challenge that will change their lives. 

Director: Milko Lazarov
Country: Bulgaria
Production: Red Carpet Films

Genesis (Hungary)

I hate Berlin
Passing through the middle age crises, Ducu Niculescu, a depressive writer, is trying to figure out his life. Split in between two cities and two women, both important to him, Ducu is oscillating until he loses bo th. An ironic comedy about immature emotions and taking responsibilities. 

Director: Valentin Hotea
Producer: Ada Solomon
Country: Romania
Production: HiFilms Production

Ladder (UK)

My father, my mother, my sister 
Sometime between childhood and adulthood, when life is a string of easy decisions, the world of half-sisters Iva and Maya is about to change drastically. They would have to find answers to questions grown-ups don’t even dare to ask. Can the two teenagers make decisions of life and death? 

Director: Dimitar Kotzev
Producer: Dimitar Kotzev, Nayo Titzin
Country: Bulgaria
Production: Spotlight

The mind transformations of a boy pushed to his limits by society. 

Director: Dragomir Sholev
Producer: Elena Mosholova
Country: Bulgaria
Production: Gorilla Films

Shake your cares away (Israel/Germany)
The father 
A day after Ivanka’s funeral, her husband and son learn that the deceased woman keeps calling the neighbor on her cellphone. Is this a supernatural communication phenomenon? Or is it just a technical misunderstanding, which however makes the father and son overcome their felling of guilt for the deceased woman, rediscovering their own relationships? 

Producer: Petar Valchanov, Kristina Grozeva
Country: Bulgaria
Production: Abraxas Film

Plus Minus One

A countryside woman of low expectations becomes transformed through her struggle to keep her cattle breeder business and family alive. 

Director: Emmanouil Oikonomou, Alexander Zwart
Producer: Lilette Botassi, Dimitrios Hatzivogiatzis
Country: Greece

Breathing into marble (Lithuania)

Dancehall bitch (Ireland)

Misty illumination 
In a mental hospital where doctors constantly ignore problems, patients are doomed to suffer from miscommunication and dysfunction. This hospital is a microcosm of the social dysfunctions of present-day Turkey. 

Director: Huseyin Karabey
Producer: Su Baloglu
Country: Turkey
Production: Asi Film

Neighbors (Georgia)

Out (Slovakia)

Α coming-of-old-age story of a master tailor on the brink of personal and financial ruin. When he decides to fight back he reinvents his life and changes the lives of the brides of an Athenian neighborhood in the outskirts where life seems not to have changed for over a century. 

Country: Greece

The T factor (Italy)

Sofia Meetings 2014

Projects in Bank

30 days Maria 
Maria (35) needs a lifesaving medical intervention. In order to secure the money for her treatment, her husband Pavel (40) organizes a fund raising campaign. He believes that by sharing Maria’s life story on Facebook, many people will feel emotionally engaged with it. One day however, Maria reveals to Pavel that his Facebook posts differ morbidly from reality. 

Director: Atanas Hristoskov
Producer: Atanas Hristoskov, Katya Trichkova
Country: Bulgaria
Production: Invision Film Studio

A bit of luck 
Sofia. A hot July Friday pits two old rivals against each other. Twenty-five years later they are still boxers, albeit this time they are not wearing gloves. 

Director: Alexander Smolyanov, Chavdar Jivkov
Producer: Vera Chandelle
Country: Bulgaria
Production: FABRIKATA Film Production

Director of a waterfall
Sofia. It has been 14 years since the beginning of the new century. At 38, Vasil is married with one child, lacks a permanent job and regular income, and dreams of writing a book about his turbulent, albeit grim, adolescence. Vasil’s life, as well as that of his friends, is marked by dramatic changes, a moveable feast, heroin, and unborn children.

Producer: Katya Trichkova
Country: Bulgaria
Production: Cineaste Maudit Production

In a small town, a domain of apathy and alienation, two children are forced to dispose of their unwanted baby because they have lost all hope of finding understanding and support. 

Director: Grigor Antonov
Country: Bulgaria
Production: Red Carpet Films

Living chimneys 
In a remote Bulgarian village, an eccentric vagabond has recorded video directions for his own funeral. After vagabond’s death, his loved ones watch the video during funeral ceremony and are surprised to learn secrets that will turn their lives upside down. 

Producer: Ivan Spassov
Country: Bulgaria
Production: Dream Team Films

An aging Bulgarian hit-man with deteriorating eyesight is having second thoughts about the meaning of his life while taking other lives, and hopes to be reborn as a human being with the birth of his child. 

Director: Iliyan Iliev
Producer: Adela Peeva
Country: Bulgaria
Production: Adela Media

Norma & Lebed
Bright story about darkness. 

Director: Boris Nikolov
Producer: Milena Kaleva
Country: Bulgaria
Production: Four X Films

Director: Mario Krastev
Country: Bulgaria
Production: Klas film

Rudolf Nureyev. The Beggining (Russia)

Three sisters found a letter left by their mother before she died. 

Director: Vesela Kazakova
Producer: Mina Mileva, Vesela Kazakova
Country: Bulgaria
Production: Activist 38

Summer treasure
A genuine children΄s Odyssey of a treasure hunt, taking place on a Greek island in the middle of summer. 

Producer: Vicky Miha
Country: Greece
Production: Boo Productions 

The motorbike
The Motorbike is a film about friendship, which can endure for years, regardless of the ups and downs of historical events. In this film, Slavcho, Evelina and Willy (a German boy at their age) study in the village of Barakovo during the Second World War, where the three encounter for the first time love and hatred. 

Director: Valentin Goshev
Country: Bulgaria
Production: ARS DIGITAL

The platform
Several stateless young refugees create an ideal country on an abandoned platform in the sea but struggle with real problems of food, economy and diplomacy. 

Producer: Nikolay Mutafchiev
Country: Bulgaria
Production: Premier Studio

The tree (Iceland)

Source: Sofia Meetings official website
  Yorgos Tsemberopoulos
  Lilette Botassi
  Vesela Kazakova
  Radoslav Spassov
  Ada Solomon
  Fenia Cossovitsa
  Dragomir Sholev
  Rossitsa Valkanova
  Katya Trichkova
  Adela Peeva
  Huseyin Karabey
  Milko Lazarov
  Nikolay Mutafchiev
  Ivan Tonev
  Blagomir Alexiev
  Valentin Hotea
  Vicky Miha
  Valentin Goshev
  Svetoslav Draganov
  Sonia Liza Kenterman
  Veselka Kiryakova
  Kristina Grozeva
  Petar Valchanov
  Mina Mileva
  Inkas Film Production
  Bulgarian National Film Center
  HiFilm Productions
  Boo productions
  Blonde Audiovisual Productions
  Ars Digital Studio
  Klas Film
  Adela Media Films
  Asi Film Production
  Abraxas Film
  Red Carpet
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