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The 13th Tirana International Film Festival
21 October 2015
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The 13th edition of Tirana International Film Festival (TIFF) is here. From October 28 to November 5, the capital of Albania -in addition to the competition films- will host retrospectives, seminars, master classes, press events and special presentations at theatres all over the city.

The festival will open with the Albanian premiere of Laura Bispuri΄s Sworn Virgin (Italy, Germany, Switzerland, Albania, Kosovo*, 2015), while Father by Visar Morina (Germany, Kosovo*, FYROM, France, 2015), also an Albanian premiere, will be the festival΄s closing film.

TIFF 2015 is comprised of three competition sections, the International Feature, the International Short and the Albanian Shorts Competition. Leading scriptwriters, directors, producers and film critics comprise the different juries. Yorgos Tsemberopoulos, Yoram Kahana and Srdjan Dragojevic form the International Competition Jury, Nehir Tuna, Elektra Venaki and Dimitar Nikolov the Albanian Competition Jury, Lendita Zeqiraj, Jacopo Chessa and Dov Keren the International Short Competition Jury, while, the Media Jury is comprised of Luela Myftari, Fatmira Nikolli and Artur Nura.

Amsterdam Express by Fatmir Koçi

International Feature Competition
Across the Sea by Pierre Maillard (Switzerland/Albania, 2015)
Amsterdam Express by Fatmir Koçi (UK/Albania/Netherlands/Germany, 2014)
Father by Visar Morina (Germany/Kosovo*/FYROM/France, 2015)
The Journey by Adriano Valerio (Italy/Romania/Bulgaria/FYROM, 2015)
Index Zero by Lorenzo Sportiello (UK/Italy, 2014)
Pikadero by Ben Sharrock (Spain/UK, 2015)
Raul by Matías Venables (Chile, 2014)
She Comes Back on Thursday by André Novais Oliveira (Brasil, 2014)
Sworn Virgin by Laura Bispuri (Italy/Switzerland/Germany/Albania/Kosovo*, 2015)
Xenia by Panos H. Koutras (Greece/France/Belgium, 2014)

Short Films in Competition
A Serious Comedy by Lander Camarero (Spain, 2014, 30’)
A Tree in the Sea by Shahir Zag (United Arab Emirates, 2015, 19’)
Are You Tough Enough by Michael Schmidt-Olsen (Denmark, 2015, 7’)
Bad Hunter by Sahim Omar Kalifa (Belgium/UAE/Iraq, 2014, 14’)
Belonging by Serkan Ertekin (Turkey, 2015, 30’)
Bittersweet by Michal Wawzrzecki (Poland, 2014, 19’)
Breath by Artur Gorishti (Albania, 2015, 15’)
Champion by Måns Berthas (Sweden, 2015, 20’)
Excursion by Adrian Sitaru (Romania, 2014, 20’)
Forever Young by Spiros Charalambous (Greece, 2014, 22’)
Ice Water by Jalal Saedpanah (Iran, 2015, 15’)
I΄ve Just Had a Dream by Javi Navarro (Spain, 2014, 7’)
Joanna by Panagiotis Fafoutis (Greece, 2015, 9’)
Kennels by Massimiliano D΄Agostino (Italy, 2015, 17’)
Mashka by Igor Kagramanov (Russia, 2014, 26’)
Mother Virgin No More by Derya Durmaz (Turkey, 2015, 7’)
Greek School Prayer by Thanasis Neofotistos (Greece, 2014, 20’)
She Bought it is Zarausz by Aitor Arregi (Spain, 2014, 16’)
Shirt Sleeve by Suela Bako (Albania, 2015, 14’)
Sonderkommando by Nicola Ragone (Italy, 2015, 19’)
Ten Buildings Away by Miki Polonski (Israel, 2015, 25’)
The Field by Asier Altuna (Spain, 2014, 13’)
The Horse by Yll Citaku & Alban Ukaj (Kosovo*, 2014, 14’)
The Rooster by Aleksey Nuzhny (Russia, 2015, 21’)
The Seed by Barney Frydman (Belgium, 2015, 21’)
The Substitute by Nathan Hughes-Berry (UK, 2015, 23’)
The Translator by Emre Kayiş (Turkey/UK, 2014, 23’)
Travelling by Karolina Zaleszczuk (Poland, 2015, 23’)
Useful Area by David Cervera Sanchez (Spain, 2014, 5’)
Waxuward by Kira Richard Hamen (Denmark, 2014, 20’)

The Time of a Young Man About to Kill by Neritan Zinxhiria

Shorts Albanian in Competition
5 Euro by Don Raça - Fiction (Kosovo*, 2015, 4’)
8 by Lorena Hida - Experimental (Albania, 2015, 8’)
Building on Sand by Kejd Kuqo - Documentary (Canada, 2014, 8’)
Capsule by Irdit Kaso - Fiction (Albania, 2015, 19΄)
Chasing the Sun by Natasha Bega - Fiction (Albania, 2015, 30’)
Cheers by Norika Sefa - Fiction (Kosovo*, 2015, 27’)
Dreamland by Xhulio Joka (Albania, 2014, 18’)
It Has no Title by Elirë Xhemaili & Benet Nelku - Experimental (Albania, 2015, 25’)
Liberation by Burim Haliti - Fiction (Kosovo*, 2015, 29’)
Pandora by Arlinda Morina - Fiction (Kosovo*, 2014, 25’)
Retirement Day by Fisnik Muji - Fiction (Kosovo*, 2015, 14’)
Shok by Jamie Donoughue – Fiction (Kosovo*, 2015, 21’)
The Innocent by Amir Vitija - Fiction (Kosovo*, 2015, 15’)
The Little Branch by Bertrand Shijaku - Animation (Albania, 2015, 10΄)
The Very Same by Armand Vellahu - Fiction (Albania, 2014, 25’)
Think Twice by Naser Shillova - Animation (UK, 2015, 8’)
Three by Arian Dalladaku - Fiction (Albania, 2015, 15΄)
Where is Don by More Raça - Fiction (Kosovo*, 2015, 10’)

