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“The Last Resort” by Thanos Anastopoulos at 69th Cannes Festival Official Selection
14 April 2016
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The Last Resort, fourth film by Thanos Anastopoulos,  co-directed by Davide Del Degan, is one of the few documentaries selected for this year΄s official program of the 69th Cannes Festival!

The film, that was shot over two years, is a rare documentary about a unique beach in Europe and its unique “residents”. An intimate place next to the city but yet so “far away”, like an isolated island, in between parked trucks, waiting to cross the harbor office to enter Europe. At the same time, this beach is the last resort for people who entrusted a large part of their lives.

Trieste - privileged observation post onto the New Europe; multicultural crossroads; seaport; a frontier city of comings and goings, and contradictions.

A world characterized by being ‘ex’, where a past full of promise has been replaced by disappointment and the collapse of big hopes for the development of the city’s port. 

A place where feeling like a loser is not shameful, rather a common feeling, a philosophy of life, almost a distinctive feature, which sometimes is also an excuse to not act or change anything. 

Here the sea divides and unites, enlarging the borders, and at the same time blurring them, in as much as people from different countries have mixed up: Serbs, Greeks, Slovenians, Jewish, Germans, Austrians, Americans…

This is a city where the borders have changed profoundly, where you no longer need any form of ID to travel to Slovenia, where the barriers (real or metaphorical as they may be) have disappeared over the years; where the famous wall of the asylum was demolished in the Seventies thanks to the revolution in mental healthcare brought about by Franco Basaglia. 

Yet, in Trieste there is one wall that is still standing. The wall that separates men and women at the beach known as “Alla Lanterna” (commonly referred to by the locals as the “Pedocìn”), a unique phenomenon in all of Europe – a corner of ‘noisy tranquillity’ a stone’s throw from the city centre but also surrounded by lorries, very close to the customs area of the port and to a huge car park. A world apart, an island suspended in time.

The walls are there, so we do not forget our eternal barriers.

With the film “L’ultima spiaggia/The Last Resort” the directors aim to present the pulsating life of the “Pedocìn” beach not only in summer, but also in the other seasons when it is still open but less busy. They follow some characters and enter their lives to establish their relationship with this iconic ‘segregated’ beach. They also want to explore the ‘psychological walls’, which are still very present in the city, as a result of its dramatic recent history and the sudden changes of which Trieste has often been a more or less conscious emblem.

This film is the first work entirely dedicated to the famous beach “Alla Lanterna”, which in the past has attracted not infrequent interest from numerous Italian and foreign TV channels, which have dedicated reports to it. However, to date, despite its peculiarity, no audiovisual works have been set in it, except some rare and isolated scenes which have used the beach as a decorative background, but not as its main narrative agent, as in their film.

Directors: Thanos Anastopoulos- Davide Del Degan
Producers: Nicoletta Romea-Stella Theodoraki-Guillaume de Seille
Director of Photography: Ilias Adamis- Debora Vrizzi
Sound Editor: Matteo Serman
Sound: Francesco Morosini
Sound Mixer: Costas Varibopiotis

  Thanos Anastopoulos
  Stella Theodoraki
  Bonita Papastathi
  Ilias Adamis
  Costas Varibopiotis
  Guillaume De Seille
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