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A great number of Balkan productions at LET΄S CEE 2015
29 September 2015
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Starting this Wednesday, the 4th LET΄S CEE Film Festival (October 1 to 11) will screen exactly 118, mostly Austrian premieres, feature, documentaries and short films from Central and Eastern Europe.

LET΄S CEE Film Festival 2015 invites interested individuals and parties, migrants and Austrians to engage in an intercultural exchange and dialogue, amidst the continuing lack of support from the public institutions and an increasingly xenophobic climate.

The festival, in which there isn΄t any Greek film, will host more than 100 international film guests and, among its 118 films presented, an abundance of known and awarded Balkan films and co-productions await the Viennese audience. There, besides watching competition and non-competition films, retrospectives or modern Czech and Polish cinema, they will participate in Master Classes, panel discussions as well as exhibitions and concerts.

You Carry Me by Ivona Juka

Almost 1/3 of the programme of LET΄S CEE 2015 is covered by Balkan films - 40 feature, docs and short films.

Featute Film Competition
Aferim! by Radu Jude (Romania/Bulgaria/Czech Republic, 2015)
No One΄s Child by Vuk Rsumovic (Serbia/Croatia, 2014)
The High Sun by Dalibor Matanic (Croatia/Serbia/Slovenia, 2015) – Opening Film
You Carry Me by Ivona Juka (Croatia/Slovenia/Serbia/Montenegro, 2015)
Box by Florin Serban (Romania/France/Germany, 2015)
Drawers by M. Caner Alper & Mehmet Binay (Turkey, 2015)

Documentary Competition
Chuck Norris Vs Communism by Ilinca Calugareanu (Romania/UK/Germany, 2015)
Naked Island by Tiha K. Gudac (Croatia, 2014)
Trading Germans by Razvan Georgescu (Germany/Romania, 2014)

Promising Debuts
Back Home by Andrei Cohn (Romania, 2015)
Modris by Juris Kursietis (Latvia/Greece/Germany, 2013)
Sivas by Kaan Mujdeci (Turkey/Germany, 2014)

25 – The Retrospective
Amnesty by Bujar Alimani (Greece/Albania/France, 2010)
Fine Dead Girls by Dalibor Matanic (Croatia, 2002)

Highlights Forever Friends
Love Island by Jasmila Zbanic (Bosnia-Herzegovina/Germany/Croatia/Sweden, 2014)
We Will Be The World Champions by Darko Bajic (Serbia/Slovenia/Croatia, 2015)
Thousand by Nenad Djuric (Bosnia-Herzegovina, 2015)
Siska Deluxe by Jan Cvitkovic (Slovenia/FYROM/Czech Republic, 2015)
A Good Fellow by Ayhan Sonyurek (Turkey, 2014)

Highlights Family Matters
Inferno by Vinko Moderndorfer (Slovenia, 2014)
These Are The Rules by Ognjen Svilicic (Croatia/France/Serbia/FYROM, 2014)
Honey Night by Ivo Trajkov (FYROM/Slovenia/Czech Republic, 2015)

Honey Night by Ivo Trajkov

Young Generation

Short Film Competition
Life With Herman by Chintis Lundgren (Estonia/Croatia, 2015, 11΄)
Bright Future My Love by Marko Zunic (Serbia, 2014, 30΄)
The Translator by Emre Kayis (Turkey, 2014, 23΄)

Short Films – Out of Competition
In the Sidecar by Mircea Bobina (Germany/FYROM/Romania, 18΄)
Forgive by Marieta Petchanska (Bulgaria/Netherlands, 2015, 13΄)
While They Flying To The Moon by Borisa Simovic (Serbia, 2015, 21΄)
Laughter in the Dark by Marta Trela (Poland/Slovenia, 2014, 14΄)
Bright Black by Rene Maurin (Slovenia, 2014, 25΄)

Films & Books

Films & Music
Time to Improvise by Tina Lesnicar & Janez Stucin (Slovenia, 2014)
Laibach: Divided States of America by Saso Podgorsek (Slovenia, 2006)
Predictions of Fire by Michael Benson (Slovenia, 1996)

Closing Films
See You in Montevideo by Dragan Bjelogrlic (Serbia, 2014)

Among the masterclasses taking place this year, Romanian producer Ada Solomon will engage into a discussion on the basic conditions and possible challenges as well as the highs and lows of a production like Aferim!, which she produced. The audience will will be informed on how to find good projects, how to work well with film directors, and why there is no guarantee that the next production is going to be easier than the previous one.

Serbian filmmaker and critical intellectual Zelimir Zilnik is also visiting Vienna to give his own masterclass on the social commitment, humour or grotesque, comedic elements and explicit political criticism, elements essential to his work. At LET’S CEE he will show his, due to the political development, highly topical documentary Logbook Serbistan. 

As an extra treat for the audience, the Balkan Gypsy Brass group Fanfara Transilvania will perform a concert, presenting sounds from different parts of Central Balkans, promising a smashing evening!

Source: LET΄S CEE official website
  Montevideo, Taste of a Dream
  Fine Dead Girls
  Love Island
  Southern Scum Go Home!
  You Carry Me
  Chuck Norris vs Communism
  The Brave Adventures of a Little Shoemaker
  The Kids from Marx and Engels Street
  See You In Montevideo
  These Are the Rules
  No One`s Child
  Naked Island
  The High Sun
  Trading Germans
  We Will Be The World Champions
  Back Home
  The Translator
  Honey Night
  Siska Deluxe
  Love Will Change the Earth...
  A Good Fellow
  Bright Black
  Dalibor Matanic
  Ognjen Svilicic
  Dragan Bjelogrlic
  Bujar Alimani
  Ada Solomon
  Radu Jude
  Florin Serban
  Jan Cvitkovic
  Darko Bajic
  Zelimir Zilnik
  Goran Vojnović
  Jasmila Zbanic
  M.Caner Alper
  Mehmet Binay
  Juris Kursietis
  Vinko Moderndorfer
  Saso Podgorsek
  Ivona Juka
  Ilinca Calugareanu
  Silvije Petranovic
  Janez Stucin
  Nikola Vukcevic
  Vuk Rsumovic
  Tiha K. Gudac
  Kaan Mujdeci
  Ivo Trajkov
  Razvan Georgescu
  Andrei Cohn
  Reyan Tuvi
  Nenad Djuric
  Ayhan Sonyurek
  Rene Maurin
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