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Greek Film Center supports 19 co-production projects
7 October 2015
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The Greek Film Center (GFC) has announced the approval of 19 co-production projects, in which, Greek production companies participate as minor co-productions- for the total sum of €459.000. Eight feature films of these 19 projects are being supported with €144.000, while 10 Greek documentaries, with €240.000. 

The Harvesters by Etienne Kallos

Feature Films

Humidity (Serbia/Greece/Netherlands)
Scriptwriters: Nikola Ljuca & Stasa Bajac
Director: Nikola Ljuca
Synopsis: The wife of a successful construction manager has disappeared after an ordinary morning in Belgrade. He is assured she will come back and continues with life, as usual. But, maybe she is just the first of the collapsed dominoes.
Production:Dart Film
Greek co-production: Marni Films
Co-production: Lemming Film
Awarded: €73.000 from Eurimages

Cinelink Programm,
, Eurimages
 (2012) for 

See The World - Voir du Pays (France/Greece)
Scriptwriters, Directors: Delphine & Muriel Coulin
Cast: Soko, Ariane Labed, Ginger Roman, Andreas Konstantinou, Makis Papadimitriou, Alexis Manenti, Robin Barde, Sylvain Loreau and Jérémie Laheurte 
Synopsis: The story revolves around two female soldiers who, just like all troops on their way back from Afghanistan, go through a decompression chamber, spending three days in a five-star hotel in Cyprus...
Greek co-production: Blonde SA

No One΄s Boy - Niño Nadie (France/Greece)
Scriptwriter & Director: Fernando Guzzoni
Synopsis: Santiago, 2013. Jesús is in search of his identity. He lives with his father Hector who works away from home. One night, Jesús finds himself involved in a murder with three other young boys. The police cannot find them and the media start covering the news. 
Production: JBA production
Greek co-production: Graal SA

The Harvesters - Die Stropers (South Africa/France/Greece)
Scriptwriter & Director: Etienne Kalos
Synopsis: The Free State in South Africa is the last stronghold for the world’s smallest and Africa’s only white ethnic culture – the Afrikaners. In a conservative rural culture where strength and masculinity are prized above all, Johan is set apart by his hidden homosexual nature feeling isolated by an insular community obsessed with family and ancestry.
Greek co-production: Heretic
Supported by the Fondation Gan

The Daybreak - Dita Zë Fill (Albania/France/Greece)
Scriptwriter & Director: Gentian Koci
Synopsis: The story is set in Tirana where a single mother with an infant son is caught in an economic bind, trying to pay bills and keep a job, but gets caught in an ethical trap. 
Production: ArtAlb Film, 90 Production
Greek co-production: Graal SA

A mon âge, je me cache encore pour fumer (France/Greece)
Scriptwriter & Director: Rayhana Obermeyer
Production: KG Productions
Greek co-production: Blonde SA
Awarded: €140.000 from Eurimages

The Secret Ingredient - Krani (FYROM/Slovenia/Greece)
Scriptwriter & Director: Gjorce Stavreski
Synopsis: A young man is on a quest to save his ill father with the help of one secret ingredient. 
Production: Fragment Film
Greek co-production: Graal SA
Awarded with the EAVE Scholarship at the 2014 WEMW in Trieste Film Festival and with the Best Screenplay Award at the 2013 Script Corner of Manaki Brothers Film Fest in FYROM.

Freedom Or Die (FYROM/Russia/Kosovo*/Greece/France)
Scriptwriter & Director: Vladimir Blazevski
Synopsis: The two main protagonists of this black comedy are Cobe, a poor warden at the Zoo in Skopje and the chimpanzee Koko, inhabitant at the same Zoo. The simple story tangles up with Koko’s escape from “captivity to freedom”. Cobe, because of the general economic crisis and poverty, gets fired from his job but he also receives a promise that he would be taken back to work if he manages to track down and bring back the fugitive. 
Greek co-production: Marni Films
The film is partially supported by the Macedonian Film Fund and Film Center of Serbia, SEE Cinema Network supported the development of the story

Humidity by Nikola Ljuca

Greek Documentaries

The Great Utopia
Scriptwriter & Director: Fotos Lambrinos
Production: Yorgos Kyriakos

O Pio Makris Dromos
Scriptwriter & Director: Mariana Oikonomou
Production: Spyros Mavrogenis

The Extra Mile (former title: Walk the Line)
Scriptwriter & Director: Viktoria Vellopoulou
Production: Oh My Dog!

Tesseris Epoches
Scriptwriter & Director: Katerina Patroni
Production: Katerina Patroni

O Megalos Peripatos tis Alkis
Director: Margarita Manda 

O Anthropos Piso Apo Tin Kamera
Scriptwriter & Director: Alethea Avrami
Production: Heretic

To Chroniko Mias Katarefsis
Scriptwriter & Director: Angelos Abazoglou

Stringless – Choris Chordes Me Pathos
Scriptwriter & Director: Angelos Kovotsos
Production: Ilias Giannakakis

I Teleftea Paralia
Scriptwriter & Director: Thanos Anastopoulos

The film Park (Scriptwriter & Director: Sofia Exarchou, Produced by Neda Film), was approved for €75.000.

The feature film projects were submitted between 30/4/2014 and 10/9/2015. The documentary projects between 1/6/2014 and 31/1/2015.
  Angelos Abazoglou
  Thanos Anastopoulos
  Petros Sevastikoglou
  Marianna Economou
  Elias Giannakakis
  Vicky Vellopoulou
  Giorgos Kyriakos
  Angelos Kovotsos
  Andreas Konstantinidis
  Makis Papadimitriou
  Margarita Manda
  Katerina Patroni
  Spyros Mavrogenis
  Ariane Labed
  Vladimir Blazevski
  George Karnavas
  Konstantinos Kontovrakis
  Alethea C. Avramis
  Sofia Exarchou
  Blonde Audiovisual Productions
  Fantasia Audiovisual Ltd
  Cyclope Productions
  Marni Films
  Oh My Dog!
  90 Production
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