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The Awards of the 13th Tirana International Film Festival
9 November 2015
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Tirana International Film Festival΄s (TIFF) 13th edition has reached to an end. With a total of 4,200 film submissions from 110 countries (some 600 feature and 3,600 short films), the festival΄s 120 final films from around the world, are considered very ambitious figures for an international film festival held in the Balkans. The main and special programs included 20 feature and 100 short films, many of them with competition and awards at the most prestigious international festivals, honored guests as well as industry discussions and events.

Father΄s producers Nicole Gerhards and Visar Krusha, actor Astrit Kabashi and filmmaker/International Jury member, Yorgos Tsemberopoulos

This year΄s TIFF saw Father by Visar Morina (Germany/Kosovo*/FYROM/France, 2015) being picked as the festival΄s best film. Beside the Best Feature Film Award, Morina΄s film also got the Special Media Award. Panos Koutras΄ Xenia (Greece/France/Belgium, 2015) went away with two prizes, Best Director and Best Screenplay for Koutras and Panagiotis Evangelidis. The awards for Xenia were received by the Greek Ambassador in Tirana, Mr. Leonidas Rokanas.

The Spanish/UK Pikadero by Ben Sharrock, also received two awards, the Best Editing and the Special Achievement in Acting awards. The Romanian short Excursion by Adrian Sitaru (2015) got the Best Short Film award with Cheers by Norika Sefa (Kosovo*, 2015) going away with the Best Film In Albanian award.  

Albanian actor Andi Bajgora received a Special Achievement In Acting, for his roles in the Kosovar* films Cheers (2015) and Shok (2015). Actor-director Artur Gorishti΄s Breath (Albania, 2015) was granted the Ron Holloway Award for the Best Debut Short Film.

Serkan Ertekin, winner of the Best Regional Film award for the short film Belonging 

The full winners΄ line-up:

International Competition 

Best Feature Film
Father by Visar Morina (Germany/Kosovo*/FYROM/France, 2015)
A film about trust moves with effective simplicity through the voyage of an exceptional 10-year-old boy. Experiencing through his eyes the fear of his father deserting him, we feel the harshness of illegally migrating, away from what should be his Home. 

Best Director
Panos H. Koutras for Xenia (Greece/France/Belgium, 2015)
For the effective handling of different story-lines into a homogenous well-crafted film, with expertise in all aspects of film directing. 

Best Screenplay
Panos H. Koutras & Panagiotis Evangelidis for Xenia
For the complexity of a script dealing with human and political issues combined in the uniform narrative of a road-movie. 

Best Cinematography
Jonathan Ricquebourg for The Journey by Adriano Valerio (Italy/Romania/Bulgaria/FYROM, 2015)
For a deliberate camera that doesn’t just describe the story and the faces, but penetrates into the dilemmas and desperation of the main characters. 

Best Editing "Luc Barnier" 
Karel Dolak for Pikadero by Ben Sharrock (Spain/UK, 2015)
For the discreet and ascetic editing exclusively in the service of a playful storytelling. 

Special Acheivement in Acting
Bárbara Goenaga for Pikadero 
For her subtle minimal acting, perfectly combining comedy and drama. 

International Short Competition
Jury: Lendita Zeqiraj, Jacopo Chessa and Dov Keren

Best Short Film
Excursion by Adrian Sitaru (Romania, 2014)
For its extraordinary cinematic narration from the perspective of a child displaying a full dimension of everyday life. 

Best Fiction Short Film
The Rooster by Alexey Nuzhny (Russia, 2015)
Sad, romantic, but yet funny and uplifting story about love. 

Best Short Documentary Film
Invisible by Zofia Pregowska (Poland, 2014)
For subtle and emotional portraying of the life through the personality, passion and determination of a 90 years old poet. 

Best Short Animated Film
In Your Eyes by Julien Arnal (France, 2015)
For its powerful use of the light and shadow and its esthetic and technical animation skills in storytelling. 

Best Short Experiment Film
Celuloid Me by Sholeh Zahraei (Cyprus, 2014)
For the artistic and philosophical point of view of human through personal inspiration of the filmmaker.

Best Regional Film
by altcine

Belonging by Serkan Ertekin (Turkey, 2015)
For the skillful synthesis of diverse cinematic elements and the effective mix of the realistic approach with fantasy, in order to offer a catharsis to the heroes; for the tenderness that emerges by the cinematic vocabulary and defines the author΄s style; for the pertinent, not explicit but implicit gaze on the contemporary life in our cities.

Best Debut Short Film "Ron Holloway"
by Tirana International Film Festival

Breath by Artur Gorishti (Albania, 2015)

TIFF Director, Agron Domi

In Albanian Competition 
Jury: Nehir Tuna, Elektra Venaki and Dimitar Nikolov

Best Film In Albanian
Cheers by Norika Sefa (Kosovo*, 2015)
For the ability to depict the men’s world, the sensitive approach of the coming of age issue, the subtle evolution of the characters, the realistic dialogues and the excellent direction of the actors, especially of the young one, the maitrise of framing, the pace and rhythm contribute elegantly and intelligently to the unique storytelling atmosphere. 

Special Mention
Capsule by Irdit Kaso (Albania, 2015)
For its cinematic language and good visual storytelling. 

Special Achievement In Acting
Andi Bajgora for the films Cheers (Kosovo*, 2015) and Shok (Kosovo*, 2015)
The competition was so interesting, that we decided, we felt we have to give recognition to the impressive acting, of maybe the youngest actor of the festival. 

Media Awards 
Jury: Luela Myftari, Fatmira Nikolli and Artur Nura

Media Award Feature
Kennels by Massimiliano D΄Agostino & Gaspare Russo (Italy, 2015)
For the allegory used to describe the attitude of the social class in power towards the poor and the efforts of the latter to escape the cage and find freedom. 

Special Media Award
Father by Visar Morina (Germany/Kosovo*/FYROM/France, 2015)
For the vision and the treatment of the Albanian immigrants and the road full of hardships towards the closed-up West, an issue that was widely treated by the media. 
Audience Award
The Rooster by Alexey Nuzhny (Russia, 2015)

Internet Vote
Dreamland by Xhulio Joka (Albania, 2015)

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