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Balkan films and highlights of Pula Film Festival 2015
15 July 2015
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With 14 feature-length films and 16 shorts in the main national competition, as well as an international competition with 14 films, the 62nd edition of Pula Film Festival will open its gates July the 18th and closing them the 25th of the same month. Lets have a look at the Croatian Competition Programme, which includes feature and documentary films:

These Are the Rules by Ognjen Svilicic (Croatia/France/Serbia/FYROM, 2014)

You Carry Me by Ivona Juka (Croatia/Slovenia/Serbia/Montenegro, 2015)

The High Sun by Dalibor Matanic (Croatia/Serbia/Slovenia, 2015)

The Spirits Diary by Damir Cucic (Croatia, 2015)

The Croatian programme, will also present three minority co-productions, We Will Be the World Champions by Darko Bajic (Serbia/Slovenia/Croatia, 2015), Cure - Life of Another by Andrea Staka (Switzerland/Croatia/Bosnia-Herzegovina, 2014) and Vuk Rcumovic΄s No One΄s Child (Serbia/Croatia, 2014).

The Croatian Competition Jury is comprised of novelist and screenwriter Maurizio Braucci, FilmFestival Cottbus programme director Bernd Buder, stage, screen actor and musician Zlatko Buric, sound designer Srdjan Kurpjel and filmmaker Kristijan Milic.

"There is some excellent work being done in development at HAVC; people are working harder on the screenplays, the bar has been set higher, and work is being done to improve the writing of funded projects. We are looking forward to an excellent crop in 2016 as well” said Mike Downey (producer and Pula artistic board member) commenting 2015 so far for Croatian films.

On the International Competition Programme, we find Balkan films such as The Lobster by Yorgos Lanthimos (Greece/UK/Ireland/Netherlands/France, 2015), Bota by Iris Elezi & Thomas Logoreci (Alania/Italy/Kosovo*, 2014), The Tree by Sonja Prosenc (Slovenia, 2014) and the world premiere of Next To Me by Stevan Filipovic (Serbia, 2015).

The International Competition Jury consists of Olinka Vistica (Croatian producer), Sdjan Dragojevic (Serbian filmmaker) and film journalist Christopher Goodwin. 

We Will Be the World Champions by Darko Bajic (Serbia/Slovenia/Croatia, 2015)

Other sidebar events include the youth programme Dizalica, the children programme Pulica, Short Pula (a competition selection of 16 Croatian shorts) and the Short Matters section. 

This year as well, the rich festival history along with Croatian and international film history will be given a significant focus in two exciting programmes, Pula Cinemateque and Retrospective. Pula Cinematheque΄s selection of five, digitized and restored Croatian films from the festival΄s past belongs to filmmaker Rajko Grlic: Carevo novo ruho by Ante Babaja (1961), Crne ptice by Eduard Galic (1967), Lisinski by Oktavijan Miletic (1944), Blue 9 by Kresimir Golik (1950) and Tri Ane by Branko Bauer (1959). 

Retrospective 2015 programme will focus on on the master of make-up Ivana Primorac and her impressive filmography and cooperation with leading names in the world of film: That Summer of White Roses by Rajko Grlic (Yugoslavia, 1989), The War Zone by Tim Roth (UK, 1999), The Hours by Stephen Daldry (UK/USA, 2002), Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street by Tim Burton (UK/USA, 2007) and Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close by Stephen Daldry (USA, 2011).

Besides the film sections, PULA PROfessional, the festival΄s industry section, will gather film professionals and students of audiovisual activities for programmes such as the Young Cinephiles Critics, themed lectures and round tables, a new Student Programme and more. The focus of this year΄s programme is scenography, with lectures by renowned European and Croatian set designers and film professionals.

Source: Pula Film Festival official website
  Cure - The Life of Another
  You Carry Me
  Bota / Under The Canebrakes
  The Tree
  Blue 9
  The Enchanting Porkers
  Children of Transition
  These Are the Rules
  No One`s Child
  Naked Island
  The Lobster
  The High Sun
  Love or Death
  The Spirits Diary
  We Will Be The World Champions
  Zagreb Stories vol. 3
  Next To Me
  That Summer of White Roses
  The Emperor's New Clothes
  Black Birds (Up the river)
  Three Girls Named Anna
  Dalibor Matanic
  Ognjen Svilicic
  Branko Schmidt
  Srdjan Dragojevic
  Srdjan Kurpjel
  Yorgos Lanthimos
  Rajko Grlic
  Danilo Serbedzija
  Darko Bajic
  Stevan Filipovic
  Daniel Kušan
  Vlatka Vorkapic
  Radislav Jovanov Gonzo
  Damir Cucic
  Andrea Staka
  Petar Oreskovic
  Ivona Juka
  Iris Elezi
  Thomas Logoreci
  Sonja Prosenc
  Kresimir Golik
  Kristijan Milic
  Ivan Livakovic
  Branko Bauer
  Matija Vuksic
  Vuk Rsumovic
  Tiha K. Gudac
  Borut Separovic
  Ivan Salaj
  Ante Babaja
  Eduard Galic
  Oktavijan Miletic
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