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Istanbul Film Festival 2015 - Meetings on the Bridge
27 March 2015
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Meetings on the Bridge 2015, Istanbul Film Festival΄s Industry section, will be organised under the scope of the 34th edition of the festival, is taking place between 11 - 17 April 2015

The Meetings on the Bridge will host various workshops, where feature fiction films, documentary projects, and films in production will get their first international presentations, as well as many panel discussions, masterclasses, and forums for professionals. 

Meetings on the Bridge 2014 Award Ceremony (® Emre Mollaolu)

Film Development Workshop
Eight feature fiction and two documentary projects, which were chosen out of the 120 applications, will participate in the Film Development Workshop, Meetings on the Bridge’s main attraction. The training programme involves script and project development, production and presentations with experienced producer Amra Baksic Camo and script consultants Anita Voorham, Katriel Schory, and Tobias Pausinger. 

2015 Film Development Workshop selected projects:

The Announcement (dir. Mahmut Fazıl Coskun, prod. Halil Kardas) – Fiction

The Hunt (dir. Emre Akay, prod. Emre Akay, Tolga Topcu, Chad Ozturk, Cihan Oktem) – Fiction

The Death of Father and Son (dir. Zekeriya Aydogan, prod. Erhan Ors, Zelal Seven) – Fiction

The Crooked House (dir. Sinem Sakaoglu, prod. Cigdem Mater) – Fiction

The Detective (dir. Mehmet Sait Korkut, prod. Cekdar Erkiran) – Fiction

Waiting for Life (dir. Ayse Toprak, prod. Cem Doruk) – Documentary

Everything΄s O.K. (dir. Theron Patterson, prod. Armagan Lale) – Fiction

Iguana Tokyo (dir. Kaan Mujdeci, prod. Yasin Mujdeci, Nazlıi Kilerci) – Fiction

Dead Horse Nebula (dir. Tarik Aktas, prod. Gunes Sekeroglu) – Fiction

Ghetto Drift (dir. Daghan Celayir, prod. Asli Erdem, Daghan Celayir) – Documentary 

For the first time, the Film Development Workshop will include three projects from Turkey’s neighbouring countries, Georgia, Bulgaria and Iran: 

Forgiveness (director Sadaf Foroughi, producer Majid Barzegar) – Iran

Manji (director Tinatin Kajrishvili, producer Lasha Khalvashi) – Georgia

Radiogram (director Rouzie Hassanova, producer Gergana Stankova) - Bulgaria 

At the end of the workshop, the following awards will be granted to the selected projects: the Republic of Turkey΄s Ministry of Tourism and Culture Support Award of $10,000 , the Melodika Sound Post-Production Award, the CNC (French National Cinema Centre) Support Award of €10,000, and the MFI (Mediterranean Film Institute) Scriptwriting Workshop Award.

Meetings on the Bridge 2014 Award Ceremony (® Emre Mollaolu)

Work in Progress Workshop
The programme’s next important section will be the 4th Work in Progress Workshop which supports Turkish feature films and documentaries in post-production stage. Four fiction films and one documentary are included in the program, which will receive the Color-ist Award (post-production services), the Baska Sinema Award (independent distribution support) and the Efes Award, worth $10,000.

Blue Bicycle (dir. Ümit Köreken, producer: Nursen Çetin Köreken - Drama Film Prodüksiyon, co-producer: Leontine Petit - Hamster Film)

Dust Cloth (dir. Ahu Öztürk, producers: Nesra Gürbüz, Çiğdem Mater - Ret Film, co-producers: Marie Gutmann - Meroe Film, Stefan Gieren - Storybay)

Frenzy (dir. Emin Alper, producers: Nadir Öperli, Enis Köstepen, Cem Doruk - Liman Film)

I am not Apache (dir. Aytunç Akad, producers: Cahit Binici, Onur Koçak - İkinci Parti Prodüksiyon)

The Hidden (dir. Ali Kemal Çınar, producer: Çekdar Erkıran - Layen Film) 

Turkish-German Co-Production Development Fund
Meetings on the Bridge 2015 will also feature the Turkish-German Co-Production Development Fund that encourages co-productions between the two countries. 

Meetings on the Bridge 2014 Award Ceremony (® Fatih Kucuk)

This year too, Meetings on the Bridge will host panels that will focus on issues of special interest to film makers and open to all film professionals and cinephiles. 

The EU Information Office Creative Europe Desk that provides application, support, and funding services for projects in many branches of the fine arts will hold a panel discussion on the application process, content, restrictions and contribution plans.

In the lecture, “Different Approaches To Show Reality In Documentaries” Arash T. Riahi, one of the directors and producers of the film Everyday Rebellion, will inform the audience on approaches and various sub-genres in documentaries.

Reha Erdem will meet with the attendees for a master class after the screening of Cosmos.

In the lecture “Editing Shaped by Human Perception”, experienced editor Çiçek Kahraman will talk about the nature of editing and its contribution to the perspectives in films, based on the films she had edited.

In the panel “Creative Europe”, moderated by the producer of The Impeccables Emine Yıldırım, Kamen Balkanski, the Director of the Bulgarian Creative Europe Desk, and Hale Ural, the Coordinator of Creative Europe Desk Turkey, will be sharing detailed information about media applications.

After the screening of the documentary Remake Remix Rip-off, which is on popular adaptations in Yeşilçam movies and copy-culture, the film’s director Cem Kaya and Kunt Tulgar, director of many popular adventure movies in Yeşilçam, together with director-producer Ali Yorgancıoğlu, founding partner of Dirty Cheap Creative, will give a lecture on making films on low-budgets.

In the lecture “Did I Forget Something? Marketing!” Christina Pelekani and Tuğçe Taçkın will talk about the conventional and alternative marketing models in the world and then discussed the marketing preferences in Turkey.

Moderator Tuğçe Taçkın will be hosting Shani Geva from Archer Gray, Merrill Sterritt from Film Presence, and Filmbox executive and SPI International’s Turkey Representative Güney Yasavur as speakers in the panel “New Trends On Distribution, Audience Engagement And Funding”. The speakers will discuss online funding, building audiences, and alternative screening channels.

In the panels, “Meet the Markets and Training Programs” and “Meet the Funds”, both to be held for the first time this year, managers of world’s leading markets and funds, such as Berlinale, Cinéfondation, EAVE, Film Centre Serbia, Eurimages, and City of Sarajevo, will inform the participants on the application processes for their funds and answered the questions.

Script consultant Anita Voorham and sector consultant and Meetings on the Bridge Advisor Tobias Pausinger will give a lecture on scriptwriting stage and the writing process, discussing the different methods of work and sharing useful tips.

The master classes at the Meetings on the Bridge will culminate with the lecture “Current and Future Challenges in Film Producing” by Israel Film Fund Manager Katriel Schory. Schory talked about teamwork, fund developing, and the world of co-production.

Source: Istanbul Film Festival official website
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