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The Greek and French Film Center co-production fund supports 4 projects
3 November 2015
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The Greek-French co-production fund has selected the first film projects, submitted the second half of 2015. Created last year by the Greek (GFC) and the French Film Centers (CNC), the Fund΄s Committee met in Paris, October 28, for the 3rd time and decided to dispose the sum of €500.000.

Pari by Siamak Etemadi

Dolphin Man by Lefteris Haritos (Documentary, Greece: 70,10% - France: 29,90%)
In 1988, the film Le Grand Bleu (The Big Blue) propelled French deep-sea diver Jacques Mayol into world stardom. It had been inspired by Mayol’s daring feat of diving 100m in one breath and his profound affinity with the sea. ”Dolphin Man” takes us on a journey across Mayol’s life, from his early years as a diver who risked his life for fame, to his transformation into a messenger – pathfinder, aiming to redefine our relationship with the sea. 

Elefthero Thema by Stella Theodoraki (Feature film, Greece: 80% - France: 20%)
When Iris, Professor at an Fine Arts Academy, tells her students to write an essay about anything they would like to, they present several irrational stories, inspired by the times they live in, the people they love and the socio-political situation of their country. Giorgos, a student, finds Iris΄ cell phone and copies parts of her life in his essay.

The Harvesters by Etienne Kalos (Feature film, Greece: 29% - France: 58% - South Africa: 15%)
The Free State in South Africa is the last stronghold for the world’s smallest and Africa’s only white ethnic culture – the Afrikaners. In a conservative rural culture where strength and masculinity are prized above all, Johan is set apart by his hidden homosexual nature feeling isolated by an insular community obsessed with family and ancestry. 

Pari by Siamak Etemadi (Feature film, Greece: 52,57% - France: 47,43%)
When Babak, an Iranian student in Greece, doesn’t show up to welcome his parents at the Athens international airport, his mother, Pari, is forced to go on a quest that will take her much further than a mother’s search for a missing son. Pari and her older husband Farrokh are ill prepared to search for a fugitive in an intimidating alien environment. They are devout Muslims, this is their first time abroad and they hardly speak any English. Soon they reach a dead-end and when Farrokh commands their return back to their family in Iran, Pari does the unthinkable; she escapes to continue the search alone. Following the steps of her rebellious son, Pari uses everything and everyone to reach the darkest corners of the city, as well as the hidden depths of her own soul.
  Stella Theodoraki
  Lefteris Haritos
  Siamak Etemadi
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