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Greek Film Centre Announces Film Grants
20 July 2016
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During the press conference held on Tuesday, July 19th, the Board of Directors and the General Director of the Greek Film Centre, in the presence of the Minister of Culture and Sports, Mr. Aristides Baltas, announced the first film grants in three different programmes. It is the first time since December 2015 that GFC approves film grants.

Silent by Yorgos Gkikapeppas

Basic Programme (submissions period: November 1st 2014 – April 30th 2015)

Poliorkia Stin Odo Liperti by Stavros Pabalis
Produced by Argonauts A.E.
Budget: €830.600
Grant: €90.000

Gia na Dei ti Thalassa by Angeliki Antoniou
Produced by Lilet Botasi
Budget: €554.190
Grant: €140.000

Cosmic Candy by Rinio Dragasaki
Produced by Fenia Kossovitsa
Budget: €1.020.000
Grant: €130.000

Milo by Christos Nikou
Budget: € 858.348
Grant: €130.000

The Miracle of the Sargasso Sea by Syllas Tzoumerkas
Produced by Maria Drandaki
Budget: €1.405.000
Grant: €160.000

Budget: €989.500
Grant: €130.000

Produced by Amanda Livanou
Budget: €706.531
Grant: €60.000

Total: €67.000

Silent Witness by Dimitris Koutsiabasakos

Incentives to Attract Foreign Productions Programme (submissions period: October 1st 2014 - June 30th 2016)

The Surface of Things by Nancy Biniadaki
Script: Nancy Biniadaki
Budget: € 99.765
Grant: €12.000

The Bay by Emre Yeksan
Script: Ahmet Buke
Produced by Maria Drandaki
Budget: € 805.946
Grant: €30.000

Produced by Nikos Moustakas
Budget: € 522.300
Grant: €25.000

Total: €840.000

Dream Toy by Christos Houliaras

Support of Competed Work Programme (submissions period: October 1st 2014 - June 30th 2016)

Grant: €4500

Grant: €6000

Me and the Others by Thelgia Petraki
Script: Thelgia Petraki
Produced by Kostas Tagalakis
Grant: €6000

The Fish on the Mountain by Stratoula Theodoratou
Grant: €6000

Produced by Guanaco
Grant: €4500

Grant: €4500

Produced by Panagiotis Vouzas
Grant: €6000

I Can’t Stay Silent by Thodoros Maragos
Produced by Thodoros Maragos
Grant: €6000

Produced by Yorgos Gkikapeppas
Grant: €6000

Grammi by Anna-Maria Lyri
Script: Anna-Maria Lyri
Produced by Yorgos Chrysafakis
Grant: €4500

Au Revoir by Dimitris Stratakis
Produced by Yorgos Chrysafakis
Grant: €4500

Woman by Konstantinos Chaliasas
Script: Konstantinos Chaliasas
Produced by Konstantinos Chaliasas
Grant: €1400

UMMI by Nikos Avgoustidis
Script: Nikos Avgoustidis
Produced by Fedra Vokali
Grant: €4500

Grant: €4500

Halcyon Days by Giorgos Zervas
Produced by Giorgos Zervas
Grant: €6000

Grant: €2800

Grant: €6000

4 Days by Michalis Giakounidis
Script: Michalis Giakounidis
Produced by Kasapakis – Batzakis
Grant: €5500

To Nanourisma tis Marias by Dinos Panakokos
Script: Dinos Panakokos
Produced by Sisyphus
Grant: €4500

Total: €93700

  Hail Arcadia
  For Ever
  Dream Toy
  Inner Land
  Silent (II)
  Athens from Beneath
  Silent Witness
  Panayotis Fafoutis
  Dimitris Koutsiabasakos
  Maria Drandaki
  Syllas Tzoumerkas
  Giorgos Georgopoulos
  Thodoros Maragos
  Angeliki Antoniou
  Stratoula Theodoratou
  Babis Makridis
  Dimitris Stratakis
  Filippos Koutsaftis
  Giorgos Zervas
  Vangelis Papadakis
  Iraklis Mavroidis
  Amanda Livanou
  Fenia Cossovitsa
  Nikos Moustakas
  Kostas Georgopoulos
  Tayfun Pirselimoglu
  Yorgos Gkikapeppas
  Konstantinos Kontovrakis
  Emre Yeksan
  Christos Houliaras
  Vicky Miha
  Glykeria Patramani
  Siamak Etemadi
  Spiros Skandalos
  Thomas Tsiftelis
  Yiorgos Bougioukos
  Phaedra Vokali
  Nikos Mandarakas
  Vivian Papageorgiou
  Yorgos Chrysafakis
  Takis Bardakos
  Ahmet Buke
  Argonauts Productions S.A.
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