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The 28th Panorama of European Cinema
23 November 2015
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In spite of the difficult times, the longest running film festival of Athens, the Panorama of European Cinema, returns for the 28th consecutive year, providing the audience with the opportunity to be the first to watch movies that will leave a strong imprint on the current film season, as well as masterpieces of 7th Art, more or less known, even to the most dedicated fans of cinema. 

From November 26 to December 2, Aavora cinema and the Greek Film Archive, will be transformed into the ultimate meeting point for cinema enthusiasts, with more than 50 films from the European and World cinema promising an unforgettable viewing experience. 

The Reaper by Zvonimir Juric

Like every year, the Competition Section of the Festival, renowned and newcomers European filmmakers claim one of the prizes, with 12 new films (7 from the Balkans) which have not been booked by Greek distribution companies. 

The Reaper by Zvonimir Juric (Croatia/Slovenia, 2014)
Enclave by Goran Radovanovic (Serbia, 2015)
Impressions of a Drowned Man by Kyros Papavasiliou (Cyprus/Greece/Slovenia, 2015)
Father by Visar Morina (Germany/Kosovo*/FYROM/France, 2015)
Invisible by Dimitris Athanitis (Greece, 2015)
The Cypress Deep Down by Nikos Kornilios (Greece, 2015)
The Treasure by Corneliu Porumboiu (Romania/France, 2015)
Wednesday Child by Lili Horvathova (Hungary/Germany, 2015)
The Violators by Helen Walsh (UK, 2015)
In the Shadow of Women by Philippe Garrel (France/Switzerland, 2015)
Home Care by Slavek Horak (Czech Republic/Slovakia, 2015)
Zenaida by Alexis Tsafas & Yannis Fotou (Greece/Cape Verde, 2014)

The Avant Premieres program, includes one Turkish production (Mustang by Deniz Gamze Erguven, Turkey/France/Germany,  2015), one Greek (Deadly Casting by Dimitris Panayiotatos, Greece, 2016), two Italian (Meraviglioso Boccacio by Pailo & Vittorio Taviani (Italy/France, 2015 and Blood of my Blood by Marco Bellocchio, Italy/France/Switzerland, 2015) and an American title (Brooklyn by John Crowley, USA/Ireland/Canada, 2015).

Mustang by Deniz Gamze Erguven

This year΄s Panorama tribute to Greek cinema will be dedicated to the Hellenic Egyptian filmmakers: 
Roza by Hristoforos Hristofis (Greece, 1982)
The Properties of 2 by Achilleas Kyriakides (Greece, 2012, 15΄)
L΄Amore by Dimitris Mavrikios (Greece, 1979)
Absences by Giorgos Katakouzinos (Greece, 1987)
120 Desibels by Vassilis Vafeas (Greece, 1987)
Double Moon in August by Kostas Ferris (Greece, 1978)

The festival΄s program includes never before seen films from all over the world, tributes to established directors (from Orson Welles and Bertrand Tavernier, to John Cassavetes and Vassilis Vafeas). The latter΄s film to be shown are The Cosmic Dissecting Room Show (Greece, 1993), The Love of Ulysses (Greece, 1984) and Every Saturday (Greece, 1999).

Panorama 2015 short films program will screen 5 recent short produced by Horme Pictures: Short Cut by Savina Liaki & Orestis Tsitouris (2015, 4΄), Depth by Tasos Karydis (2015, 8΄), One Size by Elli Katsaouni (2015, 4΄), Muscles by Konstantinos Xenakis (2015, 6΄) and Bookless by Vassilis Goudelis (2015, 10΄). The shorts program will be completed with 4 student shorts: Neck Ties by Alexis Komnakos (2015, 10΄), A Man Fell in Love by Vangelis Rigas (2015, 16΄), For Ever by Nikos Mandarakas (2015, 25΄) and Paccino΄s Way by Haris Pantelidakis (2015, 18΄).

To mark the 40th anniversary of the Greek Film Critics Association (PEKK) the festival holds a special program where film critics of the old and new generation suggest their favorite European films, including filmmakers such as Godard, Bergman, Truffaut, Bresson and others.

The FIPRESCI Prize will be given by a three-member jury, consisting by members of the International Federation of Film Critics, and for the first time, the Greek Film Critics Association will give its own prize, decided by a three-member committee. As every year, the opinion of the public will be recorded by the five-member committee composed by readers of Athinorama magazine.

Source: Panorama official website
  Every Saturday
  The Love of Ulysses
  120 Decibels
  The Reaper
  Impressions of a Drowned Man
  The Treasure
  For Ever
  Kostas Ferris
  Nikos Kornilios
  Dimitris Panayotatos
  Dimitris Athanitis
  Vassilis Goudelis
  Yannis Fotou
  Corneliu Porumboiu
  Vassilis Vafeas
  Kyros Papavasiliou
  Achilleas Kyriakidis
  Christoforos Christofis
  George Katakouzinos
  Goran Radovanovic
  Zvonimir Juric
  Deniz Gamze Erguven
  Visar Morina
  Konstantinos Xenakis
  Tasos Karydis
  Nikos Mandarakas
  Horme Pictures
  27th Panorama of European Cinema, 16/10 - 26/10
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