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The 8th London Greek Film Festival 2015
8 October 2015
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For the last 7 years, the London Greek Film Festival (LGFF) has presented an alternative, independent and creative programme, with numerous new (and classic) Greek cinema to the city΄s audience.

This year, from October 19 to 25, the festival will screen 55 films in total - 9 feature films, 14 documentaries and 28 short films, including 5 experimental and 4 video art films. 

At the same time, LGFF will have an online presentation of 11 feature and short film scripts.

LGFF will draw to an end on 25 October with two very interesting workshops. The first one will be about the festival’s new project in collaboration with London’s Cosmocinema: the ‘Filming in Greece’ international agency, set up to facilitate those who want to use Greece as their filming set. The second workshop will be an introduction to the ‘Acting Code’ method, developed over the previous decade by director Christos Prossylis and updated through his research theatrical group Cosmotheatre of London.

Invisible by Dimitris Athanitis

Feature Films
Invisible by Dimitris Athanitis (Greece, 2015) UK Premiere
The Journey by Lance Nielsen (Greece/UK, 2014)
Family Member by Marinos Kartikkis (Cyprus, 2015) UK Premiere
Kame Koummando by Manolis Damianakis (Greece, 2014) UK Premiere
The Republic by Dimitris Tzetzas (Greece, 2015) UK Premiere
Dark Illusion by Manos Karystinos (Greece, 2014) UK Premiere
At Greek County 2013 p.m. by Dimitris Dimitroulias (Greece, 2014) UK Premiere
Illusion by Savvas Karydas (Greece, 2013) UK Premiere
Lovestruck by Thodoris Atheridis (Greece, 2014) UK Premiere

The Republic by Dimitris Tzetzas

Lost in the Bewilderness by Alexandra Anthony (Greece/USA, 2015) UK Premiere
Paliostrata, the old path of Revenikia by Dimitris Karathanasis (Greece, 2015) World Premiere
Emery Tales by Stelios Efstathopoulos & Susanne Bausinger (Greece/Germany, 2015) UK Premiere
A Beacon in Havana by Fay Efrosini Lellios & Wilton Cruz (USA/Cuba, 2015) World Premiere
Chalkedon by Gregory Oikonomides (Greece, 2014) UK Premiere
In the Nest of Time by Alexander Papailiou (Greece, 2015) UK Premiere
The Art of Crisis, Theatre Matters by Katerina Patroni (Greece, 2014 )UK Premiere
Cementography by Nicolas Iordanou & Sylvia Nicolaides (Cyprus, 2015) World Premiere
Pavlos. No Ordinary King by Nikos Politis (Greece, 2015) UK Premiere
Samios by Maria Yannoulis (Greece, 2015) UK Premiere
Burning from the inside by Marsia Tzivara Greece/Germany, 2014) UK Premiere
Following Shira’s Journey: A Greek Jewish Odyssey by Carol Gordon & Natalie Cunningham (Australia, 2014) UK Premiere
Who will remove the chestnuts from the fire? by Vasilis Tsartsanis & Nikos Vourvahakis (Greece, 2014) UK Premiere
The Archaeologist by Kimon Tsakiris (Greece, 2014) UK Premiere

Greek School Prayer by Thanasis Neofotistos

Short Films
Alternative by Vasilis Tsirakis (Greece, 2015, 20΄) World Premiere
Cravats by Alexis Komvakos (Greece, 2014, 10΄) UK Premiere
Sleep: A Monologue by Peter Ellinas (Cyprus, 2015, 14΄) World Premiere
Sin by Christina Anna Dafni (UK, 2014, 12΄) UK Premiere
Mother΄s Son by Graziella Roussou (Greece, 2015, 5΄) UK Premiere
The Collector by Dimitris Argyriou (Greece, 2014, 13΄) UK Premiere
Enforcement 6/9 by Konstantinos Ioannidis & Fanis Topsachalidis (Greece, 2015, 19΄) World Premiere
Spectrum by Dimitris Gkotsis (Greece, 2014, 12΄) UK Premiere
On Hold by George Tsirogiannis (Greece, 2014, 17΄) UK Premiere
Short Cut by Orestis Tsitouris & Savina Liaki (Greece, 2015, 4΄) World Premiere
Man in a Box by Elias Papastamatiou (Greece, 2012, 5΄) UK Premiere
Woman by Konstantinos Chaliasas (Greece, 2015, 15΄) World Premiere
Suppression by Michail Mavromoustakos (Greece, 2014, 5΄) UK Premiere
Elvin by Orfeas Peretzis (Greece, 2014, 25΄) UK Premiere
Prince Of The Hill by Paris Grigorakis (Greece, 2014, 28΄) UK Premiere
My dad is a Dracula by Konstantinos Chaliasas (Greece, 2014, 15΄) UK Premiere
Big Bad Sheep by Paris Patsouridis (Greece, 2013, 21΄) UK Premiere
Austerity by Renos Gavris (Greece/Cyprus, 2015, 15΄)
Between Black and White by Socrates Alafouzos (Greece, 2015, 15΄) UK Premiere
Retro Face by Spiros Dodopoulos (Greece, 2014, 7΄) UK Premiere
For Ever Young by Spiros Charalampous (Greece, 2014, 21΄) UK Premiere
25.12 by Stella Dimadis (Australia, 2015, 14΄) World Premiere
Killing My Girl by Tasos Giapoutzis (UK/Greece, 2014. 12΄)
Greek School Prayer by Thanasis Neofotistos (Greece, 2014. 20΄) UK Premiere
Berenice by Theano Emmanouil (Greece, 2015. 8΄) World Premiere
Without Milk by Thodoris Vournas (Greece, 2014. 18΄) UK Premiere

Source: London Greek Film Festival official website
  Kame Koummando
  Lost in the Bewilderness
  Greek School Prayer
  The Archaeologist
  Family Member
  The Republic
  Dark Illusion
  The Journey (II)
  Thodoris Atheridis
  Dimitris Athanitis
  Alexandros Papailiou
  Kimon Tsakiris
  Savvas Karydas
  Katerina Patroni
  Manolis Damianakis
  Paris Patsouridis
  Grigoris Oiconomides
  Thanasis Neofotistos
  Alexandra Anthony
  Dimitris Gkotsis
  Orfeas Peretzis
  Marinos Kartikkis
  Graziella Roussou
  Orestis Tsitouris
  Dimitris Tzetzas
  Manos Karystinos
  Lance Nielsen
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