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The 14th Tirana International Film Festival
31 October 2016
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The 14th edition of Tirana International Film Festival will open its gates and welcome guests from all around Europe and the world on Thursday, November 3rd 2016, in the capital city of Albania. A very rich program of international and Albanian feature and short films, as well as documentaries, promises to offer once again a unique experience to the audience of the festival which will run for nine whole days, until the 11th of November. 

The Balkan Films that will screen in the 14th edition of TIFF are the following:

Feature Official Selection

Illegitimate by Adrian Sitaru

Fiction Official Selection (short)
At the Border by Laurent Rouy (Serbia, 2016, 17΄)
Dobro by Marta Hernaiz Pidal (Bosnia & Herzegovina, 2016, 15΄)
Down From Heaven by Sasha Stanishik (FYROM, 2016, 20΄)
Mad Dogs by Danae Papaioannou (Greece, 2016, 12΄)
Manodopera by Loukianos Moshonas (Greece, 2016, 28΄)
Picnic by Jure Pavlovic (Croatia, 2015, 13΄)
The Pain Remains by Vladimir Taleski (FYROM, 2016, 14΄)
Wall by Maya Tsamprou (Greece, 2015, 13΄)

Limbo by Konstantina Kotzamani

Animation Official Selection (short)
20 Kicks by Dimitar Dimitrov (Bulgaria, 2016, 6΄)
Baby Nap by Paul Mureșan (Romania, 2015, 6΄)
Ethnophobia by Joan Zhonga (Greece/Albania, 2015, 17΄)

Experimental Official Selection (short)
Granny΄s Garden by Sholeh Zahraei (Cyprus, 2016, 5΄)

Albanian Official Selection (short)
A Drop of Blood by Bekim Guri (Kosovo*, 2015, 10΄)
Alone by Jeton Lakna (Kosovo*, 2016, 10’)
Ana by Ajola Daja (Albania, 2016, 27΄)
Bal Kan by Kriks Dumo (Albania, 2015, 19΄)
Bet by Endrit Delisula (Albania, 2016, 16΄)
Cheating for Papers by Valmir Tertini (Kosovo*, 2016, 19΄)
Faraway by Megi Karaj (Albania, 2016, 6΄)
Feral by Emily Jusufi (FYROM, 2016, 23΄)
Granatë by Ornela Peka (Kosovo*, 2016, 18΄)
Hasan Tahsini by Kujtim Gjonaj (Albania, 2016, 41΄)
Land by Ibrahim Deari (FYROM, 2016, 25΄)
Life on a Carousel by Elkjana Gjipali (Albania, 2015, 14΄)
Limelight by Lorin Terezi (Albania, 2016, 12΄)
Lost Exile by Fisnik Maxhuni (Kosovo*, 2016, 29΄)
Midnight Vibrations by Anton Ndreca (Kosovo*, 2015, 29΄)
One, Two, Monologues... by Blerina Goce (Albania, 2016, 7΄)
Realscope by Enxhi Rista (Albania, 2015, 4΄)
Scream by Leart Rama (Kosovo*, 2016, 7΄)
The Almayer Inn by Romina Ruda (Kosovo*, 2016, 8΄)
The Dog Killers by Ergys Meta (Albania, 2016, 15΄)
The Last Battle by Alban Zogjani (Kosovo*, 2015, 11΄)
The Ritual of a City by Bertrand Shijaku (Albania, 2016, 4΄)
The Rope Broke by Mehmet Selcuk Bilge (Albania, 2015, 7΄)
Threads by Donjeta Hyseni (Kosovo*, 2016, 6΄)
Waves by Xhulio Joka (Albania, 2016, 15΄)

Short Student Official Selection
All Rivers Run to the Sea by Alexandru Badea (Romania, 2016, 25΄)
Km 73 by Radu Ghelbereu (Romania, 2015, 16΄)

The Graduation by Cristian Mungiu

Special Screenings

NexT retrospective
Idle by Raia Souliman (Romania, 2013, 23΄)
In Which the Protagonist Hides and then… by Tudor Jurgiu (Romania, 2015, 20΄)
Paper Bag by Roxana Bențu (Romania, 2015, 12΄)
Second Look by Maria Comănescu (Romania, 2015, 23΄)
Summer Break by Andrei Tănase (Romania, 2015, 22΄)
The Window by Georgiana Moldovan (Romania, 2014, 16΄)

Malesh by Ivan Bakrac (Serbia, 2016, 20΄)
Meda by Emanuel Parvu (Romania, 2015, 15΄)

Shadows by Jotti Ejlli (Albania, 2016, 60΄)
Young Lady by Genc Berisha (Kosovo*, 2016, 83’)

  Home Sweet Home
  The Apprentice
  A New Home
  Shooting Star
  Fighting for Death
  The Locksmith
  Cristian Mungiu
  Adrian Sitaru
  Roxana Bentu
  Emre Konuk
  Emanuel Parvu
  Tudor Christian Jurgiu
  Bekim Guri
  Eleonora Veninova
  Genc Berisha
  Dimitar Dimitrov
  Radu Ghelbereu
  Faton Bajraktari
  Ziga Virc
  Lyubo Yonchev
  Loukianos Moshonas
  Miltiades Christides
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