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Cube by Alexandros Skouras is the winner of the Golden Dionysus at Drama Film Festival 2016
26 September 2016
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The 39th Drama Short Film Festival and 22nd International Short Film Festival ended on Saturday, 24th of September with the awards ceremony at the Municipal Conservatory of Drama. 

The ceremony started with the host of the evening inviting the artistic director of the festival, Adonis Papadopoulos on the stage to say a few words about this year’s organization. The two points he made, besides the record of film submissions, were that the festival becomes bigger year by year and thus a larger theatre, suitable for the size of an international festival should be made available, as well as that a few more days should be added to the program due to the great number of films screened in all its sections.

The Golden Dionysus of the 39th Drama Short Film Festival for the National Competition went to the film Cube by Alexandron Skouras, while the Silver Dionysus was given to Mary’s Lullaby by Dinos Panagokos. The jury for the National Competition comprised the director Andreas Pantzis (president), the journalist and film critic Robbie Eksiel, the director Nancy Biniadaki, the director and producer Panos Pappas and the director of photography Andreas Sinanos.

Ummi by Niko Avgoustidi won the “Dinos Katsouridis” Award, while “Tonia Marketaki” Award was handed to Jacqueline Lentzou’s Fox. Spiridon Papaspirou won the Best Student Film Award for the film Smoke in the Water and Philoctetes-An Outsider’s Myth by Katrin Kalketenidis was named Best Documentary of the festival. The Cypriot Michael Hapeshis received the “Socratis Dimitriou – Greeks of the World” award for the film Antidoton.

Cube by Alexandros Skouras

The jury for the 22nd Drama International Short Film Festival consisted of the director Bobby Roth (President), Professor Dr. Bülent Küçükerdoğan, the producer Vincent Michaud, the director Bernd Sahling and the producer Nikos Moustakas, who handed the Grand Prix 2016 to the Scottish/Indian co-production Mouth of Hell by Samir Mehanovic. The Bulgarian film Shooting Star by Lyubo Yonchev received the EFA Drama 2016, as well as Special Award for Female Acting for the performance of Stefka Yanorova. Two Greek films participating in the international competition and namely Alice in the Café by Dimitris Nakos and Aenigma by Antonis Doussias and Aris Fatouros won the Best South-Eastern European Film Award and the Best Animation Award respectively. The Special Award for Male Acting was handed to Mite Grozdanov and Ilija Strumenikovski for their performance in the film Fighting for Death by Eleonora Veninova from FYROM.

Shooting Star by Lyubo Yonchev

List with the Rest of the Awards for the 39th Drama National Short Film Festival

Honorary Distinction for the Best Cinematography
Christina Moumouri for the films Nepenthe by Giannis Simvonis and The Farmer by Stathis Apostolou.

Honorary Distinction for Best Screenplay

Honorary Distinction for Best Editing

Honorary Distinction for Female Leading Role 
Ioanna Trikene for her performance in the film Magda by Dimitris Zouras

Honorary Distinction for Male Leading Role
Thomas Chavianidis for his performance in the film Birthday by Dimitris Katsimiris

Honorary Distinction for Best Sound

Honorary Distinction for Best Sound Design
Costas Varibopiotis for the film Helga is in Lund by Thelyia Petraki

Fox by Jacqueline Lentzou

Honorary Distinction for Best Original Music Score
Paninos & Markos Damianos for the film Young Fish by Chrisanthos Margonis

Honorary Distinction for Best Set

Honorary Distinction for Best Costumes
Vassiliki Syrma for the film The Ship that Should not Be by Sifis Mainas

Special Award
3000 by Adonis Tsolis

Special Mention 1
Deaf Trap by the Cinema Lab Local Film Club of Ilioupoli

Special Mention 2 
Felicita Giannis Zafiris

Special Mention 3

Nepenthe by Giannis Simvonis

Greek Film Centre “Incentive Award”
Evripidou 14 by Michael Demetrious

Each winner will receive €2000 from the Greek Film Centre for their next film

GFC Award

Greek Federation of Film Societies Award
Twist by Michalis Papantonopoulos

Panhellenic Union of Film Critics Award

ETEKT-OT (Greek Union of Film Television and Audiovisual Technicians) Award

  Alice in the café
  Invisible II
  Shooting Star
  Philoctetes: An Outsider's Myth
  Fighting for Death
  Aris Fatouros
  Panos Voutsaras
  Andreas Pantzis
  Antonis Dousias
  Andreas Sinanos
  Costas Varibopiotis
  Nikos Moustakas
  Stefanos Efthimiou
  Antonis Papadopoulos (III)
  Vasiliki Syrma
  Christina Moumouri
  Dimitris Nakos
  Panos Pappas
  Eleonora Veninova
  Stefka Yanorova
  Samir Mehanovic
  Eleni Kariori
  Nikos Avgoustidis
  Dimitris Katsimiris
  Thomas Chavianidis
  Polymnia Papadopoulou Sardeli
  Kostas Gerampinis
  Jon Simvonis
  Dimitris Zouras
  Ioanna Trikene
  Alexandros Skouras
  Jacqueline Lentzou
  Lyubo Yonchev
  Katrin Kalketenidis
  Mite Grozdanov
  Ilija Strumenikovski
  Greek Film Center
  Nicolas Kolovos΄ Fig is named Best Greek Film at Drama Film Fest 2015
  Call for Entries: Drama Pitching Lab (19-23 September 2016)
  The 39th Drama Short Film Festival
  Drama Short Film Festival - Official Website
  Greek Film Centre - Official Website
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