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Drama Short Film Festival 2015
1 September 2015
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The 38th Drama Short Film Festival and the 21st International edition will run from September 14 to 19, presenting an abundance of new and promising short films from around the globe - 210 shorts in all the festival΄s programs.

This year, Drama enhances its International profile by joining forces, for the first time, with FIPRESCI (The International Federation of Film Critics), which will present its own award at the International Competition program. 

2015 also marks a new collaboration between altcine and Drama Short Film Festival, with a selection of Balkan shorts that competed at all previous editions of altcineAction!, the online short film festival for Balkan filmmakers.  This selection will be part of the Balkan Panorama, a new section inaugurated this year, which also includes recent Bulgarian titles by the National Academy for Theater & Film Arts ΄Kr. Sarafov’ and the Balkan Highlights of Drama program (Drama΄s most important Balkan shorts of the last years).

Apart of the International and National Competition programs, the festival offers many parallel sections:  The Short Matters! 2015 special program, which will screen a selection of films from last year΄s European Film Academy Awards, the Drama΄s Student Panorama, the Pan-Hellenic Student Digital Video Contest and the Drama Pitching Lab 2015 selected projects 

Two renowned Greek cinematographers are invited this year at the festival. Yorgos Arvanitis will present a masterclass on the new technologies and their application in filmmaking, while DOP and editor Nikos Kavoukidis will be honored with a mini-tribute for his 60 years long career. 

Drama΄s International Competition 2015 will screen 57 films from 47 countries world-wide, including Greek Competition΄s 2013 winner Neritan Zinxhiria and his latest short, The time of a young man about to kill. 
Below are the Balkan films competing. 

Baits and hooks by Luka Popadic, Serbia, 10΄ 
Edifice by Irmak Karasu, Turkey, 13΄ 
Fig by Nicolas Kolovos, 13΄ 
Bright black by Rene Maurin, Slovenia, 25΄ 
Tranquility of blood by Senad Sahmanovic, Montenegro, 22΄ 
Picnic by Jure Pavlovic, Croatia, 13΄ 
Euroman by Gabriel Tzafka, 22΄
The bread by Blerta Kelmendi, Albania, 8΄ 
Echoes by Dumitru Grosei, Moldova, 18΄ 
Unripe cherries by Nebojsha Jovanovikj, FYROM, 15΄ 
The Seed by Ifigenia Kotsoni, 15΄ 
The gift by Silviya Pesheva, Bulgaria, 17΄ 

President of the International Competition Jury will be Art Historian  and Senior Cultural Officer of the Ministry of Education and Culture of Cyprus (in charge of Cinema and Plastic Arts), Elena Christodoulidou, accompanied by members Laurentiu Damian (filmmaker and President of Romanian Filmmakers Union), Eric Wojcik (Clermont- Festival Film Festival director), Bojidar Manov (Film Critic and Professor at the National Academy for Theatre and Film Arts - Bulgaria) and director/producer Thodoris Papadoulakis. Grand Temoin of the jury, will be filmmaker, film critic and historian, Manuela Cernat.

Stegna, by Konstantinos Giannakopoulos

Drama΄s National Competition has programed 41 new, mostly independent Greek shorts, including 4 documentaries and 4 animations, with themes varying from unemployment to poverty, racism and the latest major European issue, migration, as some films deal with the Greek islands immigrants and refugees. Child abusing and mortality, the life of women in rural Greece, ecology and post-apocalypse stories are, among others, the subject of numerous films. Actors and actresses such as Antonis Kafetzopoulos, Lydia Fotopoulou, Yvonee Maltezou and Alexandros Logothetis are few of the names appearing.

What΄s interesting this year, is the participation of directors who have already completed a feature film, like Panayotis Fafoutis and Gregory Oiconomides, to mention a couple of them. 

