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The awards of the 2nd DocuTIFF
10 June 2016
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The winners of the 2nd edition of DocuTIFF were announced on Wednesday evening, 8 June at the UNESCO Hall of the National Museum, during the closing ceremony of the festival.


The Internet Vote Award went to Alma Zekollari for the film See You in the Morning, and the Audience Choice Award was won by Tomer Heymann’ s Mr. Gaga (Israel/ Sweden/ Germany/  Netherlands).


The media jury decided unanimously to give the Media Award to The Russian Woodpecker by Chad Gracia (Ukraine/ UK/ USA/ Finland), as a product which bears within continuous updating search for the truth. In a society which is moving constantly towards new collisions, this documentary highlights the importance of history in these conflicts silent and gives the example of a deep investigation not only artistic. The film is a homage of the truth and opens a new vision of historical research reports. And an example to show that media continue to be the first that builds new reports.


The film awarded for the Best Frame was Shoulder the Lion by Erinnisse and Patryk Rebisz(USA/ France/ Ireland). The jury decided to award this film for the following reasons: The first thing you see immediately in this picture, is not exactly what it seems ... barriers between us and the subject. Photography is a necessary tension to make it operate beyond the context from which it was disconnected.  This imaginary barrier but also clear in the composition of photography is a pretty good game shades , and the attention to go natyrally in oniric , fictional plan and makes us feel like we are in a dream .  "The photography can’t show, the photography must suggest" - said Ferdinando Scianna. So let us go for a moment in her game, let΄s take a little suspicion provocative image, for real: What if, for example, reality is on the other side of our imaginary plan..? In a world of inverted so, the subject of photography will perceive the limits of our world. Paradoxes of a society that makes us go in the endless roud of the communication, in the other side bring to us loneliness and individuality. To every one of us this picture will suggest something. Of course this is probably more difficult for those who have seen the film, a film that is worth mentioning in this regard for his picture pretty mellow and modern. It was a very hard contest and I believe the three of us had a chance to experimentalism once. Again that if it is true that the film is 24 pictures per second, on the contrary, the picture never have the purpose to document reality, it aims to document humane conditions through vision and imagination of an author.

See you in the Morning by Alma Zekollari

The award for the Best Debut Film went to Wild Flower by Fathia Bazi(Netherlands) for the sensitivity with which the authors represented a Sworn Virgin and her objective view of the character’s world.


Best in Albanian Documentary award went to the film There Was a Time by  Donjetë Berisha. The rationale of the jury was the following: “ The film was well constructed with strong visuals. We are impressed by the simplicity of the film and the subject which the filmmaker presented with a very sensitive way. We need films which presents disturbing issues such as violence against women and promoto gender equality espacially in our region.”


A Special Mention was given to the films My Grandmother by Jurgen Agushi for love between countries and people, especialy for Albania and Someone knocks... by Zhejniva Garo for showing us how deeply emotional and vulnerable human special are in a highly cinematic way.


The award for Best Balkan Film went to the film Rotten by Mehmet Selcuk Bilge(Turkey) for the courage dealing with sensitive themes and strong narrative through powerful images.


The award for Best European Short film went to the Austrian film Minor Border by Lisbeth Kovacic. A strong cinematography-driven reflection on borders past and present as well as a rarely sensible use of music make these thoughts - turned - images the best European film in this festival.


The award for Best Short Documentary film went to Eye for an Eye by Steve Bache, Mahyar Goudarzi and Lousie Peter, students at the Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg in Germany.  A skilfully executed portrait of a killer and his terrible crime in animated rotoscopy, depicts a twisted mind motivation and consequences of an insane act of killing.


The Reflection of Power by Mihai Grecu(France) was awarded a Special Mention for its remarkably refreshing glimpse of the urban landscape of totalitarian North Korea and its monuments of delusion, and the obvious ending the director so bravely predicts.


The award for Best Middle-Length Documentary film went to End of the World by Monika Pawluczuk from Poland. One night in the town of Lodz, through the eyes and ears of a radio host, an emergency call officer and a taxi driver, made us voayeurs of a state of mind of a lonely, dehumanized big city citizen.


Exotica, Erotica, Etc. by Evangelia Kranioti

Exotica, Erotica, Etc. by Evangelia Kranioti  was awarded with Best European Feature Documentary Award, while was given a Special Mention for cinematography. According to the jury’s rationale, Erotica, Exotica etc is visually brilliant. It is poetic, immediate and exciting mostly due to the great cinematography work the director Evangelia Kranioti made by her own. It’s definitely surprising watching such a great camera work in a documentary: the special mention of the jury for the best photography couldn’t be more deserved than in here.


The award for Best Feature Documentary was handed to the film Sonita by Rokhsareh Ghaemmaghami(Germany, Switzerland, Iran) .  The jury decided to award Sonita for the following reasons: “Sonita is a powerful and strong story, wonderfully narrated. The movie and the way the protagonist goes through her life and its circumstances, gives us not only an information of what living and surviving in a society surrounded by war means: it bring us an emotional understanding of it, and also a clear view of the cultural background of today΄s life in Afghanistan and Iran. But what we found outstanding in this story is the personal involvement of the director: with her tender sensitivity, Rokhsareh Ghaemmaghami drives both the story and the young Sonita, together with all of us, through a painful but liberating path. If it’s true that a "hidden" intrusion could have ruined the movie, here the sincerity of the director who did not hide her involvement, makes this work extremely interesting and induces us thinking about the complicated relationship between the documentary filmmaker and the filmed subject.”



  Exotica, Erotica, Etc.
  See you in the Morning
  Evangelia Kranioti
  Alma Ibi Zekollari
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