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Ilias Konstantakopoulos on Cinematography
18 June 2002
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Film: Close, so ...close (2002)
The script: wide, dense…estimated screen time: 2 hours.
The money: little, very little.
Discussions: many.
Ideas: many.
Proposed solutions: one part shot on film & the rest on video. Or most on film and a few scenes on video.
Doubts: marriage of video & film. Will this marriage suit the script?

Decision (based purely on artistic [and economic, ahem] realities): video.

Worry: video is lower resolution than film, even high-end video; the ability of video to read contrast does not exceed 32:1 (a scale of 5 stops), compared to film’s 128:1 contrast ratio. Will the result look unsatisfactory?
Choice – video: DVC-PRO 50
Choice – camera: Ikegami HC 400W.
Format: 16:9

Tests: makeup, clothes, sets – some textures and colors create headaches, interfere with a clean video recording.
Camera tweaking: menu controls. Gamma-Detail-Black stretch-Knee are only some of the buttons that need adjusting, in search of the infamous “film look” (or a desired “video look.”
Interventions: every lighting setup, lens, frame, set, makeup.
More tests: a tour of various European labs for video to film transfer.
Surprise: the tests return, some are more than satisfactory.
Organization: save useful setups in camera’s menu controls, for easy recall during shooting.

Classical education: methods of shooting are the same for video as in film.
Easy: videotape is cheap, allows many more takes than film… color accurate monitor feed allows daring solutions.
Anxiety: gone - immediate playback of final result is great help.
Lost: the magic of surprise in film dailies.
Trap: camera is always ready to record…everyone passing the monitor has an opinion.

Yield (shooting): 65 hours of material.
Yield (editing): one movie exactly 2 hours in length.
Color correction: on 1:1 Avid Express.
Transfer: CINEPIX, Munchen.

Result: we are very pleased, we hope the audience is, too.

Ilias Konstsantakopoulos
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Ilias Konstantakopoulos on Cinematography
18 June 2002
  Close, so ...close
  Ilias Konstantakopoulos
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