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Open-air Balkan screenings in Athens
1 September 2015
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In the frame of its on-going collaborations with film festivals and cultural events throughout Greece, such as the Shedding light to the Balkans program at the Olympus Festival that took place last August, altcine joins forces with Athens΄ Ionic Festival, a 40-days event of concerts and theatrical plays, organised by the Cultural Organisation of the Municipality of Nea Smyrni district. For the first time this year, Ionic Festival is launching a wide selection of Balkan open-air screenings under the Nea Smyrni΄s night sky. 

The Death of Mr. Lazarescu by Cristi Puiu

The Greek audience will have the opportunity to discover filmic treasures from established directors, as well as young and upcoming filmmakers from countries of common cultural identity such as Albania, Croatia, Serbia, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Slovenia, Kosovo*, Greece, Turkey Bulgaria, FYROM and Romania, that have throughout the years produced films filled with truths, myths, entertainment and humor.

We hope that this is the beginning of a long-term collaboration, that will further promote the region΄s cinema to a wider Greek audience, serving as an introspective of our common filmic heritage.  

The selection, curated by altcine, includes five acclaimed Balkan feature films, as well as a number of shorts divided in five different programs.

altcine΄s selection of feature films:

The Death of Mr. Lazarescu by Cristi Puiu (Romania, 2005) - 2/9
Esma΄s Secret by Jasmila Zbanic (Bosnia-Herzegovina/Croatia/Austria/Germany, 2006) - 4/9
Amnesty by Bujar Alimani (Albania/Greece, 2010) - 15/9
The World is Big and Salvation Lurks Around the Corner by Stephan Komandarev (Bulgaria/Germany/Slovenia/Hungary, 2008) - 18/9
The Trap by Srdjan Golubovic (Serbia/Germany/Hungary, 2007) - 24/9

altcine΄s selection of Greek shorts (94΄) - 3/9

Red Hulk by Asimina Proedrou, 2013, 28΄
Noir by Alexandra Skartsila, 2014, 14΄
Fyssalida by Nassos Zervopoulos, 2015, 15΄

altcineAction!΄s selection of Balkan shorts (85΄) - 12/9

Game Over by Paris El-Said (Cyprus, 2014, 4΄)
Happy Child by Vlasta Mestrovic (Croatia, 2012, 4΄)
Baydra ΄Fate of Edra΄ by Can Eren (Turkey, 2011, 14΄
Omega by Igor Tesic (Bosnia-Herzegovina, 2013, 13΄)
The Pill of Hapiness by Cecilia Felmeri (Romania, 2012, 12΄)
Violent Youth by Marko Gjokovik (FYROM, 2011, 12΄)
Until Death do us part by David Bagaric (Croatia, 2013, 2΄)
Keep the Change by Vahit Atan (Turkey, 2013, 7΄)
Habitat by Ina Gerogieva (Bulgaria, 2013, 4΄)
Amel by More Raca by (Kosovo*, 2012, 4΄)

The World is Big and Salvation Lurks Around the Corner by Stephan Komandarev

altcineAction!΄s selection of Greek and Balkan shorts (88΄) - 22/9

Botev is an Idiot by Deyan Bararev (Bulgaria, 2012, 9΄)
Adrenaline by David Bagaric (Croatia, 2013, 4΄)
Them by Darko Stante (Slovenia, 2014, 14΄)
Last Variation by Irina Decermic (Serbia, 2014, 15΄)
Linda by Antonia Milcheva (Bulgaria, 2012, 12΄)
The Scream by Sebastian Cosor (Romania, 2011, 3΄)
A day with my father by Alexis Quantas (Greece, 2014, 9΄)
Sundness by Antonis Vallindras (Greece, 2014, 15΄)
Actually by Konstantinos Fragkoulis (Greece, 2013, 6΄)
In Public by Stevi Panagiotaki & Maria Ligkou (Greece, 2011, 10΄)
Evergreen by Ifigeneia Kotsoni (Greece, 2012, 14΄)

altcineAction!΄s selection of Greek shorts (106΄) - 23/9

Jesus stopped at Gyzi by Amerissa Basta, 2013, 11΄
Kiosk by Galaxias Spanos, 2013, 11΄
Half-board Heaven by Yorgos Ktistakis, 2012, 11΄
Eight-minute deadline by Zina Papadopoulou & Petros Papadopoulos, 2012, 8΄
Die Young by Stratis Chatzielenoudas, 2012, 14΄
Cutdamn! by Bill Kalamakis, 2011, 14΄
Penguins by Dimitris Zachos, 2012, 13΄
Butterfly by Haris Gioulatos, 2013, 14΄

Independent Greek short films selected by the Municipality΄s Cultural Center- 28/9

Metamorfosis by Yorgos Ktistakis & Elena Papastavrou, 2014, 7΄
Zorba the Greek by Michalis Michlatos, 2015, 4΄
Rhinoceros by Kyriakos Anastasiou, 2014, 10΄
Lazarus by Michalis Michalakos, 2014, 1΄
Survivors by Maria Giannouli, 2012, 33΄
Bibi by Tasos Trachanas, 2012, 8΄
For Eternity by Maria Lafi, 2014, 8΄
Cut ups by Tasos Konstantopoulos, 2014, 8΄
Tou iliou svistike to fos by Galaxias Spanos, 2015, 15΄
Outro by Yorgos Antonatos, 8΄
  The Death of Mr. Lazarescu
  The Trap
  Esma's Secret
  The World is Big and Salvation Lurks Around the Corner
  Red Hulk
  In Public
  The Pill of Happiness
  A Hard Working Robber
  Under Stress
  The Scream
  Until Death Do Us Part
  Greek School Prayer
  The Revelation of The Beast
  A day with my father
  Irina Decermic
  Srdan Golubovic
  Cristi Puiu
  Bujar Alimani
  Ifigenia Kotsoni
  Jasmila Zbanic
  Stephan Komandarev
  George Ktistakis
  Haris Gioulatos
  Asimina Proedrou
  Igor Tesic
  Amerissa Basta
  Michael Felanis
  Stevi Panagiotaki
  Maria Ligkou
  Cecilia Felmeri
  Paris Patsouridis
  Bill Kalamakis
  Thanasis Neofotistos
  Sebastian Cosor
  David Bagaric
  Vlasta Mestrovic
  Antonia Vasseva Milcheva
  Thanassis Bourliaskos
  Alexis Quantas
  Shedding light to the Balkans
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