Short Animated Films
Cube by Mehdi Fard (Iran, 2015, 3’)
Golden Shot by Gökalp Gönen (Turkey, 2015, 9’
In Your Eyes by Julien Arnal (France, 2015, 6’)
Portrait of a Wind-Up Maker by Darío Pérez (Spain, 2015, 5’)
Pull the Trigger by Jossie Malis (Spain, 2014, 12’)
Religatio by Jaime Giraldo (Canada, 2014, 3’)
Sand Mother by Didi Rodan (Spain, 2014, 13’)
Shades of Gray by Alexandra Averyanova (Russia, 2014, 6’)
The Old Tree by Farnoosh Abedi (Iran, 2014, 11’)
The Valley Below by Joel Hofmann (Switzerland, 2015, 8΄)

Short Documentary Films
A Film by Abigail by Paul Vernon (UK, 2014, 5’)
Cinema Road by Nikos Theodosiou (Greece, 2015, 15’)
Daphne or the Lovely Specimen by Sébastien Laudenbach & Sylvain Derosne (France, 2014, 14’)
Invisible by Zofia Pregowska (Poland, 2014, 22’)
Sayachapis by Marie Soleil & Henri Foisy (Canada, 2014, 21’)
Skyline Memory Vanish in the Air by Beatriz Ruibal (Spain, 2015, 23’)
Where is my Mother΄s House by Selma Nayebi (Iran, 2014, 15’)

Cheers by Norika Sefa

Short Experimental Films
Action Painting No.1-No.2 by Krefer & Turca (Brasil, 2014, 7’)
Celluloid Me by Sholeh Zahraei (Cyprus, 2014, 3’)
Cold as Kissing the Moon by Consuelo Frauenfelder & Stefan Lauper (Switzerland, 2014, 12’)
Dimensions of Belonging by Richard Soriano Legaspi (Philippines/Italy, 2014, 4’)
First Contact by Dimitris Argyriou (Lithuania, 2014, 7’)
Forgotten Ritual by Mirjam Hlastan (Germany, 2015, 10’)
Irminsul by Jolan Auzeby, Julien Comman, Célia Hanini, Kopsès Laforêt & Liza Van Den Bergh (France, 2015, 5’)
Mouldy Memories by Edina Csüllög, Anti Naulainen & Helen Unt (Estonia, 2014, 12’)
The Loops of Emptiness by Gabrielė Labanauskaitė & Adomas Jablonskis (Lithuania, 2015, 10’)
Triptyque by Camille Mikolajczak (Belgium, 2014, 6΄)

Special Screenings
The Dove Flyer (Farewell Baghdad) by Nissim Dayan (Israel, 2013)
Cash Only by Malik Bader (USA, 2015) European premiere
The Waiting by Roland Sejko (Albania, 2015)

In parallel events, TIFF 2015 will be organising masterclasses and seminars with industry professionals geared for Albanian cinema students and emerging filmmakers, special programs, like the Life is Short and the Women to Women programs with 7 shorts from Italy and 5 from Mexico, 13 shorts made from students of the Academy of Film and Multimedia Marubi between 2005 and 2015, a homage to Pier Paolo Pasolini, tributes and international guests. 

In other activities, TIFF 2015 is introducing four major new services, TIFF.TV Competition, TIFF Online Library, TIFF Market Corner and TIFF on Tour. In TIFF.TV Competition, TIFF and its partner, DigitAlb TV, offer to fillmmakers the chance to win several TV audience awards by screening their films on TV. In TIFF Online Library, TIFF, altcine and altcineAction! will launch the online screenings of all films with all related information and open for comments. The free of charge screenings will remain in the library as long as the director/producer wishes. In TIFF Market Corner, potential buyers can watch all films and make their selection, while TIFF acts as a promoter and distributor, while, in TIFF on Tour, the festival will travel to other Albanian cities with a selection of films and propose special screenings to other regional festivals in accordance to a specific subject or theme.

Source: Tirana International Film Festival official website
  Greek School Prayer
  Amsterdam Express
  Sworn Virgin
  The Translator
  The Journey
  Excursion (short film)
  The Time Of A Young Man About To Kill
  Across the Sea (II)
  Electra Venaki
  Panayotis Fafoutis
  Fatmir Koci
  Yorgos Tsemberopoulos
  Srdjan Dragojevic
  Adrian Sitaru
  Panos H. Koutras
  Alban Ukaj
  Derya Durmaz
  Artur Gorishti
  Lendita Zeqiraj
  Jamie Donoughue
  Thanasis Neofotistos
  Laura Bispuri
  Dimitar Nikolov
  Suela Bako
  Visar Morina
  Emre Kayis
  Adriano Valerio
  Norika Sefa
  Neritan Zinxhiria
  Pierre Maillard
  Serkan Ertekin
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