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Yavor Vesselinov: I hope that I will draw the attention of the audience in a good, subtle and interesting way.
First Publication: Sofia`s Festival newspaper 13-03-15
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The film Adultery premiered at the Sofia Film Fest yesterday, in the presence of a large audience. Today there is one screening in the Cinema House at 14 h. Undoubtedly this film can be discussed for a long time in the "Cinema and Psychoanalysis" section. It is definitely for people with refined sensibility. We learnt details from the author Yavor Vesselinov, who made his cinema debut.

Yavor Vesselinov was born on March 5, 1976. In 2002, he makes a specialization in Theater Drama Directing at the National Academy for Theater and Film Arts, and in 2006 – Filmmaking in ESEC, Paris. Since 2008 Yavor actively works in television, film and documentary projects as director and editor. He is co-director of the documentary "Kusturica. Balkan’s Bad Boy", winner of several international awards. Since 2013 he works on the theater scene. This year he was nominated for "Ikar" Award for directorial debut with the chamber piece "Small Goodbye Rituals." In 2014, he graduated in Film and TV directing at NBU with the film "Adultery".

The plot of the film reminds me of the play "Les Parents Terribles" by Jean Cocteau. The story was similar: love relationships between four characters that make a family mess. Where you drew the idea from?

This is a story that I found in a school drawer. The film is not supported by NFC. We had to make look more chamber so we can deal with it. We shot it for 14 days. Along with Irena Daskalova (Producer) and Rosen Daskalov – The Teacher (operator) we managed to gather this great team, in which 80% of people worked for free. The story is not new. The question is how it is told. Many Bulgarian leading production companies helped me on this project such as "Chuchkov Brothers" (helped in postproduction), "Camera" (provided free equipment), Galina Toneva and "Gala Film" (final montage), the Fund for Strategic Development at NBU, "Dream team" in the face of Evtim Miloshev and Lubo Neykov, "Post Skriptum", Sofia Municipality, State Cultural Institute "Iskar".

You use a psychoanalytic approach in the film. Lies remain unspoken, there are passionate clashes between the characters. How to find a way out of this situation?

This is quite a paradoxical story because the main character is a very confused boy as he grew up with his father and has a terrible deficit of attention on his part. Ultimately, he is locked in what happened to him in his childhood, of what happened between his mother and his father. Absurdly enough, after this tragedy, it turns out to be the key and this is his last remark: "finally here is who I am, here΄s what I should handle." And his first line was: "I΄m here, and maybe that’s not me." And the character has gone through this way and reaches some sort of internal catharsis. All actors I have worked with are great and I think the result is a very good overall picture.

What is the ultimate task (thesis) in the movie?

We witness a story that is locked between four people. Vlado Penev says that this story does not deal with time or circumstances, but with relations in a quadrangle in the present tense. I hope that this is adequate, current issue not only for Bulgaria, but in global aspect. Refinement and liberation are the leading thesis is the film.

Why did you choose this name?

We shot the film four years ago. Twice a year we had different versions of the montage. The long title of the movie was "Small Chronicle". We chose this name because it is very particular. Perhaps it is a strategically better choice. It may sound banal and expected, but ultimately this is the question and the way, which, consciously or subconsciously, leads to the revenge towards the parent. 

You worked on many television projects and documentaries. What gives you more inspiration - feature film, television and documentary?

Definitely the feature film. I’ve been working for a long time with Georgi Toshev. I have also worked in TV. This is different from fiction, but of course it gives me excitement and I would like to develop in this direction.

How do you make the casting for your films?

In this film we have not make any casting for the main characters. These are people I know and I΄ve always wanted to work with. I turned to them directly. I am happy that they agreed. Other famous actors also responded - Leonid Yovchev, Kasiel Noah Asher, Hristo Petkov, Naum Shopov. Polin Lalova has very positively aura and she’s great as a person. Her character in the film is very surprising. Her role in the film as a student-seducer is opposite to her real presence in life.

The film has many internal monologues of the main character performed by Ovanes Torosian.

They appeared subsequently. I felt that it’s not enough to leave some things in full silence. The story, which I found was maybe 15 pages. We expanded it together with Yana Borisova and turned it into a scenario. Esther Simeoni (co-scriptwriter) helped me with this voiceover and the decision to highlight the characters. 

It looks as if at the end he realizes that he has no other home except his loneliness. Wandering between reality and his own mentality is reflected in the mood of the characters. What are they fighting with? 

Eventually they left three children alone. This is the open end. We see the scene in this gallery, in which they remain lost. I don’t want to give recipes, but simply to tell a story that everyone could interpret on his own. I don’t want neither in this film nor in the next one to judge and to give final judgment, but rather to tell stories in which every viewer can find something for himself.

In the film you use slow-motion as a method of expression. What would you like to show with it?

This is probably the syndrome of the fledgling filmmaker who is fascinated more by the artistry than the plot. I think it makes sense as a suggestion and not just as contemplation. This was a problem that I struggled a lot with during the montage.

How did this film develop your directing skills?

I hope that I will draw the attention of the audience in a good, subtle and interesting way.
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