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Highlights of DokuFest 2015 in Prizren, August 8 - 16
29 July 2015
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Running from August 8 – 16 in the city of Prizren, DokuFest 2015 will showcase a fine selection of 228 (out of over 3000 submissions) films from 43 countries across 6 Competition sections and more than a dozen specially curated programs. 

This year΄s central theme is Migration, with the global, as well as the local and social context and its consequences, will be highlighted and explored through a number of events, including panels and discussions with filmmakers and invited international and local experts. A hand picked film program focusing on the issue of migration has been created. 

The Spirits Diary by Damir Čučić (Croatia, 2015)

Competitions are at the heart of the festival and this year’s selection brings some of the finest work of non fiction cinema, as well as a great array of short fictions and experimental cinema and its, now celebrated outdoor cinemas. The Balkan Dox programme showcases works from the region΄s latest feature documentaries:

Listen by Diana Ivanova (Bulgaria, 2014)
Ana Square by Jelena Novaković (Croatia, 2015, 26΄)
The Trace Of The Butterfly by Amal Ramsis (Egypt/Turkey/France, 2014)
Flotel Europa by Vladimir Tomić (Denmark/Serbia, 2015)
Once Upon A Time by Kazim Öz (Turkey, 2014)
Lost Button by Renato Tonković, Mario Vukadin & Robert Bubalo (Bosnia-Herzegovina/Croatia/Austria, 2015)
Female Rhapsody In Kosova by Vincent Moon & Fatime Kosumi (Germany/Kosovo*, 2014, 29΄)
Colony by Gürcan Keltek (Turkey/Netherlands, 2015, 50΄)
Karst by Vladimir Todorović (France/Serbia, 2015)
Mana by Valerie Kontakos (Greece, 2015)
Remake, Remix, Rip-Off by Cem Kaya (Germany/Turkey, 2014)
SkaNdal by Elton Baxhaku, Eriona Cami (Albania, 2014)
The Unidentified by Marija Ristić & Nemanja Babić (Bosnia-Herzegovina/Serbia/Kosovo*, 2015, 40΄)

International Dox, feature and shorts competition programme has included a number of awarded and festival circuit docs, while the National Short comes with 12 Kosovar docs (read here the full line-up) and International Short competition section will present 8 Balkan docs along with the international productions:

Cheers by Norika Sefa (Kosovo*, 2015, 28΄)
Excursion by Adrian Sitaru (Romania, 2014, 19΄)
Leonardo by Ilir Hasanaj (Switzerland/Kosovo*, 2015, 19΄)
Manjaca by Tin Žanić (Croatia, 2014, 24΄)
Shok by Jaime Donoughue (UK/Kosovo*, 2013, 21΄)
Tišina Mujo by Ursula Meier (Switzerland/France/Bosnia-Herzegovina, 2014, 11΄)
Tranquility Of Blood by Senad Šahmanović (Montenegro, 2014, 22΄)

Remake, Remix, Rip-Off by Cem Kaya (Germany/Turkey, 2014)

On the rest of the competitive sections, the Human Rights Dox features, among others, Joshua Oppenheimer΄s powerful The Look Of Silence, while the Green Dox programme continues its presentation of environmental feature and shorts documentaries from around the world.

In addition to its competition sections, DokuFest presents annually a number of special presentations and thematically curated, out of competition programs. 

View From The World, non competitive section will once again bring some of 2015΄s biggest films, including, among others, the Academy Award for Best Documentary, Citizenfour, The Wolfpack, Sundance winner of US Grand Jury Prize and The Pearl Button, Best Screenplay Award at this year’s Berlinale.

Should I Stay or Should I Go: Films on Migration brings the festival΄s thematic for 2015 with 12 international feature and short docs, including the region΄s Logbook Serbistan by Želimir Žilnik (Serbia, 2015), Note On Multitude by Ibro Hasanović (Bosnia-Herzegovina, 2015, 8΄) and Other Than Our Sea by Valentina Ferrandes (Italy/Turkey/UK, 2014, 10΄).

Logbook Serbistan by Želimir Žilnik (Serbia, 2015)

Other sections to mention, are film critic’s Neil Young survey of American independent scene in the Uncharted States of America programme, the continuous exploration of music documentary landscape in the Sound of my Soul selection, 15 experimental documentaries from Croatia at the Golden Ages of Croatian Experiment programme, the Short Matters section with two regional films, The Chicken by Una Gunjak (Germany/Croatia, 2014, 15΄) and Pride by Pavel G. Vesnakov (Bulgaria, 2013, 30΄), and the Life is Elsewhere programme, comprised of shorts, among others, The Time Of A Young Man About To Kill by Neritan Zinxhiria (Italy/Albania, 2015, 20΄), Leonardo by Ilir Hasanaj (Switzerland/Kosovo*, 2015, 19΄) and Paftuar by Roland Uruçi (USA/Albania, 2015, 21΄).

With the occasion of death one of the world΄s most influential documakers, DokuFest 2015 will pay tribute to Albert Maysles, screening six of his films, including Gimme Shelter and Grey Gardens, as well as his last two films, Iris and In Transit

With the words of Artisitc Director, Veton Nurkollari, “DokuFest is returning with yet another eclectic programme of films that is sure to amaze, move, question and surprise. We are delighted to be able to present works of the highest quality, both from emerging filmmakers and masters of the craft, to our growing audience”. 

Source: DokuFest official website
  Once Upon a Time
  Remake, Remix, RipOff
  Toto and His Sisters
  Flotel Europa
  Tranquillity of Blood
  The Chicken
  The Spirits Diary
  The Unidentified
  The Trace of the Butterfly
  Lost Button
  Ana Square
  Female Rhapsody In Kosova
  Veruda – A Film About Bojan
  Excursion (short film)
  Abdul and Hamza
  The Time Of A Young Man About To Kill
  Uninvited (Paftuar)
  Quiet Mujo
  Note On Multitude
  Other Than Our Sea
  Adrian Sitaru
  Zelimir Zilnik
  Nemanja Babic
  Damir Cucic
  Robert Bubalo
  Marijo Vukadin
  Diana Ivanova
  Igor Bezinovic
  Kazim Oz
  Jamie Donoughue
  Cem Kaya
  Elton Baxhaku
  Eriona Cami
  Alexander Nanau
  Vladimir Tomic
  Senad Sahmanovic
  Una Gunjak
  Gurcan Keltek
  Marija Ristic
  Vladimir Todorovic
  Pavel G. Vesnakov
  Valerie Kontakos
  Amal Ramsis
  Renato Tonkovic
  Marko Grba Singh
  Jelena Novakovic
  Vincent Moon
  Fatime Kosumi
  Norika Sefa
  Neritan Zinxhiria
  Ilir Hasanaj
  Tin Zanic
  Roland Uruci
  Ursula Meier
  Ibro Hasanovic
  Valentina Ferrandes
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