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Awards of the 14th Tirana International Film Festival
14 November 2016
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The 14th edition of Tirana International Film Festival came to its end on Friday, 11th of November with the closing ceremony, welcoming filmmakers, jury members and guests of the festival to find out this year’s awards.

The Feature Jury, composed of  Darko Basheski (FYROM), Visar Morina (Germany) and Mehdi Abdollahzadeh (Switzerland), awarded Best Feature Film to the German Hear the Silence by Ed Ehrenberg (Germany, 2015, 94min) “For its wonderful achievement in depicting a real-time war trauma effect story within framework of unpredictable continuous human interaction”, while Claudio Caligari – who passed away in 2015- was named Best Director for the film Don’t be Bad (Italy, 2015, 104min). According to the jury’s rationale “The film takes us into the 90’ and takes in focus two character, who are trying to find their place in society. It is also characterized by consistency during the story development, because they don’t deviate attention from the time they live on”.

Home Sweet Home by Faton Bajraktari

Home Sweet Home by Faton Bajraktari, Kosovo’s* entry for Best Foreign Language Film at the Academy Awards, won Best Screenplay Award as “The screenplay manages to question the moral standards of the society. The screenwriter, masterly, reveals an entire society by presenting the story inside a sole house”. Best Cinematography Award was handed to the Israeli Weddingdoll by Nitzan Gilady (Israel, 2015, 82min) for “This film gets this award for the best camera work, for a great pursue of the narration with e perfect frame and color concept, without ever losing the sense of reality”, while the Turkish The Apprentice by Emre Konuk won Best Editing Award “For editor΄s outstanding contribution to creativity in narrative of the film”.

Home Sweet Home was also awarded with the FIPRESCI Award “For a convincing deconstruction of the war myth of our time in a darkly absurd way”. The FIPRESCI Jury was composed of Kaj Van Zoelen (Netherlands), Elsa Demo (Albania) and Evgeny Maizel (Russia).

The Short Fiction Jury members Jamie Donoghue (United Kingdom), Asimina Proedrou (Greece) and Arben Lami (Albania) decided to award Adaption by Bartosz Kruhlik (Poland, 2016, 24min) with the Best Short Film Award, while Limbo by Konstantina Kotzamani was named Best Short Fiction and the French Said’s Cremation by Julien Sicard (France, 2015, 29min) received a Special Mention in this category.

The Apprentice by Emre Konuk

Lydia Papadimitriou (United Kingdom), Daniel Knebl (Czech Republic) and Eno Milkani (Albania), the Short Animation, Documentary and Experimental Jury awarded Merlot by Marta Gennari and Giulia Martinelli (Italy, 2016, 6min), Football Brothers by Marcin Filipowicz (Poland, 2015, 28min) and Subotika – Land of Wonders by Peter Volkart (Switzerland, 2015, 13min) with Best Animation, Documentary and Experimental Awards respectively.

In Albanian International Jury, composed of Derya Durmaz (Turkey), Stefano Romano (Italy) and Dejan Trajkoski (FYROM) awarded Best Film In Albanian to Lost Exile by Fisnik Maxhuni (Kosovo*/ Switzerland, 2016, 29min) and gave a Special Mention to the film The Dog Killers by Ergys Meta (Albania, 2016, 15min).

Shooting Star by Lyubo Yonchev

Our very own The 5C Project ambassadors Mariana Hristova, Galina Maksimovic, Ozge Ozduzen, Andrei Sendrea and Rhiannon Wain completed their journey with The 5C Project cine-caravan by becoming the Jury for Best European Short and Best European Feature Films and awarded Picnic by Jure Pavlovic (Croatia, 2015, 13min) “For its original approach to a well versed topic, for the craftsmanship of storytelling, and emotional delicacy” and Don’t be Bad by Claudio Caligari (Italy, 2015, 104min) “For its consistent and well-structured screenplay, empowerment shown though it΄s precise iconography, rich cinematic means and the universal dimension of an intimate story”.

Shooting Star by Lyubo Yonchev was named Best Balkan Film.

The rest of the awards

Best Student Film to the film Tenderness by Emilia Zielonka (Poland, 2016, 25min)
Special Mention to the film State of Emergency by Tarek Roehlinger (Germany, 2016, 12min)
Student Film Jury: Joti Ejlli (Albania), Naser Shatrolli (Kosovo*) and Belina Jano (Albania)

Best Video Art to the film Anarchy by Fani Zguro (Albania, 2014, 10min)
Video Art Jury: Steve Piccolo (USA), Bruno Muzzolini (Italy) and Vladimir Myrtezaj (Albania)

Best Media Film to Klezmer by Piotr Chrzan (Poland, 2015, 95min)
Media Jury: Alda Bardhyli, Alma Mile, Anisa Ymeri, Ben Andoni, Beti Njuma, Fatmira Nikolli and Jonida Hitoveizi

Best Panorama Film to My Feral Heart by Jane Gull (UK, 2016, 3min)

Best Debut Film “Ron Holloway” to We Don΄t Bury Animals by Thibaut Charlut (France, 2016, 30min)

Audience Choice Award to the film At the Border by Laurent Rouy (Serbia, 2016, 17min)

  Home Sweet Home
  The Apprentice
  Shooting Star
  Derya Durmaz
  Emre Konuk
  Eno Milkani
  Lydia Papadimitriou
  Asimina Proedrou
  Konstantina Kotzamani
  Visar Morina
  Andrei Sendrea
  Galina Maksimovic
  Mariana Hristova
  Ozge Ozduzen
  Rhiannon Wain
  Faton Bajraktari
  Lyubo Yonchev
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