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Shedding light to the Balkans
12 August 2015
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We are proud to announce that altcine and the Greek Society of Cinematographers (GSC), launch this year for the first time the “Lighting the Balkans” three-day screenings in the frame of the cultural activities hosted by the most important event of the North Greece, the Olympus Festival.  

For three days, the 23, 24 and 25 of August we will present to the Greek and international audience five movies from the Balkans focused on Directors of Photography.  Tourists and locals are invited to discover two, relatively unknown to the wide audience, aspects of cinema: Directors of Photography and Balkan productions.

Five Balkan feature films will be screened in the city of Katerini, at the Efkarpidis cinema, while Greek cinematographers will discuss with the audience films and the art of cinematography. 
DOP΄s, Olympia Mytilinaiou, Ilias Adamis, Yorgos Frentzos, among others, founder Electra Venaki, along with the University of the Aegean professor, Yannis Skopeteas, will join the event and they will talk about cinematography in Greek cinema.

Amnesty, 2010, DoP: Ilias Adamis

This significant collaboration aims at establishing an annual Balkan film festival for Cinematographers as a common ground for the exploration of our neighborhood΄s filmmaking heritage. 

We believe that the Balkan Peninsula, this part of Europe with low audiovisual production capacity is a terrain of innovative solutions, unique workflows and a plethora of awarded films, ready to be discovered. 
The Balkan cinematographers΄ lighting and framing will engage the international audience into a discussion  about the cinema of this “other Europe”, building new bridges of communication. Tributes, workshops, master classes and special prizes will complete this ambitious project. 

A unique festival is born! 

Three Monkeys, 2008, DoP: Gokhan Tiryaki

The timetable:

Sunday 23-08-2015
20:00 - Yannis Skopeteas: Cinematography in Greek Cinema
22:00 Amnesty, 2010, 83min, Albania/Greece, Dir. Bujar Alimani, DoP: Ilias Adamis
With the participation of Ilias Adamis

Monday 24-08-2015
19:30 – Child΄s Pose, 2013, 112min, Romania, Dir. Calin Peter Netzer, DoP: Andrei Butica
22:00 – An Episode in the Life of an Iron Picker, 2013, 75min, Bosnia & Herzegovina/Slovenia, Dir. Danis Tanovic, DoP: Erol Zubcevic

Tuesday 25-08-2015
19:30 – The Priest΄s Children, 2013, 93min, Croatia/Serbia, Dir. Vinko Bresan, DoP: Mirco Pivcevic
22:00 – Three Monkeys, 2008, 109min, Turkey, Dir. Nuri Bilge Ceylan, DoP: Gokhan Tiryaki 
With the participation of Olympia Mitilinaiou (GSC), Ilias Adamis (GSC), Giorgos Fretzos (GSC) and Giannis Skopeteas 

Organised by Greek Society of Cinematographers and altcine
Supported by Greek Film Center and Manios S.A.
Hosted by Olympus Festival

  Three Monkeys
  The Priest's Children
  Child`s Pose
  An Episode In The Life Of An Iron Picker
  Electra Venaki
  Giorgos Frentzos
  Andrei Butica
  Bujar Alimani
  Olympia Mytilinaiou
  Ilias Adamis
  Nuri Bilge Ceylan
  Gokhan Tiryaki
  Danis Tanovic
  Mirko Pivcevic
  Vinko Bresan
  Erol Zubcevic
  Calin Peter Netzer
  Alimani`s Amnesty
  Amnesty: A brief encounter
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