Inner land by Vivian Papageorgiou, 18΄ 
Every architect’s dream by Gregory Oikonomides, 16΄ 
Ethnophobia by Joan Zhonga, 16΄ 
Pacino΄s way by Haris Pantelidakis, 18΄ 
The bust by Michael Demetrius, 6΄ 
Ecdysis by Faidra Tsolina, 17΄ 
Postheimat by Ioanna Kryona, 17΄ 
EX by Michael Hapeshis, 3΄ 
Firefly by Georgios Soumelidis, 13΄ 
Stegna by Konstantinos Giannakopoulos, 10΄ 
Retrograde by Vasileios Kekatos, 14΄ 
Dream toy by Christos Houliaras, 13΄ 
March 4 by Dimitris Nakos, 15΄ 
Downhill by Stelios Kammitsis, 13΄ 
Favorite town by Stavros Parcharidis, 17΄ 
Between black and white by Socrates Alafouzos, 15΄ 
Narcissa by Andreas Ignatiou & Josh Maddox
AL by Alexis Quantas, 12΄ 
PROSOPON: a face toward a face by Thomas Thoma, 5΄ 
Without milk by Thodoris Vournas, 18΄ 
Cinema road by Nikos Theodosiou, 15΄ 
Boomerang by Christos Nicolaou, 16΄ 
Oliloves by Akis Melachris & Giorgos Melissaropoulos, 12΄ 
The Seed by Iphigenia Kotsoni, 15΄ 
Blue train by Manolis Mavris, 15΄ 
Fig by Nicolas Kolovos, 13΄ 
Euroman by Gabriel Tzafka, 22΄ 
Tides - A story told by the sea by Stavrianna Litsa, 11΄ 
Woman by Konstantinos Chaliasas, 15΄ 
Verikoka by Spyros Siakas, 6΄ 
The tent by Stratos Gabrielidis, 8΄ 
Bread and οlives by Alexander Jaschik & Iordanis Orfanidis, 29΄ 

The Jury of the 38th National Competition will be presided by writer, translator and filmmaker Achilleas Kyriakidis, with members including cinematographer Giorgos Frentzos, producer and filmmaker Nikos Sekeris, actress Marisha Triantafyllidou and film critic Yannnis Zouboulakis. Film critic Venia Vergou will be the Grand Temoin.

AltcineAction! Film Festival΄s selection at the Balkan Panorama out-of-competition program:

Adrenaline by David Bagaric, Croatia, 4΄ 
Botev is an idiot by Deyan Bararev, Bulgaria, 9΄ 
Habitat by Ina Georgieva, Bulgaria, 4΄ 
Last variation by Irina Decermic, Serbia, 15΄ 
The scream by Sebastian Cosor, Romania, 3΄  
Violent youth by Marko Gjokovik, FYROM, 15΄  
Amel by More Raca, Kosovo*, 13΄ 
Baydara ‘Fate of Edra’ by Can Eren, Turkey, 14΄ 
Omega by Igor Tesic, Bosnia-Herzegovina, 13΄ 
Sweet heart eater by Rahela Jagric, Slovenia, 8΄ 
The pill of happiness by Cecilia Felmeri, Romania, 12΄  

See here for the full line-up of the Tribute to Bulgaria: National Academy for Theater & Film Arts ΄Kr. Sarafov’ program and the Selection of Past Balkan Films of Drama Film Festival.
  Tranquillity of Blood
  The Fighters
  For Ever
  Simon Says
  Giorgos Frentzos
  Nikos Sekeris
  Nikos Kavoukidis
  Marisha Triantafyllidou
  Vassilis Goudelis
  Ifigenia Kotsoni
  Giorgos Arvanitis
  Achilleas Kyriakidis
  Christos Houliaras
  Grigoris Oiconomides
  Thanasis Neofotistos
  Lampros Georgopoulos
  Gabriel Tzafka
  Senad Sahmanovic
  Neritan Zinxhiria
  Sifis Stamou
  Kostas Stamatopoulos
  Konstantinos Xenakis
  Alexis Quantas
  Nikos Mandarakas
  Nikos Tseberopoulos
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