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Nicolas Kolovos΄ Fig is named Best Greek Film at Drama Film Fest 2015
23 September 2015
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On Sunday, 19th of September, the final curtain went down for the 38th Drama Short Film Festival and its 21st International edition. During the closing ceremony, the prizes for best international and national short films were awarded to the filmmakers. 

Fig by Nicolas Kolovos, Best Film of the National Competition

The ceremony started with the host Vassilis Terzopoulos entering the stage on a bicycle, imitating the artwork of this year΄s poster, with the art director of the festival, Antonis Papadopoulos, stating that until two months ago it was uncertain whether the festival was even going to take place because of the financial difficulties and the lack of support. However, he continued, even with one third of the previous year΄s budget, the 38th Drama Short Film Festival and its 21st International edition showcased, once more, a great variety of national and international shorts,  masterclasses, such as the one by Yorgos Arvanitis on the new technologies and their application in filmmaking,  a panorama on Balkan filmmaking , which marked the beginning of a collaboration with altcine, discussions on books and much more. 

As Antonis Papadopoulos stated, it was a great pleasure to start a collaboration with FIPRESCI (The International Federation of Film Critics), which this year for the first time offered its own prize. Finally, the mayor of Drama, Christodoulos Mamsakos promised to do his best and to continue supporting the festival, despite any obstacles it might encounter, in order to continue the tradition of the Drama Short Film Festival for many more years to come.

Prizes awarded in the National Competition

The Jury of the National Competition section, consisting of the president Achilleas Kyriakidis, Nikos Sekeris, Marissa Triandafyllidou and Yorgos Frentzos awarded the Golden Dionysus Award to the film Fig by Nicolas Kolovos for the optimistic message of his film. ERT provides the winner of the Golden Dionysus with professional equipment and technical services up to 10,000 euros for his next production, while Finos Films offers the amount of 4000 Euros.

The Silver Dionysus went to the film Euroman by Gabriel Tzafka for its inspiring directing skills. The award is accompanied with post-production services and a 4K camera, along with a full filming package of 10,000 euros by Authorwave

Filmmaker Gabriel Tzafka with the Silver Dinysous Award for Euroman

Nikos Tsemberopoulos΄s Simon Says won the Greeks of the World - Socrates Dimitriadis Award for the unique way in which a very promising director deals with the theme of loneliness in the modern world. The award is accompanied by 1000 Euros, courtesy of the Greek Film Center.

The award for the Best New, up and coming Director – Dinos Katsouridis  - went to Faidra Tsolina for her film Ekdysis that combines, in an excellent way, reality and fantasy. The Katsouridis family provides the winner with all the technical services needed for her next film production.

The Tonia Marketaki award went to the film Downhill by Stelios Kammitsis for his original handling of the social issue of accepting differences. The Greek Film Center awards the winner with 1500 Euros.

The Best Student Award was handed to Thomas Thoma and his short 3D animation Prosopon: A face towards a face for the way he presents an unusual meeting, in five minutes. The award is accompanied by Avid Media Composer, courtesy of Telmaco in collaboration with Avid. 

The winner of last year’s Golden Dionysus, Thanasis Neofotistos, was awarded this year with the Best Documentary Award for his touching and humorous documentary Pogoniskos. ERT offers the winner a package of technical services and equipment of 5000 Euros for his next production.

The Best Animation Award went to Ethnophobia by John Zongha for his technical skills in such a difficult kind of animation.

The Honorary Distinction for Cinematography went to Dionysis Eythymiopoulos for the film Fig by Nicolas Kolovos. Cinematographer Nikos Kavoukidis provides the winner with all technical services for the production of his next short film.

The Honorary Distinction for Screenplay went to Stelios Kammitsis for his film Downhill.

The Honorary Distinction for Best Female performance went to Romanna Lobach for her role in the film March 4 by Dimitris Nakos.

The Honorary Distinction for Best Male performance went to Kimon Kouris for his role in the film Pacino’s way by Harris Pantelidakis.

