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The High Sun is named Best Croatian Film at Pula Film Festival 2015
27 July 2015
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After a week of numerous Croatian, International films and documentaries, parallel programes and screenings of the festival’s old and classical films, the 62nd Pula Film Festival wrapped, with the Golden Arena for Croatian Film going to Dalibor Matanic’s Un Certain Regard Jury Prize at Cannes 2015, The High Sun (Croatia/Slovenia/Serbia, 2015), while the Best International Film was named Next to Me, directed by Stevan Filipović (Serbia, 2015).

Dalibor Matanic with the Golden Arena for Croatian Film

Winner of seven Arenas Awards, including the Octavian, awarded by the Croatian Society of Film Critics, Matanic΄s film dominated the awards ceremony, which, went like this:

Croatian Programme – Croatian Film

Grand Golden Arena for Best Festival Film to The High Sun by Dalibor Matanić 
"For the film that has the ability to reach out to the viewers with its message through the great articulated narrative structure and the original actors΄ performances."

Golden Arena for Best Director to Dalibor Matanić (The High Sun)
"For the extremely simple, precise and persuasive presentation of complex human relationships caused by tragic historical events."

Golden Arena for Best Screenplay to Josip Mlakić for Ungiven by Branko Schmidt (Croatia, 2015)
"For the precise psychological creation of characters of a painfully credible story."

Golden Arena for Best Actress to Tihana Lazović for her role in the film The High Sun
"For the powerful performance that represents the declination of the same character in three different existences connected with an impressive physical expression."

Golden Arena for Best Supporting Actress to Nives Ivanković for her role in the film The High Sun
"For the multi-layered performance of a person torn between the traumatic past and the awaken desire for a new beginning."

Golden Arena for Best Actor to Emir Hadžihafizbegović for his role in the film These Are The Rules by Ognjen Sviličić (Croatia/France/Serbia/FYROM, 2014).
"For the brilliantly modest and minimalist acting, which presents the painful confusion and impotence of a little man in front of the existing system and the violence within the same."

Golden Arena for Best Supporting Actor to Dado Ćosić for his role in the film The High Sun
"For the strong physical performance that gives the main actors an even more complex historical and psychological dimension."

Golden Arena for Best DOP to Mario Oljača for the film You Carry Me by Ivona Juka (Croatia/Slovenia/Serbia/Montenegro, 2015)
"For the master photography that brings to the surface the hidden emotions of the main character while maintaining the psychological tension of the story."

Golden Arena for Best Editing to Vesna Lažeta and Hrvoje Mršić for the film Ungiven by Branko Schmidt (Croatia, 2015)
"For the skilled editing solutions which  made the difficult story of psychological tension and emotional distance even more convincing."

Stevan Filipović with the Golden Arena for International Film

Golden Arena for Best Music to Teho Teardo for the film You Carry Me by Ivona Juka
"For the perfect modern orchestration and striking guitar motifs which create beautiful music."

Golden Arena for Best Scenography to Ivan Veljača for the film These Are The Rules by Ognjen Sviličić
"For the perfectly simple and precise reconstruction of the environment in which the common man is losing the battle against state institutions”.

Golden Arena for Best Costume Design to Ana Savić Gecan for the film The High Sun by Dalibor Matanić
"For costumes that adapt to and reflect the changes in human exterior through three decades in a reserved  but effective way in accordance with the story of the continuity of human attraction, love and hate."

Golden Arena for Best Special Effects  to Branko Repalustu for the film The Enchanting Porkers by Ivan Livaković (Croatia, 2014)
"For a whole range of special effects in perfect harmony with the provocative humour and baroque style of the film."

Golden Arena for Best Visual Effects to Zoran Čulić and Nebojša Rogić for the film You Carry Me by Ivona Juka
"For the perfect technical performance in the key scene in which the psychological hell of the main character gets its physical metaphor." 

Golden Arena for Best Sound Design to Martin Semenčić for the film The Spirits Diary by Damir Čučić (Croatia, 2015)
"For the union of the warmth of  human voice and the beauty of the biological process in the same life dimension."

