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Ελληνική έκδοση: Όροι χρήσης


Altcine is the first Greek web portal about cinema related activities in the Balkans. The web portal hosted at the web address is owned by the limited partnership company "E. VENAKI AND CO E.E.", situated at Kolokotroni 52, Athens, e-mail address At the Altcine portal, visitors/users/members can browse various content sources, be informed on current news about the cinema and culture in general, seek and access historical data on art and the cinema, comment and exchange views with other users on specific topics or content presented through the portal, and—provided  they meet certain prerequisites—participate in the generation of content and contribute to the development and enrichment of Altcine΄s database.
Altcine΄s content, services and applications are provided to legally capable physical persons for their personal, non-commercial use, and on condition that they fully and unreservedly comply with the present Terms of Use, which all visitors are requested to read carefully and—after accepting them—proceed  to visit/use the web pages/units/services provided by Altcine. By accepting the present form, the user also confirms the completion of the above prerequisites.
Access to the Portal΄s Content – User Account

No disclosure of personal information whatsoever is required from visitors in order to visit, browse, search, read or view the content of Altcine. Personal information is required only if the visitor opts to receive newsletters about cinema news, or about new functions, services and content of Altcine, or if the visitor opts to create a user account in order to be able to comment and receive certain services and privileges which Altcine will provide only to its members (for example: "I wish to watch this movie"). Furthermore, Altcine provides the option to create a special "official member account", through which both professionally qualified and/or amateur users, adequately versed in the fields of cinema industry, audiovisual production and art in general, will be able to contribute to Altcine΄s primary content production. During creation of their account, users undertake and commit themselves to provide true, precise, valid and complete information, as well as maintain and update their registration information diligently, so that the latter is always true, precise, valid and complete. Altcine reserves the right to deactivate the account of any user if valid suspicion arises that the information given is untrue, misleading etc. As part of the account creation process, the user must define a personal password and a user name.
Alternatively, visitors are given the option to create a user account at Altcine by logging in through the following social networking services: Facebook, Linkedin, and Twitter. This option applies exclusively to "regular" user accounts, and not to "official member accounts".  In this case, and after a visitor logs in to his/her account at the website of the relative social networking service (Facebook / Linkedin / Twitter oAuth) using the designated e-mail/password and with no obligation to disclose further personal information, Altcine shall take knowledge and keep record of only the name and e-mail address the user indicated during his/her  registration with the corresponding social networking service.
Should the visitor select to receive newsletters, he/she may activate this service at the relative field of the web page, where all relevant information and instructions are provided for the visitor to grant his/her consent.
Altcine΄s data protection policy for the protection of its users΄ personal information is also available at the following address:

Protection of user accounts

As soon as the visitor has created an Altcine account, he/she is exclusively responsible for any actions taken via his/her personal account with the use of his/her personal password, and he/she must diligently safeguard such information. Altcine recommends to its users to take all necessary safety precautions so as to avoid illegal or unauthorized use of their account by third parties. Altcine provides its users with a function through which users may change their personal password at any given time. Furthermore, Altcine recommends that users memorize their password and avoid noting it on pieces of paper or objects accessible to third parties. In case of loss or theft of their password and/or unauthorized use of their account, and primarily for their own safety, users undertake the responsibility to change their password promptly and, at the same time, inform Altcine. Finally, Altcine recommends that users must be particularly careful and must always log out after each session, so as to prevent unauthorized access to their account by third parties. Altcine is in no way liable for any damage or harm inflicted due to the negligence of users to comply with the terms of the present article.

Use of Altcine, Licenses, Restrictions, Intellectual/Commercial Property Rights – Trademarks/Notices