The Honorary Distinction for Best Editing went to Panos Voutsaras for the film March 4 by Dimitris Nakos.

The Honorary Distinction for Sound went to Alexandros Sakellariou, Persefoni Miliou and Costas Varyobopiotis for the film Joanna by Panagiotis Fafoutis.

The Honorary Distinction for Original Music Score went to Marietta Fafouti for the film Joanna by Panagiotis Fafoutis. 

The Honorary Distinction for Sets went to Dimitris Ziakas for the film The Seed by Ifigenia Kotsoni.

The Honorary Distinction for Costumes went to Lina Motsiou for the costumes in the film The Seed by Ifigenia Kotsoni.

The Honorary Distinction for Special Effects went to Antonis Kotzias for the film The Seed by Ifigenia Kotsoni.

A Special Award was handed to Manolis Mavris and his film Blue Train for his artistic excellence.

A Special Award was handed to Christos Houliaras and his film Dream Toy for the way in which he manages to cause strong emotions to the audience through a toy.

A Special Mention went to the film Tides – A Story told by the Sea by Stavrianna Litsa.

A Special Mention went to the film Euroman by Gabriel Tzafka.

The Greek Society of Cinematographers Award went to Thrassyvoulos Mitaftsis for his cinematography in the film Inner Land by Vivian Papageorgiou.

The Award of the Panhellenic Union of Film Critics was awarded to Vivian Papageorgiou for her film Inner Land.

The Award of the Greek Federation of Film Societies was awarded to Christos Houliaras for his film Dream Toy.

The winners of this year΄s Drama Pitching Lab were Manolis Mavris and Katerina Mavrogeorgi for the pitch entitled After You

Prizes awarded in the International Competition

The members of the International Jury, Professor Dr. Laurentiu Damian, Bojidar Manov, Theodor Papadoulakis, Eric Wojcik, presided by Elena Christodoulidou, awarded the Grand Prix 2015 to the short film Tranquillity of Blood by Senad Sahmanovic from Montenegro, for its solid directing, the excellent dramatization and the narrative procedure.

The Second Prize went to the short Three variations on Ofelia by Paulo Rique from Mexico, while the Croatian Jure Pavlovic and his film Picnic won the EFA – Drama 2015 award.

The Best Southern and Eastern European Award was handed to Gabriel Tzafka for his film Euroman.

The Potato Eaters by Martin Kukal from Czech Republic was awarded with the Best Animation Award, while the Special Award TV5 Monde was given to the French film Wolf Head by Alice Vial.

The Honorary Distinction for Documentary went to Shipwreck by Morgan Knibbe from the Netherlands.

The Honorary Distinction for Cinematography went to Autumn by Marco Amaral from Portugal.

The Honorary Distinction for Male Leading Role went to Dainius Jankauskas for his performance in the short film Jackie by Giedrious Tamosevicius from Lithuania.

The Honorary Distinction for Female Leading Role went to Lee Sae Bom for her performance in the short film The weight of Love by Jung Eum Lim from South Korea.

The Honorary Distinction for Set and Costumes went to Dimitris Ziakas for the film The Seed by Ifigenia Kotsoni from Greece.

The FIPRESCI Award went to the film Ghosts by Benjamin Pfohl from Germany.
  Tranquillity of Blood
  Dream Toy
  Inner Land
  March 4
  Simon Says
  Giorgos Frentzos
  Panayotis Fafoutis
  Marietta Fafouti
  Nikos Sekeris
  Nikos Kavoukidis
  Katerina Mavrogeorgi
  Panos Voutsaras
  Marisha Triantafyllidou
  Lina Motsiou
  Persefoni Miliou
  Ifigenia Kotsoni
  Dimitris Ziakas
  Giorgos Arvanitis
  Achilleas Kyriakidis
  Antonis Papadopoulos (III)
  Christos Houliaras
  Dimitris Nakos
  Romanna Lobach
  Thanasis Neofotistos
  Kimonas Kouris
  Gabriel Tzafka
  Senad Sahmanovic
  Antonis Kotzias
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  Vivian Papageorgiou
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