Golden Arena for Make-up to Mojca Gorogranc Petrushevska for the film Love or Death by Daniel Kušan (Croatia, 2014).
"For the make-up that successfully blends the characters in the visual spirit of the times."

Croatian Minority co-production
No One΄s Child by Vuk Ršumović got the three prizes, Golden Arena for Best Film (for the moving and important film inspired by a shocking true story), Golden Arena for Best Director (for the brilliant first direction effort and, furthermore for impressive and exceptional work with children and amateurs) and Golden Arena for Best Acting Performance for Denis Murić (for the young actor’s strong performance which covered a very wide range of existential and physical states and emotions).

Breza Award for Best Debutant is awarded to Helena Buljan for her role in the film You Carry Me by Ivona Juka.
"For the convincing performance of a little girl with a big heart which carries the important message of love and passion."

Golden Gate Of Pula - Audience Award
By voting for the Croatian Programme  films screened in the Arena, the audience has awarded the Golden Gate of Pula to the film We Will Be The World Champions by Darko Bajić (Serbia/Slovenia/Croatia, 2015).

Croatian Society Of Film Critics Award
The Octavian Award is awarded to the film The High Sun by Dalibor Matanić.

Best Short Film – Croatian Programme
Diploma for Best Short Film in the Croatian Programme to The Rainfall by Marko Dugonjić 
“For the direct and intimate presentation of a natural disaster and its effects told from the child΄s perspective; the film gives us a new perspective through play and again reminds us of basic human values.“

Darko Bajić with the Golden Gate Of Pula - Audience Award

International Programme

Golden Arena for Best Feature Film to Next to Me by Stevan Filipović (Serbia, 2015).
“The international jury decided to give the main award to the film Next to me directed by Stevan Filipović for this courageous portrayal of the new generation of our times haunted by the ghosts of old ideologies and fears shattered by uncertain future, new values and technology. We particularly praise the performance of young actors who rendered with bravuro a high school fresco as a metaphor of our society unfortunately still deeply affected by nationalism, homophobia and class discrimination."

The International Jury gave special mention to the film Koza by Ivan Ostrochovský
“A poetic character study of an apparently simple but ultimately complex relationship between two very different man on the margins of society. 
A film of great cinematic power, with wonderful performances, which delicately reveals important truths about the need for human compassion in troubling circumstances.“

Neighbors And Friends Programme
Diploma for Best Film to Koza by Ivan Ostrochovský
“For its strength, beauty and emotions of epic proportions in a poetic and intense way.“

Student Programme
Diploma for Best Film to Moonless Summer by Stefan Ivančić
"For the dramaturgically successful and visually impressive presentation of the end of childhood’ this film emphasises the values that can be easily ignored - children΄s honesty, simplicity, innocence and compassion."

Best Film – Programme Pulica
The audience in the Programme Pulica awarded The Invisible Boy by Gabriele Salvatores with the Diploma for Best Feature Film.

Source: Pula Film Festival official website
  You Carry Me
  The Enchanting Porkers
  These Are the Rules
  No One`s Child
  The High Sun
  Love or Death
  The Spirits Diary
  We Will Be The World Champions
  Next To Me
  Moonless Summer
  Ivan Veljaca
  Dalibor Matanic
  Ognjen Svilicic
  Branko Schmidt
  Ana Savic-Gecan
  Hrvoje Mrsic
  Emir Hadzihafizbegovic
  Vesna Lazeta
  Mojca Gorogranc Petrusevska
  Darko Bajic
  Stevan Filipovic
  Daniel Kušan
  Damir Cucic
  Martin Semencic
  Tihana Lazovic
  Josip Mlakic
  Ivan Ostrochovský
  Zoran Culic
  Ivona Juka
  Mario Oljaca
  Ivan Livakovic
  Vuk Rsumovic
  Denis Muric
  Stefan Ivancic
  Nives Ivankovic
  Dado Cosic
  Teho Teardo
  Nebojsa Rogic
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