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The 39th Drama Short Film Festival
7 September 2016
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Press Release

With a record number of participations and the richest short film competition in its history, the 39th edition of the Short Film Festival in Drama takes place this year in September from 19th to 24th at the "Olympia" Cinema and the Conservatory of Drama, in its standard appointment with the most vivid part of the greek cinema: the young Greek filmmakers and those who insist on the short, and who consider it as an accomplished piece of art.

In this year΄s edition a total of 225 films from 58 countries will be screened in all festival’s programs.

Drama Festival, 39 years old

The great feast of the short filmmakers in Drama celebrates its 39 years and completes its 22 years since the establishment of the International Program and for the second consecutive year will have an important supporter: FIPRESCI (the International Federation of Film Critics), who will award a film from the International Competition Section.

The festival, with the support of the city, which has embraced it for almost four decades now, "strikes back": it grows instead of shrinking, it strengthens its global nature and finds new sponsors.

From now on the Festival has an important new sponsor: The Hellenic Parliament awards the (monetary) prize ΄Human Values΄ to a film of the International Section, acknowledging and honoring in this way the contribution of the Short Film Festival in Drama to the Greek society.

To the known awards, this year we should add a prize from Stefilm, a post production company, to the best student film and another from the Greek clothing company Enjoy Fashion: the company will "dress" the next film of the costume designer who will be awarded.

As Antonis Papadopoulos, the director of the festival, says, "this year the richest and best film production in recent years will be presented - and this without the participation of the former major pillars of the Greek film production (ERT, Greek Film Centre), which, however, seem to be recurring. The future is more optimistic, while a new generation of young and able producers has been created."

Greek Competition

Of 209 films submitted (the biggest participation in all its years), 64 films were selected to be included in the Competition. Among them, there are 6 documentaries and 3 animation features. Some old friends of the festival who have been awarded in the past and a lot of newcomers will participate in this year’s competition.

Most of the films are independent productions. Among the names of the producers who participate this year, we meet a lot of filmmakers who have associated their name with the international recognition of the greek cinema.

The Greek financial crisis and the social conditions prevalent in the country are always present in the themes that occupy the young filmmakers-either as the main core of their stories or as the background in a ravaged Greece.

According to the artistic director, Antonis Papadopoulos, “for the first time, the crisis is so strongly associated with the themes and mainly as the background of human stories. It seems that the society of crisis triggers consciousness and artistic worries".

This year, even more filmmakers are motivated by immigration and more specifically by the ongoing tragedies in the Aegean Sea (some of them focus on children), thus exhibiting the quick reflexes of short film.

The psychodrama is once again heavily represented this year (senility, helplessness, Alzheimer’s disease, death, dependency relationships, psychopathy), while the absence of comedies is pronounced. Abortion, miscarriage, grief management, children’s violence in response to a sense of rejection, the education system, dealing with the "foreigner" are a few more of the themes. The gay element is present this year through a lesbian love story.

The Jury of the 39th Greek Short Film Festival in Drama will comprise:

Jury Chairman
Andreas Pantzis, director

Members (in alphabetical order)
Robbie Eksiel, journalist, film critic
Nancy Biniadaki, director
Panos Pappas, director, producer
Andreas Sinanos, director of photography

The film historian Yianna Athanasatou has undertaken the role of this year’s Grand Temoin of the National Program.

International Program in Competition

The festival, which this year celebrates 22 years of internationalization, will screen 52 films from 50 countries (such as from Nepal, Albania, S. Africa, Cuba, Kirgizstan, Hong Kong, Uruguay and India).

President of the jury will be the director, screenwriter and producer Bobby Roth, known from the TV series «Lost», «Prison Break», «The Insiders» and the TV series «Grey΄s Anatomy», «The Mentalist», etc… as well as the films: «Heartbreakers», «Circle of Power», «The Boss΄ Son», and «Independence Day». Bobby Roth is also a recognized professor who has produced original specialized educational material in the form of a documentary series for film professionals. Last year, he visited Greece, invited by the Short Film Festival in Drama, and gave a successful masterclass at the Trianon.

The other members of the jury of the International Program are
Bülent Küçükerdoğan, University Professor, Editor (Turkey)
Vincent Michaud, producer (France)
Bernd Sahling, director (Germany)
Nikos Moustakas, producer (Greece)

Grand Temoin of the International program
Manuela Cernat (Romania), 
Author, Film Historian, Journalist, Screenwriter

Parallel Events

- SHORT MATTERS! 2016. A special programme that includes the nominated films for the European Film Academy Awards 2015 (EFA)

- 2nd Balkan Panorama – This year it comprises a selection of significant latest production films that competed at festivals in neighboring countries; a representative selection of Balkan films from the web platform for the Balkan Cinema Altcine and a presentation of films of the Department of Communication Design at Istanbul Kültür University.

-7th Student Panorama with the yearly production of student films.
- Kids’ Programme

- 6th Pan-Hellenic student Digital Video Contest «One planet-one chance»

-Masterclass of photography with the professor of TEI of Athens, Grigoris Vlassas

- Tribute to the director Dimitris Makris (on the Opening Ceremony, 19/9).

-Radio Lab for kids “Let’s play Radio” with the radio producer Anna Paschalidou.

- «Fair Literature Afternoons», organized and presented by writer journalist Pavlos Methenitis. This year’s guest writers include: Giannis Baskozos, Ilias Magklinis, Konstantinos Tzamiotis, Vassilis Katsikonouris and Sotiris Dimitriou.

Also, a study made by the university professor Kalliopi Exarchou will be presented while the Chairman of the Scriptwriters Guild of Greece will give a speech about the publishing activities of the SGG.

-Everyday meetings of the competing directors with the public at the Atrium of the Festival Offices.

Drama Pitching Lab

The Short Film Festival in Drama continues to support the production of short films and to educate new directors: As part of its educational platform DRAMA MINI TALENT LAB, it organizes again this year a workshop on the presentation of audiovisual drafts of short films to producers and sponsors while it offers participants the opportunity to present their project to important prospective sponsors and producers from Greece and abroad. (Pitching Forum). It also supports financially the production of at least one film with the support of the institutionalized monetary prize of Finos Film. From now on, the Drama Pitching Lab is supported by the Greek Film Center, which offers an Award to one of the best projects.

The Pitching Workshop will take place from 19th to 22nd September and the Pitching Forum will follow on 23/9.

Trainers of the Drama Pitching Lab are
Barbara Dukas, director
Georgina Kakoudakis, dramatist
John Stephens, script editor, screenwriter, founding member of the Athens Script Club

For more information on all the events of the festival please visit Drama Short Film Festival Official Website
  Barbara Douka
  Sotiris Dimitriou II
  Vassillis Katsikonouris
  Andreas Pantzis
  Andreas Sinanos
  Yianna Athanassatou
  Nikos Moustakas
  Antonis Papadopoulos (III)
  Panos Pappas
  Greek Film Center
  Finos Films
  Nicolas Kolovos΄ Fig is named Best Greek Film at Drama Film Fest 2015
  Call for Entries: Drama Pitching Lab (19-23 September 2016)
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  FIPRESCI - Official Website
  Stefilm - Official Website
  Enjoy Fashion - Official Website
  ERT - Official Website
  Greek Film Centre - Official Website
  Trianon - Official Website
  European Film Academy - Official Website
  Scriptwriters Guild of Greece - Official Website
  Finos Film - Official Website
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