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Call for entries for the 6th Balkans Beyond Borders Short Film Festival
1 April 2015
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This year BBB gets inspired by the city, the urban life and the geometrical representations identified in it. With title: Living in… City-mmetry, Balkans Beyond Borders opens the call for submissions for the 6th edition of Balkans Beyond Borders Short Film Festival, the festival that travels from city to city in the Balkans and triggers inspiration through its different thematic every year. The 6th Edition of Balkans Beyond Borders Short Film Festival will take place in Thessaloniki in October 2015. 

Living in… “City-mmetry”: Geometrical representations and urbanism

“Every day, we draw our personal route among the city’s blocks designing our own reality.
Every city has its shapes: blocks and buildings, streets and parks but also empty spaces that reflect symmetries, asymmetries, geometries, order and disorder
Every city has its flows: we meet and get separated, connect and disconnect transforming the balance of our relationships
Every city is a mirror: changes, synergies, anonymity, abandonment, all reflected in the city’s facades
Every city is a point of reference: a common space for multiple identities that develop and get defined by historical, urban, political and societal memories
Our Cities are here beyond borders, history and social changes. They constitute our environment, they are our stories”

Let the city and the geometrical representations you identify inspire you and share with BBB your story of “City-mmetry”.

After five successive years, BBB gives the opportunity one more time to the next generation of film makers to create, share and present their films, meet and collaborate. The festival invites young artists up to the age of 35 from the Balkan region and beyond to get inspired by this year’s topic and send their short film until the 1st of July. BBB accepts all type of film genres with duration up to 30 minutes. The main objective of BBB is to motivate young people to make use of their creativity in order to reflect on issues of concern in their region.

More information on how to apply is available on Balkans Beyond Borders website, Facebook page and Twitter.

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