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Divan Film Festival 2015
19 August 2015
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For the 6th consecutive year, Divan Film Festival in Cetate is getting ready to gather filmmakers, scholars, actors, producers and film enthusiasts from all corners of the Balkans. 
altcine and the online festival for Balkan shorts, altcineAction! Film Festival will again be there, marking the two festivals third collaboration with the screening of 17 short films, all of them shown on altcineAction!΄s 2014 edition.
This year, Divan is launching a collaboration with the city of Craiova, which will host two evenings of open air screenings, while, the last two days of the festival are dedicated to the visitors of the area, with a second screening of some of the program΄s films.

Divan, 2014, Open air screening

With no competition nor an awards ceremony and, apart from screening the region΄s best feature, short and documentary films, every August this unique festival gathers a number of academics around an international scientific symposium with a specific theme covering different aspects of the Balkans΄ past and present. This year΄s theme is Roads and Crossroads in the Balkans, and, since the festival itself takes place on the Danube΄s riverbanks, where Romania, Serbia and Bulgaria meet, the screenings and the symposium are promising a productive as well as entertaining week.

The scholars participating are old acquaintances of the festival, like Lydia Papadimitriou, Gergana Doncheva, Magda Mihăilescu, Marilena Ilieșiu, Angelo Mitchievici, Ana Grgić, Dana Duma and Mihai Fulge, all of them presenting papers which engage their colleagues and the audience into conversations and debates often last until the early morning hours.
Guests will share their common cultural and culinary legacies over dinner. Cetate cultural port΄s host is poet Mircea Dinescu, a successive chef also, making the annual parallel focus on the Balkan cuisine a significant ingredient of the festival΄s marvellous fuse of films screenings, debates on cultural tendencies and the best of the region΄s foods a unique experience, accompanied by Marian Tutui΄s (Divan΄s artisitc director) playful presentations of the open-air screenings.

Marian Tutui, Dina Iordanova and Lydia Papadimitriou, Cetate, 2014

Talking about the screenings, the 6th edition of the festival has included some of the region΄s most interesting films, all of them, one way or another, taking the “Roads and Crossroads in the Balkans”. 

Open air screenings (feature films)
The Tour by Goran Marković (Serbia/Bosnia-Hertzegovina/Croatia, 2008)
The Way by Yilmaz Gűney & Şerif Gören (Turkey/Switzerland/France, 1982)
Little England by Pantelis Voulgaris (Greece, 2013) - with the partcipation of actor Andreas Konstantinou
Brides by Pantelis Voulgaris (Greece, 2004)
The Priest΄s Children by Vinko Brešan (Croatia/Serbia, 2013)

River Station screenings (documentaries)
The Forest by Siniša Dragin (Romania/Serbia, 2014)
Aliyah Dada by Oana Giurgiu (Romania, 2014)
Soul Food Stories by Tonislav Hristov (Bulgaria/Finland, 2013)
There Is Nothing in this World by Andreea Vălean (Romania, 2015, 11΄)

Jesus Stopped at Gyzi by Amerissa Basta (Greece, 2013, 11΄)
Linda by Antonia Milcheva (Bulgaria, 2012, 12΄)
Penguins by Dimitris Zahos (Greece, 2012, 14΄)
Amel by More Raca (Kosovo*, 2012, 13΄)
Half-Board Heaven by Giorgos Ktistakis (Greece, 2012, 11΄)
Botev is an Idiot by Deyan Bararev (Bulgaria, 2012, 9΄)

Lucien Pintilie, at Cetate, 2014

A selection of altcineAction! 2014 by critic Tara Karajica 
The Breakfast by Dimitris Ampatzis (Greece, 2014, 7΄)
Actually by Konstantinos Fragkoulis (Greece, 2013, 6΄)
Flirting by Marija Rodić (Serbia, 2012, 10΄)
Last Variation by Irina Decernić (Serbia, 2014, 15΄)
The Last Attempt by Lyubo Yonchev (Bulgaria, 2014, 10΄)
My Special K by Stevi Panagiotaki (Greece, 2014, 7΄)

Balkan films selected in Cannes
Miramare by Michaela Muller (Croatia/Switzerland, 2009, 8΄)
Boreas by Belma Bas (Turkey, 2006, 13΄)
Moonless Summer by Stefan Ivancić (Serbia, 2014, 30΄)

Short Balkan sci-fi films by altcineAction!
Keadas by Maria Ligkou (Greece, 2014, 15΄)
Felony by Thanos Kermitsis (Greece, 2014, 5΄)
Evergreen by Ifigeneia Kotsoni (Greece, 2012, 14΄)
Them by Darko Štante (Slovenia, 2014, 14΄)
Awakening by Yana Lekarska (Bulgaria, 2013, 8΄)

Short films from Serbia and Romania 
Classmates by Milan Smiljanić (Serbia, 2014, 30΄)
Lucky by Alexandra Botău (Romania, 2014, 9΄)
Evening with Radio by Miloš Tomić (Serbia, 2015, 10΄)
Way of the Danube by Sabin Dorohoi (Romania, 2014, 13΄)
Rabbit Meat by Gabriel Achim (Romania, 2014, 15΄)
Sthorzina by Radu Mihai (Romania/Serbia, 2014, 24΄)
Hope for the Wolf by Branko Radaković (Serbia, 2013, 7΄)
10 Ore by Laura Maria Muşat (Romania/UK, 2015, 20΄)
Ela, Panda and Madame by Andrei Răutu (Romania, 2013, 27΄)

Short films from Greece and Bulgaria
The Revelation of the Beast by Thanassis Bourliaskos (Greece, 2015, 17΄) - with the participation of director Thanassis Bourliaskos
Ginka by Antonia Milcheva (Bulgaria, 2014, 13΄) - with the participation of director Antonia Milcheva
The Bulgarian is Gallant by Iulian Minkov (Bulgaria, 1998, 5΄)
Parking by Ivaylo Minov (Bulgaria/UK, 2014, 19΄)
Lighthouse Woman by Ana Kitanova (Bulgaria, 2014, 22΄)
  The Tour
  The Priest's Children
  The Way
  Little England
  Soul Food Stories
  Toto and His Sisters
  The Forest
  Aliyah DaDa
  Picture Postcards with Wild Flowers
  The Revelation of The Beast
  Andreas Konstantinou
  Pantelis Voulgaris
  Goran Markovic
  Marian Tutui
  Vinko Bresan
  Gergana Doncheva
  Yilmaz Guney
  Serif Goren
  Lydia Papadimitriou
  Ana Grgic
  Antonia Vasseva Milcheva
  Andrei Blaier
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