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The 9th Edition of Documentary Festival Beldocs
12 May 2016
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Beldocs International Documentary Festival opens its doors today until May 18th with a 7-day program of documentary films from all over the world and as every year many professionals from the documentary film industry will attend this important documentary festival.

In the ninth year of its existence, the Beldocs festival has some novelties. Firstly, the location is expanded to several halls. After the opening, which will traditionally be held in ‘Sava center’, the festival continues in the Youth Center of Belgrade, the Culture center hall in Belgrade, Yugoslavian Cinema, the Fountain cinema, and the first time in Budva (Montenegro) in a renovated Cadmus Cineplex cinema, where Beldocs pushes the boundaries of its work this year.

Films are divided into several categories, two of them competitive; the International Competition Program and for the first time this year, the Serbian Competition Program. In the national selection, in addition to the Grand Prix for Best Film, there will also be two professional awards - for Best Editing and Best Cinematography in a documentary film.

The selector of the International program, as well as a tribute of the program to the famous documentarian Robert Flaherty is Greg De Cuir, a movie theoretic and author, while the film director Darko Lungulov is in charge of the domestic selection.

Generation ΄68 by Nenad Puhovski

The International program is full of documentary ‘treats’. Cinephiles will really enjoy the documentaries that provoke and talk about the effects of the past on the present society.

Two special programs this year are Biographic documentaries and Bulgarian documentary movies.

A special homage of the Beldocs program is dedicated to the famous documentarian Robert Flaherty, whereby the largest retrospective of his work will be held and the first integral retrospective on a 35mm strip in Europe, therefore the program will be held in the Yugoslavian cinema. On that occasion, for the first time, a digitally restored movie ‘Moana’ will be shown, as well as other works of this unique filmmaker.

Beldocs will host the Industry program intended for movie professionals in this field. On this occasion, the president of the European Documentary Network Paul Pauwels from Copenhagen, will discuss with the participants of the program, authors and producers, in two separate sessions – how to present their projects to the board of committee in Europe – and about the possibilities of European co-productions for Serbian producers of documentaries.

Here is the list with the Balkan films in each section:

International Competition

School Time for Miss Roma by Vesna Cudic

Serbian Competition program

Chasing a Dream by Mladen Mitrović, Serbia, Bosia and Herzegovina, Croatia, 2015

Depth Two by Ognjen Glavonić, Serbia, France, 2016

Masks by Brankica Draskovic, Serbia, 2015

Four Passports by Mihajlo Jevtić, Germany, Serbia, Croatia, 2016

Jadranka by Branko Lazić, Bosnia and Herzegovina, 2015

The Children by Denis Bojić, Bosnia and Herzegovina, 2015

Four Passports by Mihajlo Jevtic

Serbian Out of Competition  Program

Tapavica by Ognjen Rakčević, Milan Todorović, Serbia, 2016

Unidentified by Marija Ristić, Nemanja Babić, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, 2015

Drop by Dušan Vojvodić, Serbia, 2016

Abdul and Hazma by Marko Grba Singh

Borderline Galore: Bulgarian Documentary

Corridor #8 by Boris Despodov, Bulgaria, 2008

Sofia΄s Last Ambulance by Ilian Metev, Bulgaria, Germany, Croatia, 2012

Stoichkov by Borislav Kolev, Bulgaria, 2012

The Boy who was a King by Andrey Paounov, Bulgaria, Germany, 2011

Vitosha by Lyubomir Mladenov, Bulgaria, 2013

Tzvetanka by Youlian Tabakov, Sweden, Bulgaria, 2012

Sofia΄s Last Ambulance by Ilian Metev

Biographical Documentaries

Crnjanski by Danilo Beckovic, Serbia, 2015

The Beldocs festival is supported by the Ministry of culture and information of the Republic of Serbia, the Secretariat for the culture of the city of Belgrade, Film Centre Serbia, Swiss embassy, Goethe institute Belgrade, Israeli embassy in Belgrade and the Ukraine embassy in Belgrade.

For more information please visit Beldocs Official Website
  Sofia`s Last Ambulance
  The Boy Who Was a King
  4 Passports
  Chasing A Dream
  The Unidentified
  Abdul and Hamza
  Depth Two
  Generation of 68
  School Time for Miss Roma
  Wall of Death and All That
  The Other Line
  The Most Important Boy in the World
  Yours Truly, Sexymaja
  The Tramway Hotel
  Corridor #8
  City of Dreams
  Roma Quixote
  Darko Lungulov
  Ilian Metev
  Nemanja Babic
  Andrey Paounov
  Borislav Kolev
  Youlian Tabakov
  Lyubomir Mladenov
  Greg DeCuir Jr.
  Nenad Puhovski
  Mladen Kovacevic
  Milan Todorovic
  Svetoslav Draganov
  Boris Despodov
  Danilo Beckovic
  Mihajlo Jevtic
  Ognjen Glavonic
  Mladen Mitrovic
  Marija Ristic
  Marko Grba Singh
  Vesna Cudic
  Nenad Milosevic
  Tea Lukac
  Ivan Mandic
  Marko Mamuzic
  Tamara von Steiner
  Petya Nakova
  Nina Pehlivanova
  Brankica Draskovic
  Film Center Serbia - Filmski Centar Srbije
  Beldocs 2013
  Borderline Galore: Bulgarian Documentary
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  EDN - Official Website
  Film Centre Serbia
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