Unless otherwise specified herein or in the sections of Altcine website regarding intellectual property rights of third parties, associates/collaborators, and content sources for which Altcine has specifically been granted the relevant licenses, all Altcine content including images, graphics, photographs, drawings, texts, tools, applications, services, and everything contained in said website in general, is the intellectual property, copyright, trademark(s) and notice(s) of Altcine and is protected by the relevant provisions of the Greek and the European Union Law, and  the respective  international conventions and treaties. Any content of Altcine (including content generated by Altcine members) bearing the indication(s) and/or notice(s) of the relevant person(s), associate(s)/collaborator(s), organisation(s), company(ies), institution(s), union(s) etc., is the intellectual and industrial property and trademark(s) of such physical persons or legal entities. Altcine΄s content, functions and applications are intended for personal, non-commercial use. Consequently, Altcine΄s content may not be sold, copied, edited, transformed, imitated, reproduced, redistributed, or uploaded, broadcast, distributed, or exploited in any way, either partially or as a whole, without prior written permission of its proprietors. The sole exception to the above—indicative—circumstances is the download of a single copy of part of the content to the user΄s personal computer exclusively for personal use, and not for public or commercial exploitation, on condition that the source of the content is not deleted and the copyright notices are not in any other way whatsoever infringed or violated. Apart from the rights and licenses expressly granted in relation to access and use of the content of Altcine, all other titles and rights are fully reserved in the name of the respective owners.
Should any visitor or user wish to acquire a license to redistribute – republish or upload content of Altcine to their own website, and on condition that the content΄s source will not be deleted and an active link from the third site to Altcine΄s web address will be maintained, they may contact Altcine (e-mail: so that they may be granted the necessary written permission and the relative license is issued, whose terms and restrictions will be explicitly stated therein.
Without prejudice to the above, Altcine also publishes content which is distributed (or made available) by its creator(s) with open content licenses (creative commons). This category of content is governed by the creative commons license(s), as defined by the respective creator(s).

User-Generated Content

As mentioned above, Altcine gives visitors who choose to create an account —and in accordance with the type of account they create— the option to post comments, publish reviews, or contribute to the growth of its content, with the aim to promote—through interactive communication of its users—the exchange and dissemination of ideas, constructive dialogue, and the development and promotion of art, the cinema, and culture in general.
All information, data, texts, graphics, photographs, images, audiovisual files, messages and, in general, all content posted, published or transferred by users is/are the responsibility of the person who submits it. Therefore, every user is exclusively responsible for all and any content they post, publish, send, transfer or otherwise render available through Altcine, and they guarantee that any such content does not violate any rights of third parties, as elaborated below.
In light of the role and expedience intended to be served through the above user -services, it is necessary to set out some of the basic rules and principles governing the usage of such services, so that they will become a source of safe and objective information for others on the internet. Therefore, when users contribute to the website΄s content, they must provide true and honest information, avoid dissemination of unconfirmed news that may inflict harm on other users and/or third parties, and avoid publishing personal information and data. Without prejudice to the foregoing, users are not allowed to utilize the services and options provided by Altcine indicatively and not limited to:
  • post, publish, disseminate, transfer or use any other method to upload content which is illegal, harmful, misleading, threatening, offensive, damaging, defamatory, obscene, violent, profane, racist, or otherwise rejectable, or violates the personality and personal and private information of others, incites discrimination and hatred etc.
  • inflict harm on minors in any way.
  • impersonate/imitate any physical person or legal entity, or make a false statement regarding the user΄s/member΄s identity, or make a misleading statement about the relationship and/or association of the user/member with another person (or legal entity).
  • falsify or otherwise alter the discerning features of users/members, so as to mislead people about the source of content transmitted through Altcine.
  • post, publish, disseminate, transfer or use any other method to upload content, which the uploader has no right to publish/distribute either by law or by a clause of confidentiality.
  • post, publish, disseminate, transfer or otherwise install software or any other type of content (text, image, sound, video, animation) infringing the intellectual property rights of any entity (including trade secrets).
  • post, publish, disseminate, transfer or otherwise install any program or method supporting the dissemination of unsolicited  advertisements or other content promoting products or services or third websites, the sending of unsolicited e-mails or any other sort of unsolicited promotional information.
  • post, publish, disseminate, transfer or otherwise install and/or promote and/or distribute content containing viruses or any other software, files or programs designed to interfere, damage or limit the operation of any software or computer equipment or telecommunications΄ network or equipment.
  • interfere with the services or disrupt the services or the servers or the networks connected to the Altcine web portal, or not comply with the rules, prerequisites, and processes used by such networks. Also prohibited is the interference or disruption, with the use of HTML/CSS or other codes, of the operation of Altcine web portal or other websites with which Altcine is either connected or collaborates.
  • violate, either intentionally or not, any local, national, European, or international law or legislation relevant to and/or governing any separate function or service provided by Altcine.
  • harass other users΄/ members΄ privacy and their personal and social rights.

Altcine may at any time modify the terms of submission of content by users and/or temporarily interrupt and/or end the relevant function and/or change the time span during which such content will appear in its pages, and also change the limits in size and/or type and format of the files a user is permitted to upload – publish, and will not be held responsible for the loss or failure to store/publish content not compliant to the modified terms.
Specifically, for all types of content published by users (including privileged "official members"), Altcine is granted a free, perpetual, non-exclusive and irrevocable license to use, reproduce, distribute, republish, adapt, move and remove said content either as a whole or in part, in accordance to Altcine΄s needs, storage limits, technological progress of its services and/or means and devices through which Altcine΄s content and applications become available to visitors.
Although Altcine does not control and/or check the content of its users΄ comments and opinions/views, it maintains—at all times—the right to withdraw any content it perceives as inappropriate for publication and non-compliant to the present terms, without prior warning to the user who uploaded it. In addition to the above, when a user΄s account and other applications and options of Altcine are used in ways that are contrary to and/or circumvent the present terms, Altcine maintains the right to deny access and block said user from its applications and services, without prior warning.
Furthermore, the user is solely and exclusively liable to fully restore any damage inflicted on Altcine, its associates or collaborators, and/or any third person as a result of any potential dispute/discord/controversy which may arise due to the user΄s non-compliance with the present terms. 

Disclaimer of Warranty

Altcine provides the web space and necessary technological infrastructure to search, browse, read, obtain information, and watch audiovisual content relevant to the portal΄s object.
Altcine΄s content is provided AS IS, without express or implied warranty of any kind regarding merchantability and fitness of such content for a specific purpose.
Furthermore, visitors/users of Altcine must be aware that part of Altcine΄s content is generated by its users. Altcine can not be held accountable for the origin, sources, validity, completeness, preciseness, objectivity, security of content contributed by users (whether it be comments or reviews and/or other content submitted by users comprising the special category of "official members"), or if such content infringes intellectual property rights of third parties, and Altcine will not be liable for loss of revenues or other loss and damage (including accidental damage) deriving from or due to the actions and options taken by its visitors/users during use of services provided to them in accordance with the present terms of use.
In the event that a discord or dispute in court arises between visitors – users of Altcine or between visitors – users and a third party or between third parties and visitors – users, Altcine will bear no liability whatsoever to restore any damage relevant to any sort of claims, demands etc., by the said persons. Nevertheless, if Altcine is required to intervene (participate) in such a dispute, all expenses and fees including reasonable legal fees to the attorneys who will represent Altcine will be borne on the visitor/user who caused Altcine to take part in the process of resolution of the dispute.
Furthermore, Altcine does not provide any express guarantee that the webpages and sections of the portal (functions, applications, options and content) will be provided without interruptions and without errors, and that any errors will be corrected. Also, Altcine does not guarantee that the servers through which the same—as an electronic portal—becomes available to visitors/users on the internet or any other associated website, do not contain viruses or other harmful elements.
Finally, Altcine is not responsible for any malfunction, cessation of operation or inappropriateness of the hardware or software it uses, and does not guarantee and bears no liability for the quality, adequateness and security of communication with any point of the telecommunications network of the ISP provider or of other networks required for the operation of the portal and its services, and Altcine is not liable for network functionality problems caused by third parties, that render the content and the web portal services partially and/or completely unavailable, either temporarily or for a longer time period.

Advertisements – Links to Other Websites

Altcine may contain all kinds of creative advertisements and links to other websites. Altcine does not control the availability, content, personal data protection policy, quality and completeness of services provided by third parties’ websites and webpages referred by Altcine through "links", hyperlinks or advertising banners, and Altcine bears no responsibility for its users΄ communication with such third providers of services and products advertised in Altcine, or for any commercial or other transaction which may arise from the relationship between its users and third providers.
Communication in Writing

The user/visitor acknowledges and accepts that all communication with Altcine for reasons of information and consent through the electronic forms and documents provided by the web portal constitutes, for all its consequences, communication in writing.

Final Provisions

Modification of the terms: Altcine maintains the right to modify the terms and conditions of use of its content, applications and services, by giving suitable notice to its visitors/users and—at the same time—updating the present with any change or addition to the terms. Use of Altcine΄s web site and services after each modification of the terms entails the unreserved acceptance of such modification. In any case, a copy of the present, which governs the current relationship between the visitor/user and Altcine, may be downloaded or printed by clicking on the relevant option.
The above terms and prerequisites for the use of Altcine web portal and any modification thereof are governed and supplemented by Greek Law, European Union Law and the relevant international treaties. If any provision of the above terms becomes contrary to the Law, it is automatically rendered invalid without affecting the validity of the remaining terms, which shall continue in effect. Any dispute on the interpretation and/or execution and/or denouncement of the present terms, shall be subject to the jurisdiction of the Courts of Athens.

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